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The Movies Ceili Band: Bon Cabbage

The Movies Ceili Band: Bon Cabbage (Blue Sky BSM CD 01)

Bon Cabbage
The Movies Ceili Band

Blue Sky Music BSM CD 01 (CD, UK, 1999)

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Produced by Nigel Portman-Smith;
Engineered by Cameron Craig at Chiswick Reach Studios;
Remixed and mastered at Gold Dust Studios, Bromley;
Design by Bryan Ledgard at Ledgard Jepson, Sheffield


Kevin Boyle: vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin;
Maggie Boyle: vocals;
Paul Brennan: vocals, uilleann pipes, bodhrán;
Giles Lewin: fiddle, vocals;
Brendan McGlinchey: fiddle;
Michael O’Connell: accordion;
Karen Ryan: fiddle;
Mick Sands: vocals, flute, whistle;
Nigel Portman-Smith: bass, keyboards;
Pick Withers: drums, percussion

Brass Section:
Raul D’Olivera, trumpet, flugelhorn;
Steve Gregory, tenor saxophone;
Pete Thoms, trombone


  1. Bon Cabbage / The Earl’s Chair / The Croydon Reel (5.30)
  2. Ride a Wild Pony (4.30)
  3. The Hills of Zanzibar (3.55)
  4. Number One Sardine (4.05)
  5. The Boy Who Lost His Laugh (6.45)
  6. Portobello (5.08)
  7. The Twenty-Third of June (2.50)
  8. Hornpipe / The Boys of the Lough / The Jolly Tinker (3.35)
  9. La La La (5.02)
  10. The Sign of Love (4.20)

All songs written by Kevin Boyle;
Tracks 1b, 8 trad.;
All tracks arranged by The Movies CB

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Kev Boyle: Palestine Grove

Kev Boyle: Palestine Grove (Blue Sky BSM CD 02)

Palestine Grove
Kev Boyle

Blue Sky Music BSM CD 02 (CD, UK, 2009)

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Produced, engineered and mixed by Gerry Diver at The Tunehouse, John F Walsh Houshe, 37 Palestine Grove, London;
Mastered by Pete Maher at Topfloor Music NW5;
Design and graphics by John Amy


Kev Boyle: vocals, guitar, piano;
Gerry Diver: electric, acoustic, and pedal steel guitars, violin, mandolin, banjo, keyboards, autoharp, drums, whistle, washboard, spoons;
Lucy Boyle: vocals;
Martin O’Leary: bass guitar;
Paul Brennan: uilleann pipes [7]


  1. Blue Sky Blue (3.07)
  2. O We Who Dream With England (3.57)
  3. Sunny Little Avenue (2.25)
  4. Bon Cabbage (4.24)
  5. Lines on the Death of Martin Israel (5.26)
  6. So Summertime (3.31)
  7. The Walls of Eden (5.53)
  8. Big Blue Train (4.25)
  9. Come All You (4.19)
  10. The Blue and the Gray (4.40)
  11. Liar (4.19)
  12. Palestine Grove (5.25)

All tracks composed by Kev Boyle;
Track 2 tune trad. Dives and Lazarus;
Track 7 tune trad. Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies;
Track 9 tune trad. Lord Franklin;
Track 11 tune trad. Battle Hymn of the Republic

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