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Eliza Carthy: Red Rice

Eliza Carthy: Red Rice (Topic TSCD2001)

Red Rice
Eliza Carthy
Topic Records TSCD2001 (Limited edition 2 CD set, UK, 1998)

fRoots Critics Poll Album of the Year 1998

This 2 CD set consists of:

Eliza Carthy: Red (Topic TSCD493)

Eliza Carthy
Topic Records TSCD493 (CD, UK, 1998)

Eliza Carthy
Topic Records TSCD494 (CD, UK, 1998)

Eliza Carthy: Rice (Topic TSCD494)

Produced and engineered by Niall Macauley;
Engineered by Steve Meadows;
Recorded at Castle Hill Studios, Ewloe, Flintshire;
Mixed and digitally edited at 6T4K, Broughton St., Edinburgh;
Photography by Tom Howard;
Digital graphic design by John Haxby, Art Surgery, Edinburgh

Recorded and mixed at Panda Sound, Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire;
Engineered by Olly Knight;
Produced by Eliza Carthy and the rest of the world;
Photography by Tom Howard;
Digital graphic design by John Haxby, Art Surgery, Edinburgh



Eliza Carthy: fiddle, vocals, one-row accordion, keyboards;
Martin Green: piano accordion, keyboards;
Barnaby Stradling: electric & acoustic bass, percussion, Moog synthesiser;
Sam Thomas: drums percussion, Moog synthesiser;
Ed Boyd: acoustic guitar;
Olly Knight: electric guitar;
Shack & Paul: programming;
Lucy Adams: backing vocals;
Rory McLeod: harmonica;
Andy Thornburn: guest keyboards

Eliza Carthy: fiddle, viola, piano, djembe, vocals;
Saul Rose: melodeon, one-row accordion, vocals;
Ed Boyd: acoustic guitar, bouzouki;
Eleanor Waterson: vocals;
Lucy Adams: feet, clogs, vocals;
Billericay Fontenot: guitar, vocals;
Thorngumbold Fontenot: vocals


  1. Accordion Song (Accidental Saturday Night Kitchen Mix) (4.50)
  2. 10, 000 Miles (Roud 422) (3.04)
  3. Billy Boy (Roud 326) / The Widow's Wedding (5.04)
  4. Time in the Son (3.28)
  5. Stumbling On (3.39)
  6. Stingo / The Stacking Reel (6.13)
  7. Greenwood Laddie (Roud 2123) / Mrs Capron's Reel / Tune (6.02)
  8. Walk Away (3.35)
  9. Adieu, Adieu (Roud 30101) (4.34)
  10. Russia (Call Waiting) (5.56)
  11. Red Rice (4.22)

Tracks 1, 4, 10 E. Carthy;
Track 2 trad. arr. E. Carthy;
Track 3, 6a trad. arr. E. Carthy, S. Thomas, B. Stradling, M. Green, N. Macauley, O. Knight;
Track 5 Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight;
Track 6b Kathryn Tickell;
Track 7a trad. arr. E. Carthy, B. Stradling;
Track 7b Nancy Kerr;
Track 7c, 9 trad. arr. E. Carthy, S. Thomas, B. Stradling, M. Green, N. Macauley;
Track 8 Ben Harper;
Track 11 E. Carthy, Shack, Paul

  1. Blow the Winds (Roud 11; Child 112; G/D 2:301) / The Game of Draughts (7.50)
  2. The Snow It Melts the Soonest (Roud 3154) (3.29)
  3. Picking up Sticks / The Old Mole / Felton Lonnin / Kingston Girls (4.50)
  4. Miller and the Lass (Roud 1128) (2.02)
  5. Herring Song (Roud 128; TYG 31) (4.40)
  6. Mons Meg (5.26)
  7. Tuesday Morning (Roud 579) (2.55)
  8. Haddock and Chips (2.44)
  9. The Americans Have Stolen My True Love Away (Roud 587) (4.48)
  10. Zycanthos Jig / Tommy's Foot / Quebecois (6.14)
  11. The Sweetness of Mary / Holywell Hornpipe / Swedish (6.44)
  12. Benjamin Bowmaneer (Roud 1514) (4.23)
  13. Commodore Moore / The Black Dance / A Andy O (3.36)

Track 1a trad. arr. E. Carthy, E. Boyd;
Tracks 1b, 3d, 8, 10b E. Carthy;
Tracks 2, 3ab, 11 trad. arr. E. Carthy, Saul Rose;
Tracks 3c, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10c, 13 trad. arr. E. Carthy, Saul Rose, E. Boyd;
Track 6 Pipe Major Geo S. Maclennan;
Track 10a Roger Wilson;
Track 12 trad. arr. E. Carthy