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Ewan MacPherson: Norther

Ewan MacPherson: Norther (Phat Controller PHATCD007)

Ewan MacPherson

Skye Recording / Phat Controller PHATCD007 (CD, UK, 1 January 2008)

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Produced by Iain Copeland and Ewan MacPherson;
Recorded by Iain Copeland at Skye Recording 2007;
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering;
Sraperboard drawings by Pam MacPherson;
Ewan MacPherson photograph by Anne Sofie Linge Valdal;
Design and layout by Ewan MacPherson and Iain Copeland


Ewan MacPherson: vocals, guitar;
Hannah Read: backing vocals;
Vashti Bunyan: backing vocals;
Fraser Fifield: pipes, whistle;
Iain Copeland: drums;
Ed Kelly: double bass;
Alasdar White: fiddle;
Jon Bews: violin;
Anna-Wendy Stevenson: violin;
Seylan Baxter: cello


  1. Quiet Society (3.08)
  2. Norther (5.28)
  3. All the Kings (4.44)
  4. Beachcomber (4.36)
  5. Travelling in Winter (4.41)
  6. Winter Me (3.31)
  7. Windscreen Conversation (7.08)
  8. Cold. Summer. Son (3.01)
  9. Easy Days (3.39)
  10. Nearly Home (4.13)
  11. Year Tired (5.46)

All tracks by Ewan MacPherson except
Track 3 words from Scotland's Winter by Edwin Muir, music Ewan MacPherson;
Track 6 words Iris MacFarlane

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Ewan MacPherson: Fetch!

Ewan MacPherson: Fetch! (Shoogle SHOOGLE16017)

Ewan MacPherson

Shoogle Records SHOOGLE16017 (CD, UK, 18 November 2016)

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Produced by Ewan MacPherson;
Recorded by Ewan MacPherson at Calair Cottage, Balquhidder, Scotland, and Kulturhuset Gimle, Bergen, Norway, in May and June 2016;
Percussion recorded by Magnus Lundmark, Hovmantorp, Sweden;
Mixed by Angus Lyon at Gran's House Studio;
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering;
Design by Ewan MacPherson


Ewan MacPherson: mandolin, mandola, banjo, jew's harp, guitars, harmonium, percussion;
Aaron Jones: bouzouki, cittern [1, 8];
Alasdair White: fiddle [1, 8, 11];
Ben Farmer: melodeon [5-6, 12];
Callum Convoy: bodhrán [1, 8];
Chris Wright: cittern, mandola [6, 13];
Fin Moore: Border pipes, small pipes [2, 13];
Hannah Read: fiddle [7];
Lauren MacColl: fiddle, viola [9, 13];
Magnus Lundmark: percussion [3, 6-7];
Sarah Hoy: fiddle [2, 13];
Sigrid Moldestad: Hardanger fiddle [3, 10]


  1. Brutus the Husky / MacColl's (5.52)
  2. The Silver Tongues / Meall an Fhiodhain (5.18)
  3. Saltus (5.46)
  4. The Cherry Tree Reel / Dog's Got an Itchy Nose (3.52)
  5. Only the Burn Is Not Silent (5.32)
  6. Ruchenitza / Red Cyril (5.41)
  7. Ranarim's Welcome to Scotland / Icy North Gutter Experiment (6.40)
  8. The High Surge of the Sea / Caravan Up North (5.01)
  9. As April Is to Winter (3.54)
  10. Cedar Dust (3.25)
  11. Dead End Glen (3.15)
  12. Mad Mr MacPherson / Seamus the Camel (5.50)
  13. Holding the Whippet / The Torrents (5.12)

All tracks by Ewan MacPherson except
Track 6a trad. arr. Ewan MacPherson, Chris Wright;
Track 12a Ben Farmer;
Track 13a Derek Hoy

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