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Various Artists: Playpen

Playpen (PLAYPEN 1)

An Album of New Acoustic Music
Various Artists

Playpen Records PLAYPEN 1 (CD, UK, 1999)


  1. Thea Gilmore: People Like You
  2. Billy Bragg: Must I Paint You a Picture (Live)
  3. Peter Byrne: Still Waters
  4. Kathryn Williams: Madmen and Maniacs (Live)
  5. Miro : Beautiful Skin
  6. Penradin: The Monaghan Jig
  7. Jont: Come As You Are
  8. Pooka: Monsoon
  9. Liz Simcock: Strand of Silver
  10. Eliza Carthy: The Game of Draughts
    from Rice
  11. The Big Love Orchestra OM: Listen
  12. Eddi Reader: Please Don’t Ask Me to Dance (Live)
  13. Malcolm Darwen: Extracts from the Florida Collection


Thanks to Alistair Banfield for the record information.