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Ryan Young

Ryan Young: Ryan Young (Ryan Young RYM01CD)

Ryan Young
Ryan Young

Ryan Young Music RYM01CD (CD, UK, August 11, 2017)

Produced and recorded by Jesse Lewis, assited by Steven Warnoch and John Burton;
Piano technician: Alasdair McLean;
Cover painting by Carol Dewart P.A.I.


Ryan Young, fiddle;
Leo Forde, guitar;
James Ross, piano


  1. The Back of the Change House / The Nine Pint Coggie / John of Badenyon / Och is Duine Truagh Mi (strathspey and reels) (8.47)
  2. Jenna's Jig / Stop Thanking Me / Dennis' Jig (jigs) (5.27)
  3. The Rothiemurcas Rant / Mrs Robertson Grishornish (strathspeys) (4.11)
  4. Ryan's Despair (slow air) (3.39)
  5. The Cross of Inverness / The Bob of Fettercairn (reels) (2.50)
  6. Lamberton Races or Col. Renton's Favourite / The Oyster Wives' Rant / Rinettan's Daughter (reels) (4.15)
  7. The Lads in the Kilt / Airidh Nam Badan (jigs) (5.13)
  8. John MacColl's Farewell / Willie's Auld Trews / The Harris Dance (march and reels) (8.23)
  9. What Pain I've Endured Since Last Year / Caber Feidh / To Chase the Goats off the Rocks (slip jig and reels) (4.57)
  10. Traditional Reel / Smilin' Katie / The White Houses of Shieldaig (reels) (3.51)
  11. The Highland Laddie (march) (5.41)
  12. The Irish Girl (jig) (3.48)