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Danny Spooner Chronological Discography


Martyn Wyndham-Read, Danny Spooner, Gordon McIntyre, Peter Dickie: A Wench, a Whale and a Pint of Good Ale (Score POL 038) Martyn Wyndham-Read, Danny Spooner, Gordon McIntyre, Peter Dickie, A Wench, a Whale and a Pint of Good Ale, LP, Score POL 038, 1966


Shayna Karlin, Gordon McIntyre, Danny Spooner: Soldiers and Sailors: Folksingers of Australia Volume 2 (Score POL 041) Shayna Karlin, Gordon McIntyre, Danny Spooner, Soldiers and Sailors, Folksingers of Australia Volume 2, LP, Score POL 041, 1968


Canterbury Fair (Anthology AR 001) Canterbury Fair, Canterbury Fair, LP, Anthology AR 001, 1977


Danny Spooner and Friends (Anthology AR 002) Danny Spooner, Danny Spooner and Friends, LP, Anthology AR 002, 1978

Danny Spooner & Mick Farrell: Limbo (Anthology AR 003) Danny Spooner & Mick Farrell, Limbo, LP, Anthology AR 003, 1978

McIntyre & Spooner: Revived and Relieved! (Larrikin LRF 016) McIntyre & Spooner, Revived and Relieved!, LP, Larrikin LRF 016, 1978


Bushwackers and City Slickers (Axis AX 1154) Various Artists, Bushwackers and City Slickers, LP, AXIS AX 1154, 1982

Seven Creeks Run (Larrikin LRF 118) Various Artists, Seven Creeks Run: Songs of the Australian Bush, LP, Larrikin LRF 118, 1982


Danny Spooner: I Got This One From… (Sandstock SSM017) Danny Spooner, I Got This One From…, LP, Sandstock SSM 017, 1986


Danny Spooner: When a Man’s in Love (Sandstock SSM021) Danny Spooner: When a Man’s in Love (Danny Spooner DS002) Danny Spooner, When a Man’s in Love, LP, Sandstock SSM 021, 1987


Danny Spooner: We’ll Either Bend or Break ’Er (Sandstock SSM027) Danny Spooner: We’ll Either Bend or Break ’Er (Danny Spooner DS003) Danny Spooner, We’ll Either Bend or Break ’Er, LP, Sandstock SSM 027, 1988; CD, Danny Spooner DS003, 2002


Martyn Wyndham-Read, Danny Spooner: All Around Down Under (Sandstock SSM036) Martyn Wyndham-Read, Danny Spooner, All Around Down Under, LP, Sandstock SSM 036, 1989


Danny Spooner: Launch Out on the Deep (Danny Spooner DS005) Danny Spooner, Launch Out on the Deep, CD, Danny Spooner DS005, 2002


Song Links (Fellside FECD176D) Various Artists, Song Links: A Celebration of English Traditional Songs and Their Australian Variants, 2 CD, Fellside FECD176D, 2003

24th Annual Sea Music Festival at Mystic Seaport Various Artists, 24th Annual Sea Music Festival at Mystic Seaport, CD, Mystic Seaport, 2003


Danny Spooner: ’Ard Tack (Danny Spooner DS006) Danny Spooner, ’Ard Tack, Australian Songs of Toil and Reward, CD, Danny Spooner DS006, 2004

Douarnenez port de fête (Le Chasse-Marée 047) Various Artists, Douarnenez port de fête: Anthologie des chansons de mer, Volume 17, CD, Le Chasse-Marée SCM 047, 2004


Danny Spooner: The Great Leviathan (Danny Spooner DS007) Danny Spooner, The Great Leviathan, Songs of the Whaling Industry, CD, Danny Spooner DS007, 2006


Danny Spooner: Emerging Tradition (Danny Spooner DS008) Danny Spooner, Emerging Tradition, (Fairly) Contemporary Australian Songs, CD, Danny Spooner DS008, 2007

Danny Spooner: Years of Spooner (Danny Spooner DS009) Danny Spooner, Years of Spooner, CD, Danny Spooner DS009, 2007


Danny Spooner: Brave Bold Boys (Danny Spooner DS010) Danny Spooner, Brave Bold Boys, CD, Danny Spooner DS010, 2008


Danny Spooner: Bold Reilly Gone Away (Danny Spooner DS011) Danny Spooner, Bold Reilly Gone Away, CD, Danny Spooner DS011, 2009


Danny Spooner, Duncan Brown: The Fox, the Hare and the Poacher’s Fate (Danny Spooner DS012) Danny Spooner, Duncan Brown, The Fox, The Hare and the Poacher’s Fate, CD, Danny Spooner DS012, 2011


Danny Spooner: Gorgeous, Game Girls (Danny Spooner DS013) Danny Spooner, Gorgeous, Game Girls, CD, Danny Spooner DS013, 2013


Danny Spooner: Sailor’s Consolation (Danny Spooner DS014) Danny Spooner, Sailor’s Consolation, CD, Danny Spooner DS014, 2014


Danny Spooner and Duncan Brown: Labour and Toil (Danny Spooner DS015) Danny Spooner, Duncan Brown, Labour and Toil, Songs of the Working Life, CD, Danny Spooner DS015, 2016


Danny Spooner: Home (Danny Spooner DS016) Danny Spooner, Home, CD, Danny Spooner DS016, 2017

Danny Spooner: Enchanted Danny Spooner with Mike Kerin, Richard Tognetti and the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Enchanted: Live in Concert, DL, 2017