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Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer: Child Ballads

Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer: Child Ballads (Wilderland WILDER 002)

Child Ballads
Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer

Wilderland Records WILDER 002 (CD, UK, 11 February 2013)

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Recorded by Gary Paczosa and Brandon Bell at Minutia, Nashville, TN;
Produced and mixed by Gary Paczosa;
Mastered by Eric Boulanger at The Mastering Lab, Ojai, CA;
Illustrations and design by Peter Nevins

“All songs adapted from the traditional versions colleded by Sir Francis James Child and published in The English and Scottish Popular Ballads (1882-1898) and inspired by those wo have reworked and interpreted them before us, especially Martin Carthy, Nic Jones, Fairport Convention, Andy Irvine, Anne Briggs, Pentangle, Ewan MacColl, June Tabor and Maddy Prior.”


Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer, vocals, guitars;
Viktor Krauss, bass;
Tim Lauer, accordion, pump organ;
Brittany Haas, fiddle


  1. Willie o' Winsbury (Roud 64; Child 100; G/D 5:999; Henry H221) (5.52)
  2. Willie's Lady (Roud 220; Child 6; G/D 2:346) (6.19)
  3. Sir Patrick Spens (Roud 41; Child 58; G/D 1:17) (6.43)
  4. Riddles Wisely Expounded (Roud 161; Child 1) (4.42)
  5. Clyde Waters (Roud 91; Child 216; G/D 6:1231) (5.51)
  6. Geordie (Roud 90; Child 209; G/D 2:249) (3.33)
  7. Tam Lin (Roud 35; Child 39; G/D 2:330) (6.46)

All tracks trad.

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Bonny Light Horseman: Bonny Light Horseman

Bonny Light Horseman: Bonny Light Horseman (37d03d 008)

Bonny Light Horseman
Bonny Light Horseman

37d03d 008 (CD, UK, 24 January 2020)

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Produced by Josh Kaufman;
Recorded by Bella Blasko at the Funkaus Berlin, Germany, and Dreamland, Hurley, New York;
Track 9 recorded by Jon Low at the Funkaus Berlin, Germany;
Mixed and mastered by D. James Goodwin at The Isokon, Woodstock, New York;
Cover photography by Annie Beedy;
Design and layout by Aaron Lowell Denton

Folk Radio UK review by Mike Davies


Anaïs Mitchell, vocals, acoustic guitar;
Eric D. Johnson, vocals, acoustic guitar, 12-string electric guitar, banj, harmonica, piano;
Josh Kaufman, vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, organ, piano

JT Bates, drums, percussion, vocals;
Michael Lewis, bass, tenor sax, vocals;
Logan Coole, upright bass [1];
Jeremy Yivisaker, 12-string guitar [1];
Aaron Dessner, high-string guitar [1];
Barbara Jean Meyers, viola [1];
Lisa Hannigan, Emily Staveley-Taylor, Jessica Staveley-Taylor, vocals [5];
Kate Stables, banjo [5];
Bella Blasko, vocals [7];
Christian Lee Hutson, acoustic guitar [8];
Andrew Barr, drums [8];
Justin Vernon, vocals [9]


  1. The Bonny Light Horseman (Roud 1185; G/D 8:1584; Henry H122a) (4.31)
  2. Deep in Love (Roud 18829; Henry H218ab) (5.09)
  3. The Roving (Roud 308; G/D 5:946; Henry H711) (4.21)
  4. Jane Jane (3.07)
  5. Blackwaterside (Roud 6319) (3.25)
  6. The Magpie's Nest (Roud 2127) (4.59)
  7. Lowlands (Roud 681; Henry H469) (3.30)
  8. Mountain Rain (Roud 17886) (2.40)
  9. Bright Morning Star (Roud 18268) (2.05)
  10. 10,000 Miles (Roud 422) (3.04)

All tracks trad., arr. and/or co-written by Bonny Light Horseman except
Track 8 trad., co-written by M.C. Taylor