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Triakel: Händelser i Nord

Triakel: Händelser i Nord (Westpark 87382)

Händelser i Nord

Westpark Music 87382 (CD, UK, 5 April 2019)

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This album is a story about disasters, crime and death in Norrland. A murder ballad album. Sort of. Based on songs that fuctioned as newspapers during the late 17th century (Skillingtryck), the albums is filled with all the most gruesome stories from the north of Sweden. All based on a true story and with a lot of research included.

Produced by Johan Arveli;
Recorded and mixed at Studio 306;
Mastered by Daniel Mikaelsson, 4916 Mastering;
Background notes reworked by Malin Nord;
Translation by Alistair Cochrane;
Photo by Marléne Nilsén;
Design and layout by Pelle Rumert, Grand North


Kjell-Erik Eriksson, fiddle;
Emma Härdelin, vocals, fiddle;
Janne Strömstedt, harmonium


  1. Östersundsmordet (The Östersund Murder) (3.52)
  2. Umeåmordet (The Umeå Murder) (3.43)
  3. Medlemordet (The Medle Murder) (3.50)
  4. Vällistevisan (The Välliste Song) (3.53)
  5. Häggsjön (The Hägg Lake) (5.32)
  6. Den Gruvlige Kniven i Delsbo (The Dreaded Knife of Delsbo) (3.54)
  7. Pila-Britas Schottis (Pila-Brita's Schottische) (2.55)
  8. Postrånet vid Säivis (The Mail Robbery at Säivis) (2.51)
  9. Stor-Stina från Malå (Tall Stina from Malå) (5.58)
  10. Långåmordet (The Långå Murder) (3.54)
  11. Hammerdalsvisan (The Hammerdal Song) (2.08)

Track 1 text C.G. Sundberg, music Kjell-Erik Eriksson;
Track 2 text Kristina Bergström, music trad. after Karin Bergfeldt and Anna Andersson, Orbaden Arbrå;
Track 3 text Thure Lindekvist, music trad.;
Track 4 text Katarina Holmgren and Karin Olsdottor, music trad.;
Track 5 text Ole Jonsen Gullstad, music trad. after Stina Olofsson, Kall;
Track 6 text unknown, music Alpens ros, trad. after Johanna Karlsson, Delsbo;
Track 7 music trad. after Ossian Eklund, Västbyn Offerdal;
Track 8 text unknown, music trad. after Franz Robert Brunström, Kusön Överluleå;
Track 9 text unknown, music trad. Millevitt, after wind players in Bragnum;
Track 10 text and music trad.;
Track 11 text and music trad. after Hilmer Sundberg, Kvistle Svenstavik