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D-Day Reunion Forty Years On …

D-Day Reunion Forty Years On … (Radio Victory RV 257)

D-Day Reunion Forty Years On …
Various Artists

Radio Victory RV 257 (LP, UK, 1984)

Recorded at D.M.F. Studios, Denmead Hants, at St. Thomas Cathedral, Portsmouth and Fisher Hall, H.M.S. Excellent;
Engineered by John Gordon;
Produced by Shep Woolley and Arnold Gutbucket;
Mastered at P.R.T. Studios by Tony Bridge;
Sleeve design by Chris Groom;
Front cover photograph courtesy of Portsmouth City Council;
Inside photographs courtesy of Portsmouth and Sunderland Newspapers


Side 1

  1. Joe Stead: I Don’t Want to Join the Army /
    John Snagge reports on D-Day (0.25)
  2. The Solent Concert Band: Colonel Bogey /
    Scene of the D-Day beaches: Air Commodore W. Helmore comments on the scene from a Mitchell bomber (3.00)
  3. Arnold Gutbucket & Shep Woolley: Mrs Rommel’s Birthday (2.21)
  4. Mike North: What I Saw on D-Day (0.45)
  5. Shep Woolley: D-Day Boating (2.24)
  6. Joe Stead & Chorus: Bless ’Em All (3.52)
  7. The Solent Concert Band: Glenn Miller Special (5.09)
  8. Charley Yarwood: Down By the Dockyard Wall (4.54)

Side 2

  1. Arnold Gutbucket: Cigareets & Whiskey (3.03)
  2. Shep Woolley: D-Day Dodgers (3.16)
  3. Cyril Tawney: The Twenty Third Flotilla Song (4.51)
  4. Ruby & Eileen (The Naffettes): Rob ’Em All (3.21)
  5. The Solent City Barbershop Chorus: Medley (1.50)
  6. The Hampshire Police Choir: Keep the Home Fires Burning (4.27)
  7. Tipping & Cargill: Lest We Forget (1.24)
  8. Cyril Tawney: Reunion (4.49)