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Come, Come My Friends

[ Roud 1677 ; VWML HAM/2/7/1 , GG/1/4/194 , HAM/2/10/17 ; trad.]

The Foggy Dew

Tim Radford sang Come, Come My Friends on his 2005 CD Home From Home. He noted:

This is a great song to start an evening, or a good chorus song in the pub. Collected by the Hammond brothers in Dorset from William Bartlett of Wimborne Minster, words augmented with other versions from Hampshire and Dorset and then made to work by me over the years.


Tim Radford sings Come, Come My Friends

Come, come, my friends we do intend,
This night to spend in mirth
With all my heart I’ll drink my part
And good liquor shall quench our thirst

Chorus (after each verse):
For in laughing, joking, drinking, smoking,
Laughing, joking, drinking, smoking,
This night we’ll spend in mirth,
This night we’ll spend in mirth.

A man that has wealth and starve himself,
He might as well be poor.
The man that has gold and keep it old
That man had better not been born.

Come, ring that bell that we may tell
The secrets of our mind,
Come, tell to me if you be free
For to mirth we are inclined.