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Time in the Son

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Eliza Carthy sang Time in the Son on her 1998 CD Red. A recording from an Andy Kershaw radio session on 3 March 1996 was included in 2020 on her CD Live to Air.


Eliza Carthy sings Time in the Son

About my time with the son, my Cordelia, I won’t tell you,
Because I’d never let us come unstuck.
So may your pretty boys always be curly haired,
And may you never see your lover’s face reflected in your others.

When there’s a footprint of fire on my face,
Can’t I be pretty as I fall?
Wouldn’t it be better if everyone was pretty?
This parting is for everything and nothing and not me.

My heart beats like tomorrow and I can’t begin to wonder
Where we’ll all be seconds away from now.
So lets us all be what we have to be,
And lets us all be simple, love, if we won’t be lovers.

With a cool, cool breeze on my face
And our whole selves turned to tomorrow,
Wouldn’t it be better if we three stood up to be counted?
This parting is for nothing, nothing, nothing and nobody.

(repeat first verse)


The lyrics were transcribed by Laura at the Mudcat Café. I corrected a few words.