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Tom Lenihan: Paddy's Panacea

Tom Lenihan: Paddy's Panacea (Topic 12T363)

Paddy's Panacea
Songs Traditional in West Clare
Tom Lenihan (1908-1990)

Topic Records 12T363 (LP, UK, 1978)

Songs recorded and selection made by Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie;
Spoken items recorded by Tom Munnelly;
Editing and re-mastering by Tony Engle;
Notes by Tom Munnelly;
Front sleeve photograph by Liam McNulty;
Sleeve design by Tom Munelly and Tony Engle


Tom Lenihan, vocals


Side 1Side 2
  1. Humours of Whiskey (Paddy’s Panacea) (Roud 3079) (4.02)
  2. Talk of Music at Lenihan’s (1.17)
  3. A Wintry Evening (Roud 175; Laws P20; G/D 6:1176) (2.40)
  4. St James's Hospital (Roud 2; Laws Q26; G/D 7:1404; Henry H680) (2.49)
  5. Talk of Thady Casey the Dancing Master (0.32)
  6. The Lake of Coolfin (Roud 189; Laws Q33; G/D 2:228; Henry H176) (3.46)
  7. Fair Days in Miltown Malbay (1.09)
  8. Pat O’Brian (Roud 1919; Laws P39) (4.51)
  1. Paddy, the Cockney and the Ass (Roud 3078) (3.45)
  2. Talk about Straw Boys (1.45)
  3. The Holland Handkerchief (Roud 246; Child 272; Henry H217) (4.04)
  4. The Bobbed Hair (Roud 3077) (3.48)
  5. Fair London Town (Roud 552; Laws N10; G/D 1:177) (4.40)
  6. Garrett Barry and Hurry the Jug (3.10)

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