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The Flanagan Brothers: An Irish Delight

The Flanagan Brothers: An Irish Delight (Topic 12T365)

An Irish Delight
Classic Recordings of Irish Traditional Music in America
The Flanagan Brothers

Topic Records 12T365 (LP, UK, 1979)

The Flanagan Brothers were the most popular group of Irish entertainers in New York City between the early 1920’s and the late 1930’s. They played at concerts and dances, in bars and in clubs, and also on radio, as well as recording over fifty 78 rpm recordings for several record companies. Their records sold well all across America, in Britain and Ireland, and even as far afield as Australia and New Zealand. [sleeve notes]

Original recordings from the collections of Reg Hall and Tony Engle;
Re-mastering, production and design by Tony Engle;
Notes by Mick Moloney;
Thanks to Reg Hall for the cover photograph

For the full album’s sleeve notes see Nick Guida’s fantastic The Balladeers website.


Joe Flanagan, accordion, low vocals;
Mike Flanagan, banjo, high vocals


Side 1

  1. Paddy in London jig
  2. Paddy Ryan’s Dream / The Merry Blacksmith reels
  3. The Beggarman Song (The Auld Rigadoo) (Roud 900; Henry H751)
    Mike - vocal
  4. An’ Carrowath (Stack of Wheat) / Longdance (The Stack of Wheat / The Bird in the Bush) hornpipes
  5. No name / My Aunt Jane / The Rakes of Mallow Irish polkas
    Joe - accordion solo
  6. The New Irish Barn Dance
  7. Irish Boy one step
  8. Irish Delight vocal with accompaniment

Side 2

  1. The Auld Blackthorn / Connemara Stockings reels
  2. My Irish Molly O (Roud 2168; G/D 6:1088) vocals with orchestra
  3. Hills of Donegal / Come Back Paddy Riley / Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door old fashioned waltz
  4. The Schoolmaster: The Scholar / Cregg’s Pipes reels
  5. Flowers of Milltown / Some Say the Devil’s Dead / The Keel Row) Highland fling
  6. The Bandy-Legged Mule (Roud 9217)
    Mike - vocal
  7. Sprig of Shillelagh / The Rose Tree polka
  8. Exhibition Hornpipe / The Blackbird

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