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Index of Songs and Tunes

This is a quite crude song list that is automagically generated from the titles lines in the song files. But at least you can search in it for whatever you need. Have fun!

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Abe's Retreat [trad.]
Above the Hill [Peter Bellamy]
Abroad As I Was Walking (Roud 605; G/D 6:1079)
Abroad As I Was Walking (Roud 1646)
Abroad for Pleasure (Roud 1046)
Accappella Stella [Rick Kemp]
An Acre of Land (Roud 21093)
Across the Hills [Leon Rosselson]
Across the Line (Roud 8239)
Across the Western Plains (Roud 475; G/D 3:580)
Adam and Eve (Roud 1387)
Adam Catched Eve [trad.]
Adieu, Adieu (Roud 490; Laws L12; G/D 2:260)
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (Roud 165)
Adieu to Old England (Roud 1703; G/D 6:1083)
Adieu Unto All True Lovers (Roud 22568; G/D 4:783)
Admiral Benbow (Roud 227)
The Afro-Dizzy-Yak [Maddy Prior]
After Halloween [Sandy Denny]
After the Ball (Roud 4859)
After the Death [Rick Kemp, Maddy Prior]
The Agincourt Carol [trad.]
The Alabama (Roud 4710)
Alan Tyne of Harrow (Roud 2403)
Albion Sunrise [Richard Thompson]
Al Bowlly's in Heaven [Richard Thompson]
Alex [Maddy Prior]
Ali Baba [Maddy Prior]
Alison Gross (Roud 3212; Child 35)
Alistair's [Alistair Anderson]
All Around My Hat (Roud 22518)
All Bells in Paradise (Roud 1523)
Allelujah [trad.]
All for Me Grog (Roud 475; G/D 3:580)
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name (Roud 17726)
All I Have Is My Own (Roud 1667)
All in a Day [Alex Glasgow]
All I Need Is You [Dave Cousins]
All in Green [E.E. Cummings]
All in the Morning (Roud 287)
All of a Row (Roud 1474)
All Our Days [Sandy Denny]
All Things Are Quite Silent (Roud 2532)
Almost Every Circumstance [Colum Sands]
Alright Jack [John Tams]
Altisidora [Lal Waterson, Jo Freya]
Always on My Mind [Tony Hooper]
Amazing Grace (Roud 5430)
The Americans Have Stolen My True Love Away (Roud 587)
American Stranger (Roud 1081; G/D 7:1469)
Amsterdam [Jacques Brel]
Anchor Song [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
ANC Song (Azicatal)
And A-Begging I Will Go (Roud 286; G/D 3:488)
Andrew Lammie (Roud 98; Child 233; G/D 5:1018)
Andrew Rose (Roud 623; G/D 1:6)
Andrew Ross (Roud 623; G/D 1:6)
And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda [Eric Bogle]
And You Need Me [Dave Cousins]
Andy's Gone With Cattle [Henry Lawson]
Angel of Avalon [Charles E. Owston]
Angels from the Realms of Glory (Roud 8358)
The Angels Took My Racehorse Away [Richard Thompson]
Annachie Gordon (Roud 102; Child 239; G/D 5:1021)
Anna Dixie [Lal Waterson]
Annan Water (Roud 6562)
Another Drink [Maddy Prior]
Another Man's Wedding (Roud 567; Laws P31; G/D 6:1199)
The Ant and the Grasshopper [Leon Rosselson]
Anthem to Failure [Maddy Prior]
Anti-Carol [John Pole]
The Anvil [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Apple and Potatoes
Apple Tree Wassail (Roud 209)
Arbour [Tim Harries, Gay Woods]
Arctic City [Marc Brierley]
Are Ye Sleepin', Maggie? (Roud 4897)
Are You Going to Leave Me? [trad.]
