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Cormac Byrne & Adam Summerhayes: Stone Soup

Cormac Byrne & Adam Summerhayes: Stone Soup (Nimbus NI 6373)

Stone Soup
Cormac Byrne & Adam Summerhayes

Nimbus Alliance NI 6373 (CD, UK, 2018)

All tracks written and performed by Cormac Byrne and Adam Summerhayes;
Produced and mixed by Cormac Byrne. Adam Summerhayes and Murray Grainger;
Recorded by Murray Grainger;
Mastered by Ion Astley;
Visual design concept by Cormac Byrne and Adam Summerhayes;
Artwork and photography by Adam Summerhayes

Folking.com review by Dai Jeffries


Cormac Byrne: bodhrán, talking bodhrán, slide bodhrán. percussion, marimbula, berimbau and percussive fiddle;
Adam Summerhayes: fiddle, alternately tuned junk-shop fiddle, slide fiddle, marimbula and percussive fiddle


  1. Arising: Part 1 (4.35)
    berimbau, caxixi, shekere, fiddle, talking bones, day bongos, kafhak bells, bodhrán, wooden cowbell, shakers, sizzle cymbal, bass drum, foot pandeiro, metal bucket, junk shop fiddle tuned DDAD
  2. Arising: Part 2 (4.25)
    percussive fiddle tuned GDAD, bodhrán, bass drum, junk shop fiddle tuned GDAD, finger cymbals, fiddle, marimbula, triangle, shekere
  3. Arising: Part 3 (4.11)
    finger cymbals, bodhrán, kathak bells, fiddle, foot pandeiro, sizzle cymbal, bass drum
  4. Arising: Part 4 (2.44)
    berimbau, caxixi, junk shop fiddle tuned DDAD, percussive fiddle, marimbula, slide fiddle, talking bodhrán, bones, talking bones, African caxixis
  5. Moving: Part 1 (5.11)
    fiddle, talking bodhrán
  6. Moving: Part 2 (5.00)
    junk shop fiddle tuned GDAD, finger cymbals, fiddle, suspended cymbal, talking bodhrán, foot pandeiro, bowed cymbal, bodhrán, djembe, shakerine, caxixi, shakers, metal bucket
  7. Moving: Part 3 (5.07)
    bodhrán, fiddle tuned GDAD, berimbau, caxixi
  8. Awakening: Part 1 (15.13)
    hand-style bodhrán, fiddle tuned GDGE/flat;, bodhrán, slide bodhrán, spoons, talking bodhrán. berimbau, caxixi, talking bones
  9. Awakening: Part 2 (5.39)
    birdsong, fiddle, bodhrán

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