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When the Day Is on the Turn

Dallahan: When the Day Is on the Turn (Dallahan DLHN002)

When the Day Is on the Turn

Dallahan DLHN002 (CD, UK, December 15, 2014)

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Produced by Dallahan;
Recorded by Jani Lang, Ciarán Ryan, Jack Badcock and Ian Thomson;
Mixed and mastered by Jani Lang;
Photography by Sean Purser;
Artwork and design by Sarah Diver-Lang


Jack Badcock, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals;
Ciarán Ryan, tenor banjo, fiddle, mandolin;
Jani Lang, fiddle;
Tomás Ó Briain, button box;
Balázs Hermann, double bass

Jarlath Henderson, whistles, uilleann pipes [2, 5, 7, 10]


  1. When the Day Is on the Turn: Sinfully Delicious / When the Day Is on the Turn / Anne Lacey's (5.39)
  2. The Tartar Frigate: The Tartar Frigate / Two-Ply Handshake / Unknown (4.26)
  3. The Chosen and the True (Volt Nékem Szeretőm) (4.24)
  4. Try Praying: The Iron Goat / Try Praying (4.39)
  5. Spicy Shoes: Spicy Shoes / Melt Down at Indiana Point / The Bantry Lasses / Leddy from Cavan / Bill McEvoy's (8.14)
  6. Carrick-a-Rede (3.54)
  7. The Burger Man: The Burger Man / Febo / MacPherson's Strut (4.35)
  8. Maggie’s Jigs: An Grianan / No. 18 / Maggie's (4.08)
  9. Katy Dear (Roud 711; Laws G21) (5.12)
  10. Sun Dog: Sun Dog / Megrakják A Tüzet (5.44)
  11. Hurley’s House: Blazing Row / Romanian Tunes / Hurley’s House (4.59)
  12. Untitled (2.51)

Tracks 1a, 5a, 7b, 8b Ciarán Ryan;
Track 1b words trad. Scottish, music Jack Badcock;
Track 1c Liz Carroll;
Track 2a Matt Seatle;
Tracks 2b, 4ab, 7a, 8c, 10a, 11a Jani Lang;
Track 3 trad. Transsylvanian, English lyrics Ken Clarke;
Track 5b Fiddle Fever;
Track 5c, 7c, 8a, 9, 10b, 11b trad.;
Track 5d Ed Reavy;
Track 5e Sean Ryan;
Track 6 Cathie Ryan;
Track 11c Iain MacLeod

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Matter of Time

Dallahan: Matter of Time (Dallahan DLHN003)

Matter of Time

Dallahan DLHN003 (CD, UK, April 11, 2016)

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Produced by Dallahan;
Recorded at Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland;
Additional recording at Out of the Blue Drill Hall and St. Vincent's Chapel, Edinburgh;
Engineered by Stuart Hamilton and Jani Lang;
Mixed and mastered by Jani Lang;
Photography by Somhairle MacDonald;
Artwork by Sarah Diver Lang


Jack Badcock, guitar, vocals;
Ciarán Ryan, tenor banjo, mandolin, fiddle;
Jani Lang, fiddle, vocals;
Andrew Waite, piano accordion

Paddy Callaghan, button accordion [4, 7];
Jarlath Henderson, uilleann pipes. whistles [3-6, 8];
Ciara McCafferty, vocals [1-2, 4, 9];
Toby Shippey, percussion, trumpet [1-2, 4, 11];
Jenny Hill, double bass;


  1. Logan: Branohm Goes Nicely With the Donegal Tinker / Logan Braes (Roud 6842) / Michael Kennedy's (4.42)
  2. Blow the Candle Out (Roud 368; Laws P17; G/D 4:788) / Síocháin (5.17)
  3. Harbour of Polperro: Harbour of Polperro / The Witch Island / Amanda's Jig / Michael McCague's (6.01)
  4. The Reaper (3.56)
  5. Dutch Courage: Unknown / Maxie's Reel / Brendan Ring's (5.32)
  6. Zöld Erdõben: Gan Ainm / Zöld Erdõben (4.24)
  7. Ferny Hill: Ferny Hill / First Day of Spring (4.13)
  8. Pierre’s: Unknown / Trequanda / Le Grande Bond Avec Une Chaussure Noire (5.07)
  9. I Am Stretched on Your Grave (4.26)
  10. ’Spolkas: Henry's / Sylvia's / Ugrós (3.02)
  11. There Ain’t No Easy Way (3.26)

Track 1a Maire Breathneach;
Tracks 1b, 2a words trad., music Jack Badcock;
Tracks 1c, 6a, 7ab trad.;
Tracks 1d Michael Kennedy;
Track 2b Ciarán Ryan, Jack Badcock;
Track 3ab Jani Lang;
Tracks 3c, 5b, 9b Ciarán Ryan;
Track 3d Michael McCague;
Track 4 Mike Kearney;
Track 5a trad. Flemish;
Track 5c Brendan Ring;
Track 6b trad. Csángó;
Track 8a trad. Romanian;
Track 8c Vladimir Cosma;
Tracks 9 words trad. 17th century Irish Táim sínte ar do thuama, music Phillip King;
Track 10a Henry Sears;
Track 10b Steven Spence;
Track 10c trad. Hungarian;
Tracks 11 Darrell Scott

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