Arise and Pick a Posy (Roud 193, 2445)
Arise Arise (Roud 22620, 22621; Laws M4)
Arise, Arise (Roud 305)
Around Cape Horn (Roud 2048)
Arthur McBride and the Sergeant (Roud 2355; G/D 1:78)
Arthur O'Bradley (Roud 365)
As Broad As I Was Walking (Roud 23793)
Ashen Faggot Wassail (Roud 209)
The Ash Grove (Roud V1899)
The Ash Plant [trad. tune]
As I Roamed Out (Roud 2512)
As I Roved Out (Roud 3479; G/D 4:791)
As I Roved Out (Roud 277; Laws O17; G/D 4:791)
As I Sat on a Sunny Bank (Roud 700)
As I Set Off to Turkey (Roud 1706; G/D 8:1701)
As I Stood under My Love’s Window (Roud 21234)
As I Strolled Out to Aylesbury (Roud 364)
As I Walked Out (Roud 308; G/D 5:946)
As I Walked Through the Meadows (Roud 594)
As Sylvie Was Walking (Roud 170)
As We Were A-Sailing (Roud 492; Laws N4; G/D 1:180)
At First She Starts [Lal Waterson]
The Atholl Highlanders [trad. tune]
At the End of the Day [Sandy Denny]
The Auld Beggarman (Roud 118; Child 279; G/D 2:274)
Australia (Roud 1488)
Autopsy [Sandy Denny]
Autumn to Spring Medley
Aux Anciens Parapets [Miles Wooton / Anton Caras]
Awake, Arise Good Christians (Roud 17709)
Awake Awake (Roud 22620, 22621; Laws M4)
Awake, Awake [trad. / Bible]
Awake Awake (New Year's Carol) (Roud 701)
Away in a Manger [trad.]
The Aylesbury Girl (Roud 364)


Baa Baa Black Sheep (Roud 4439)
Babes in the Wood (Roud 288; Laws Q34)
Babylon (Roud 13968)
Babylon (Roud 27; Child 14; G/D 2:199)
Bachelor's Hall (Roud 385)
Bach Goes to Limerick [trad. tune]
Back o’ Benachie (Roud 406; Laws M13; G/D 5:1012)
Back to the Army Again [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Bad Girl (Roud 2; Laws Q26/B1; G/D 7:1404)
Bad News Is All the Wind Can Carry [Richard Thompson]
The Baffled Knight (Roud 11; Child 112; G/D 2:301)
Baggy Pants [Maddy Prior]
A Bagpipe Hornpipe [trad. tune]
The “Balaena” (Roud 285)
The Bald-Headed End of the Broom (Roud 2129)
The Ballad of 1891 [Helen Palmer, Doreen Bridges]
Ballad of Alfie Hinds [David Houlton]
Ballad of Easy Rider [Roger McGuinn]
The Ballad of Henry and Susannah [Peter Bellamy]
The Ballad of Judas [Peter Bellamy]
The Ballad of Minepit Shaw [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Ballad of Ned Kelly [Trevor Lucas]
The Ballad of Sammy's Bar (The Last Boat's A-Leaving) [Cyril Tawney]
The Ballad of the Butcher and the Bookbinder's Wife [Gillian Tolfrey, Simon Graham]
Ballina Whalers [Harry Robertson]
Ball of Yarn (Roud 1404)
Ballymurphy Rake [trad. tune]
Balter Svens Parapolkett [trad. tune]
Balulalow (Roud 23036)
Bampton Fair [Paul Wilson]
The Bank of Ireland [trad. tune]
The Banks [trad. tune]
Banks of Claudy (Roud 266; Laws N40; G/D 5:1036)
The Banks of Green Willow (Roud 172; Child 24; G/D 6:1225)
Banks of Marble
Banks of Newfoundland (Roud 1812; Laws K25)
The Banks of Red Roses (Roud 603; G/D 7:1444)
Banks of the Bann (Roud 889; Laws O2)
The Banks of the Dee (Roud 3484)
Banks of the Dee (Roud 3814)
The Banks of the Mossem/Mossom (Roud 1646)
The Banks of the Nile (Roud 950; Laws N9; G/D 1:99)
Banks of the Ohio (Roud 157; Laws F5)
The Banks of the Sweet Dundee (Roud 148; Laws M25; G/D 2:224)
The Banks of the Sweet Primroses (Roud 586; G/D 8:1841)
Banks of the Tees [Graeme Miles]
The Barbados Lady [trad.]
