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Over the Next Hill

Fairport Convention: Over the Next Hill (Matty Grooves MGCD 41)

Over the Next Hill
Fairport Convention

Matty Grooves Records MGCD 41 (LP, UK, June 2004)

Fairport Convention: Over the Next Hill (Matty Grooves MGCD 41)
Recorded at Woodworm Studios, Barford St. Michael, Oxfordshire in March/April 2004
Engineered & Mixed by Mark Tucker
Produced by Dave Pegg and Mark Tucker
Mastered by Simon Murphy
Sleeve design by Mick Toole
Photography by Mark Hadley


Simon Nicol, vocals, acoustic & electric guitars;
Ric Sanders, violin, mandolin;
Dave Pegg, electric & acoustic bass guitars, mandolin, vocals, double bass on Auld Lang Syne;
Chris Leslie, vocals, bouzouki, mandolin, violin, Native American flute, ukulele on Auld Lang Syne;
Gerry Conway, drums, percussion;
Chris While, vocals on Si Tu Dois Partir;
Simon & Hilary Mayor, vocals on Auld Lang Syne;


  1. Over the Next Hill [Steve Tilston] (4.21)
  2. I'm Already Here [Chris Leslie] (6.41)
  3. Wait for the Tide to Come In [Ben Bennion] (4.37)
  4. Canny Capers: Step Away from the Bass / Sir Norm de Norm / My Gypsy Pal / Conway's Cognac [Ric Sanders] (5.11)
  5. Over the Falls [Chris Leslie] (4.31)
  6. The Wassail Song (Roud 209) (3.16)
  7. The Fossil Hunter [Chris Leslie] (6.15)
  8. Willow Creek [Steve Tilston / Chris Parkinson] (3.52)
  9. Westward [Julie Matthews] (4.09)
  10. Some Special Place [Ric Sanders] (3.39)
  11. Si Tu Dois Partir [Bob Dylan] (3.27)
  12. Auld Lang Syne (Roud 13892) (0.45)