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Andrew Waite: Tyde

Andrew Waite: Tyde (Andrew Waite AWM01CD)

Andrew Waite

Andrew Waite AWM01CD (CD, UK, 9 March 2019)

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Recorded and mixed by Chris Waite at Gran’s House Studio;
Mastered by Iain Hutchison at GloWorm Recording;
Artwork and photography by Orla Stevens


Andrew Waite: piano accordion;
Seth Tinsley: guitar, lead vocals;
Daniel Thorpe: fiddle


  1. Fly Away Home: Tune for No One / Fly Away Home (5.55)
  2. Golden Brown (4.50)
  3. 1984 (4.25)
  4. Dom & Bryony’s (7.37)
  5. Synapse (3.30)
  6. Jeff a L’aise: Frogwarts / High Tyde / Jeff a L’aise (5.35)
  7. Four Walls (5.19)
  8. To the Window: To the Window / Last Train From Lanark (5.02)
  9. Iver’s (5.49)

Tracks 1a, 2, 4-5, 6abc, 8a, 9 Andrew Waite;
Track 1b Daniel Thorpe;
Track 3 Anais Mitchell;
Track 7 Seth Tinsley;
Track 8b Adam Sutherland

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Lucy Farrell & Andrew Waite: Calm the Lions

Lucy Farrell & Andrew Waite: Calm the Lions (LFAW01CD)

Calm the Lions
Lucy Farrell & Andrew Waite

Lucy Farrell & Andrew Waite LFAW01CD (CD, UK, 20 February 2020)

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Recorded at Gran’s House and GloWorm Studios in April 2019;
Mastered by Chris Waite;
Artwork by Orla Stevens


Lucy Farrell: vocals, tenor guitar, viola, mandolin;
Andrew Waite: vocals, piano accordion;
Emily Portman, Jake Charron, Hannah Murray: backing vocals [10]


  1. I Divide (4.14)
  2. Awake Awake (Roud 22620; Laws M4) (3.48)
  3. Vandy Vandy (3.35)
  4. Outten About (3.22)
  5. Phoebe (3.09)
  6. Sleep On (3.23)
  7. God Only Knows (3.18)
  8. Agnes (3.24)
  9. Bonnie Light Horseman (Roud 1185; G/D 8:1584; Henry H122a) (4.12)
  10. One Bus (4.21)

Tracks 1, 4, 7-8 Lucy Farrell;
Tracks 2, 9 trad.;
Track 3 Manly Wade Wellman;
Track 5 words Lucy Farrell, music Andrew Waite;
Track 6 Lucy Farrell, Andrew Waite;
Track 10 Andrew Waite

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