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Clype: Clype

Clype: Clype (Other Music CLYPE01CD)


Other Music Records CLYPE01CD (CD, UK, 25 June 2015)

Produced by Clype;
Recorded and mixed by Jonny Hardie at Newe Studio, Strathdon;
Mastered by Niall Mathewson at The Mill Recording Studio, Crathes;
Artwork by Laura Bremner

Living Tradition Review by Joseph Peach


Simon Gall, piano, vocals;
Jonny Hardie, fiddle, vocals

Jenny Sturgeon, vocals [2-3, 7], shruti box [3, 7];
Ross Ainslee, low whistle [5]


  1. The Brush to Paint Us All (3.16)
  2. Down With May (2.57)
  3. Red Tide (3.39)
  4. The Internationale (5.38)
  5. Now My Home (3.06)
  6. Imperial Zeal (3.55)
  7. Fair Drawin' In (4.05)
  8. Double Trouble (3.19)

Tracks 1, 5-6 Simon Gall;
Track 2 words Simon Gall, music Simon Gall, Jonny Hardie;
Track 3 Simon Gall, Jenny Sturgeon;
Track 4 words Eugene Pottier (1871), music Simon Gall;
Track 7 words Jenny Sturgeon, music Jenny Sturgeon, Simon Gall;
Track 8 words Hilda Meers, music Simon Gall


Jenny Sturgeon sings Fair Drawin' In, accompanied by Simon Gall and Jonny Hardie, at a house concert in 2017:

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