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Fire in the Soul

The Paul Brennan Band: Fire in the Soul (Fellside FECD90)

Fire in the Soul
The Paul Brennan Band

Fellside Recordings FECD90 (CD, UK, 1993)

Produced by Paul Brendan;
Assistant producers: Cink Skeys and Roy Jones;
Engineered by Cink Skeys and Roy Rainey;
Recorded and mastered at Storero Studios, London, and Olivette Studios, The Birches, Portadown, Co. Armagh;
Executive producer for Fellside: Paul Adams;
Cover painting by Forrest McCready;
Photography by Luke Kelly and Mike Peters;
Layout by Mary Blood


Kevin Boyle: guitars;
Paul Brennan: guitars, uilleann pipes, bansuri, bodhrán, whistles, vocals;
Pat Crumley: saxophone, flute;
Neil Drinkwater: keyboards, synthesisers;
Roy Jones: drums, percussion;
Nigel Portman-Smith: bass guitars

with guests
Kadir Durvesh: tabla, dhorak [2];
Terry Thompson: piano accordion [7-8];
Paul Boyle: fiddle [5];
Garth Morton: violin [7-8];
George Holmes: lambeg drums [9]


  1. Gate 49 (4.16)
  2. Mood for Feargus (2.55)
  3. Here We Go Down That Same Old Road Again (3.59)
  4. Flower of the County Down (Roud 4801) (5.37)
  5. 78 Jigs (3.54)
  6. Fire in the Soul (4.21)
  7. Strabane Hiring Fair (Roud 2516; G/D 4:883) (7.05)
  8. Will You Waltz (4.56)
  9. Drumming Sons of Levi (3.50)

Tracks 1-3, 6, 8 Paul Brennan;
Tracks 4-5, 7, 9 trad.

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