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The Term Time Is Comin Roon

Geordie Murison: The Term Time Is Comin Roon (Tradition Bearers LTCD1020)

The Term Time Is Comin Roon
Geordie Murison

The Tradition Bearers LTCD1020 (CD, UK, 2017)

Recorded and produced by Stuart Duncan at Red Barn Studios, Dundee, Scotland


Geordie Murison: vocals


  1. Drumdelgie (Roud 2180; G/D 3:384) (3.47)
  2. Mullnabeeny (Roud 5576; G/D 3:441) (3.39)
  3. Cameloun (Roud 5592; G/D 3:389) (3.26)
  4. The Lothian Hairst (Roud 2165; G/D 3:404) (3.51)
  5. Mistress Greig (Roud 5161; G/D 2:316) (3.39)
  6. Chairlie o' Pitgair (Roud 2584; G/D 3:401) (2.45)
  7. Sleepytoon (Roud 3775; G/D 3:356) (4.40)
  8. Scranky Black Farmer (Roud 2872; G/D 3:357) (4.09)
  9. Tattie Jock (Roud 5915; G/D 3:377) (4.58)
  10. Hairst o' Rettie (Roud 3512; G/D 3:408) (4.34)
  11. Mains o Culsh (Roud 5925; G/D 3:397) (2.40)
  12. Jock Bruce o the Fornet (Roud 3937; G/D 3:372) (4.21)
  13. Guise o Tough (Roud 3800; G/D 3:378) (4.59)
  14. Atween Steenhive and Lourinkirk (Roud 5589; G/D 3:376) (3.32)
  15. Jock o Rhynie (Roud 3090; G/D 3:348) (2.42)
  16. Bogie's Bonnie Belle (Roud 2155; G/D 7:1396) (4.00)
  17. Barnyards o Delgaty (Roud 2136; G/D 3:347) (3.07)
  18. Drumdelgie Nae Mair (Roud 22013) (5.08)

All tracks trad. except
Track 7 William Clark;
Track 18 Ian Middleton


Geordie Murison was born and brought up on a farm at Fetteresso just outside Stonehaven, his father having moved there in 1935 from a farm in Buchan. His father had two older sisters who were a great source of stories about school and farm life before and after the First World War. The eldest one attended Whitehills School, New Deer while Gavin Greig was still headmaster. His mother's family (Robertson) were very musical and one of his earliest memories is of his granny sitting singing. His uncle played the fiddle and accordion and his older sister plays piano, guitar and sings. A chance meeting with Jim Taylor, Tam Reid's nephew, in 1997, led to Geordie attending Aberdeen Branch TMSA sessions. There he met Tam and Anne Reid who encouraged him to enter competitions at festivals. This led to him being invited to festivals all over the country including London, Dorset, Dublin and Whitby as well as in Scotland.
[from the Tradition Bearers website]

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