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Assynt: Road to the North

Assynt: Road to the North (Garthland GAR001CD)

Road to the North

Garthland Records GAR001CD (CD, UK, 20 August 2018)

Produced by Assynt and Scott Wood;
Recorded and mixed by Scott Wood at Oak Ridge Studios;
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at TurtleTone Studio, New York;
Design and artwork by Nooneboy


David Shedden: pipes, whistles;
Graham Mackenzie: fiddle;
Innes White: guitar, mandolin

Charlie Stewart: double bass;
Scott Mackay: drums and percussion


  1. Fiend and the Hound: The Fiend and the Hound / A Race to the Top / Deadlines (4.34)
  2. Road to the North: Road to the North / Shedden's / Nearly There / And That's That (3.48)
  3. Forward Thinking: Forward Thinking / The Sting in the Tail (5.28)
  4. Garthland Drive (3.39)
  5. Ava May (3.10)
  6. Conal McDonagh's (3.26)
  7. Aidan Jack: Cafebar Chris / The Ali Cat / Aidan Jack (5.27)
  8. The One Upper: Taxi Tam's / The Rogue Brogue / The One Upper (4.15)
  9. No Way Out: Mrs Mackenzie's Farewell to Culloden Academy / The Central / No Way Out (4.57)
  10. Harris Dance: Ruidhleadh Mo Nighean Donn / Harris Dance / Jenny Dang the Weaver (3.48)

All tracks written by David Shedden except
Tracks 2abd, 9ab Graham Mackenzie;
Track 9c Innes White;
Tracks 10abc trad. arr.Graham Mackenzie, David Shedden, Innes White

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