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Cyril Tawney: I Will Give My Love

Cyril Tawney: I Will Give My Love (Argo ZFB 87)

I Will Give My Love
Traditional love songs from South West England
Cyril Tawney (1930-2005)

Argo Records ZFB 87 (LP, UK, October 1973)

Recorded by John Rollo and Iain Churches;
Produced by Kevin Daly;
Cover: Brockley Combe, Somerset, by Peter Baker


Cyril Tawney, vocals, guitar;
Bob Stewart, dulcimer;
Dave Bland, concertina;
Doug Sherriff, melodeon


Side 1Side 2
  1. 'Twas on One April Morning (Devon) (Roud 1546)
  2. My Rose in June (Dorset) (Roud 1202)
  3. Searching for Lambs (Somerset) (Roud 576; Henry H548)
  4. Must I Be Bound? (Dorset) (Roud 18829; Henry H218ab)
  5. The False Bride (Somerset) (Roud 154; G/D 6:1198)
  6. The Scornful Dame (Devon) (Roud 381; G/D 5:980)
  7. Midsummer Carol (Devon) (Roud 6913)
  1. The Queen of Hearts (Devon) (Roud 3195)
  2. Nancy (Hampshire) (Roud 1646)
  3. I Will Give My Love an Apple (Dorset) (Roud 330)
  4. The Turtle Dove (Somerset) (Roud 422)
  5. The Cuckoo (Devon) (Roud 413; G/D 6:1157; Henry H479)
  6. One Night As I Lay on My Bed (Dorset) (Roud 672)
  7. The Sweet Streams of Nancy (Cornwall) (Roud 688; Henry H520)
  8. Farewell She (Dorset) (Roud 803; Henry H504)

All songs trad. arr. Cyril Tawney