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Uiscedwr: Fish Cat Door

UiscedwUiscedwr: Fish Cat Door (Yukka YRCD04)

Fish Cat Door

Yucca Records YRCD04 (CD, UK, 2009)

Recorded at Cruck Barn;
Produced by Cormac Byrne, Anna Esslemont and Andy Bell;
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Andy Bell,
Photography by New Vision Studio, Meltham;
Design by Ickleshinystar


Anna Esslemont: fiddle, vocals;
Cormac Byrne: bodhrán, percussion;
Karen Tweed: piano accordion;
James Hickman: guitar


  1. The Dirty Nine Steps (2.46)
  2. Prescription Junkie (4.32)
  3. Sunshine (3.25)
  4. Seven Letters: Joshua’s Lullaby / Seven Letters (6.21)
  5. Tip Tap Baby (5.50)
  6. Germs: The Jolly Beggarman / Germs (5.26)
  7. Girlyjig: Tom Terrific / Sian The Barn (4.26)
  8. End of the Day (4.12)
  9. Crucked Reels: The Unstep / Y Cychwyniad (4.23)
  10. E.S.P. (3.51)
  11. Neptune (6.36)

Track 1 Cormac Byrne, Anna Esslemont;
Tracks 2, 4a, 5, 7b, 9b Anna Esslemont;
Track 3 Anna Esslemont, Karen Tweed, Cormac Byrne;
Track 4b Anna Esslemont, Cormac Byrne, Karen Tweed;
Track 6a trad. arr. Anna Esslemont, Cormac Byrne, Karen Tweed, James Hickman;
Track 6b James Hickman, Anna Esslemont;
Track 7a Karen Tweed;
Track 8 Katie Bennett;
Track 9a Karen Tweed, Ian Carr, Geoff Lincoln;
Track 10 Anna Esslemont, Cormac Byrne;
Track 11 Jim Malcolm

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