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Old Blind Dogs: Four on the Floor

Old Blind Dogs: Four on the Floor (Compass 7 4461 2)

Four on the Floor
Old Blind Dogs

Compass Records 7 4461 2 (CD, USA, July 7, 2007);
Vertical Records VERTCD083 (CD, UK, 2007)

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Recorded by Grant Milne, Ian Graham and Ian Huchinson at Secret Music Studios, Glasgow, and by Ian Graham at Park Lane Studios, Glasgow;
Live recordings were made somewhere in Michigan, USA;
Mixed by Ian Huchinson, Donald Shaw and Old Blind Dogs;
Mastered by Randy LeRoy at Final Stage, Nashville, TN;
Photographs by Louis de Carlo


Aaron Jones, bass, bouzouki, guitar, vocals;
Rory Campbell, border (reel) pipes, whistles, vocals;
Jonny Hardie, fiddle, guitar, vocals;
Fraser Stone, drums, percussion

Paul Jennings, bongs, shaker, tambourine [4]


  1. Terror Time (3.43)
  2. Harris Dance: Jan Alexander's Fancy / The Harris Dance / Unknown (3.46)
  3. Star o' the Bar (3.57)
  4. Breton: Traditional Breton / Traditional Breton / Donald, Hugh and His Dog (4.56)
  5. Gaelic Song (Henry H535(b)) (4.18)
  6. Jigs: Put the Gown on the Bishop / The Old Country Bumkin / The Kilkenny Jig / Danza de Liõ (7.17)
  7. Braw Sailin' (Roud 5537; G/D 6:1217) (4.03)
  8. Goats: The Maid That Tends the Goats / Lord of the Manor / Innes Campbell (4.41)
  9. Cairn o' Mount (Roud 3794; G/D 5:1042) (5.52)
  10. Bedlam Boys (Roud V16366) / The Rights of Man (5.04)
  11. Branle: The Aird Ranters / Scottish Branle (4.47)
  12. The Bonnie Earl o Moray (Roud 334; Child 181) (4.57)

Track 1 Ewan MacColl;
Track 2a Willie Morrison;
Tracks 2bc, 4ab, 5, 6a-d, 7, 8ab, 9, 10ab, 11b, 12 trad. arr. Old Blind Dogs;
Track 3 Davie Robertson;
Track 4c Donald Morrison;
Track 8c Rory Campbell;
Track 11a Fred Morrison

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Old Blind Dogs: Wherever Yet May Be

Old Blind Dogs: Wherever Yet May Be (Compass 7 4542 2)

Wherever Yet May Be
Old Blind Dogs

Compass Records 7 4542 2 (CD, USA, September 13, 2010)

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Produced by Old Blind Dogs;
Recorded by Keith Bird at Grand's House, Lamington, Scotland;
Additional recording by Angus Lyon at House of News and by Duncan Lyall at his house;
Photography by Archie McFarlane;
Package design and image treatment by Robert Hakalski;
Design concept by Fraser Stone and Ali Hutton;
Design development by Fraser Stone


Ali Hutton, pipes, whistles, acoustic guitar [3, 6-7, 9];
Aaron Jones, bouzouki, guitar, lead vocals;
Jonny Hardie, fiddle, acoustic guitar [4, 10], electric guitar [1-2], lead and backing vocals;
Fraser Stone, drums, backing vocals


  1. St. Kilda (3.28)
  2. Lough Erne's Shore (Roud 3476) (2.58)
  3. Psychopomps: Fouller's Rant / Psychopomps (4.15)
  4. Scotland Yet (3.27)
  5. Portobello: Portobello / Miss Brady's / Hugie Shortie's Reel / Kent Road (6.06)
  6. Copper Kettle (4.15)
  7. Sir Steve Huska of Bryce Canyon (4.52)
  8. Broken Ring (Roud 264; Laws N42; G/D 5:1038, 6:1201; Henry H471) (4.04)
  9. Room With a View: Room With a View / Trip to Moreda / Danny's Birthdays (5.35)
  10. Banks of the Nile (Roud 950; Laws N9; G/D 1:99; Henry H238a) (4.03)
  11. Where Are You? (5.54)
  12. Desperate Fishwives: Desperate Fishwives / Frankie Drain's / The Golden Stud (6.18)

Tracks 1-2, 3a, 5b, 6, 8, 10, 12c trad. arr. Old Blind Dogs;
Tracks 3b, 7, 12a Ali Hutton;
Track 4 Davy Steele;
Track 5a Fred Morrison, Charlie McKerron, Donald Shaw;
Track 5c Johnny Wilmot;
Tracks 5d, 9c Matheu Watson;
Track 9a Jamie Smith;
Track 9b Gordon Duncan;
Track 11 Andy M. Stewart;
Track 12b Alasdair White

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Old Blind Dogs: Room With a View

Old Blind Dogs: Room With a View (OBDmusic OBD013)

Room With a View
Old Blind Dogs

OBDmusic OBD013 (CD, UK, March 31, 2017)

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Produced by Old Blind Dogs and Andrea Gobbi;
Recorded and mixed by Andrea Gobbi at Carrier Waves Studio;
Mastered by Nick Cooke at Nim Mastering;
Photography by Archie McFarlane;
Design and layout by Van Gill Media


Jonny Hardie, fiddle, vocals;
Aaron Jones, bouzouki, cittern, guitar, vocals;
Ali Hutton, pipes, whistles, vocals;
Donald Hay, percussion, vocals


  1. Bunker Hill: Bunker Hill / Sandy Boys (5.50)
  2. A Ring on Her Hand: A Ring on Her Hand / Cairo Day (4.32)
  3. Newe: John McCall's March to Kilbowie Cottage / Joel Turk's / An Iuchair (6.52)
  4. Earl o March’s Daughter (5.08)
  5. Nevertheless: Billy Rush's / Nina's Jig / The North Star (5.19)
  6. Sawney Bean (4.19)
  7. Gavottes Des Montagnes (4.17)
  8. Warlike Lads of Russia (3.22)
  9. Died and Gone: Abair Thusa Mi Bhi Tarraing / Highland Harry / Died and Gone to Prague / Sisters Reel (5.58)

Track 1a trad., tune setting Allan MacDonald;
Tracks 1b, 5a, 7-8, 9bd trad.;
Track 2a Brian Cromarty;
Track 2b Ali Hutton;
Track 3a William Laurie;
Track 3b Gavin Marwick;
Track 3c Alasdair White;
Tracks 4, 6 Lionel McLelland;
Track 5b Niall Keegan;
Track 5c Brian Finnegan;
Track 9a Allan MacDonald;
Track 9c Finlay MacDonald