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The Flighty Tailor


Danny Spooner sang The Flighty Tailor on his 1987 album When a Man’s in Love. This track was also included in 2007 on his anthology Years of Spooner. He noted:

Translated from the Irish, this song evokes a multitude of responses to betrayal. Pride is certainly hurt, but the loss of his love, his reason for living, also diminishes the blacksmith’s skills. It should be remembered that a wife would have been expected to work the blacksmith’s bellows for him (and this also had sexual connotations in folksongs).


Danny Spooner sings The Flighty Tailor

Chorus (after each verse):
Ding dong de dilly um, blower and nailer, (×3)
My wife’s gone away with a tailor.

I can’t mend a slan and I can’t mend a spade,
I feel my heart has been betrayed,
For the lovely girl I thought was mine
Has gone with a fop without land or kine.

Oh, where’s the girl that I love so well?
Where my strength and where my skill?
I wear the horn upon my brow
Now she’s gone with the flighty tailor-o.

Oh, wandering girl with the snow-white breast,
Far better come home and take your rest.
With your honest smith forever and aye
Don’t roam with a tailor beneath the sky.