Barbara Allen (Roud 54; Child 84; G/D 6:1193)
Barbaree (Roud 134; Child 285; Laws K33; G/D 1:38)
Barbary Allen (Roud 54; Child 84; G/D 6:1193)
Barbary Ellen (Roud 54; Child 84; G/D 6:1193)
The Barley and the Rye (Roud 23268)
The Barley Mow (Roud 944)
The Barley Straw (Roud 19112)
Barnet Fair [Steeleye Span]
Barney (Roud 1422)
The Baron of Brackley (Roud 4017; Child 203; G/D 2:234)
Barrack Street (Roud 1902; Laws K42)
The Barring of the Door (Roud 115; Child 275; G/D 2:321)
The Basket of Eggs (Roud 377; G/D 2:307)
Bath Time [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
The Battle of Evermore [Jimmy Page, Robert Plant]
The Battle of Harlaw (Roud 2861; Child 163; G/D 1:112)
Battle of the Somme [trad. tune]
The Baynit and the Butt [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Bay of Biscay (Roud 22567)
Bay of Fundy [Gordon Bok]
Beat the Retrat [Richard Thompson]
Bede's Death Song [Rick Kemp]
Bedlam City (Roud 968)
The Bedmaking (Roud 1631)
The Bee-Boy's Song [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Been on the Road So Long [Alex Campbell]
The Bee's Wing [trad. tune]
The Beggar [trad., Bob Johnson]
The Beggar Laddie (Roud 119; Child 280; G/D 2:277)
The Beggar Man (Roud 118; Child 279; G/D 2:274)
The Beggarman of County Down (Roud 3080)
The Beggar Wench (Roud 2153; G/D 2:303)
The Begging Song (Roud 286; G/D 3:488)
The Beginning of the Armadillos [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Beg Your Leave (Roud 614)
Bell Bottom Trousers (Roud 269; Laws K43; G/D 7:1429)
Bellman [trad.]
The Bellringing (Roud 1515)
Benjamin Bowmaneer (Roud 1514)
The Berkshire Tragedy (Roud 8; Child 10; G/D 2:213)
Best Wishes [Steve Ashley]
Betsy Baker (Roud 1288)
Betsy Bell (Roud 5211)
Betsy Bell and Mary Gray (Roud 237; Child 201; G/D 6:1257)
Betsy the Milkmaid (Roud 559; Laws O10)
Betsy the Servant/Serving Maid (Roud 156; Laws M20; G/D 6:1094)
Bewcastle [Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp]
Beyond the Dreaming Place [Gay Woods, Peter Knight]
Big Rock Candy Mountain (Roud 6696)
Big Steamers [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Bill 'Awkins [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Bill Driver's Quickstep [trad. tune]
Bill Norrie (Roud 53; Child 83; G/D 2:214)
Billy Boy (Roud 326)
Billy Don't You Weep for Me [anon. / Nic Jones]
Billy Harrison's Father's Polka [trad. tune]
Binnorie (Roud 8; Child 10; G/D 2:213)
The Bird [Lal Waterson]
Bird in a Cage (Roud 419)
The Bird in the Bush (Roud 290)
Bird on a Wire [Leonard Cohen]
The Birds in the Spring (Roud 356)
The Birds Upon the Tree (Roud 1863)
The Birds Will Still Be Singing [Declan McManus (Elvis Costello)]
The Birks of Invermay (Roud 3858)
The Birth of Robin Hood (Roud 3910; Child 102)
The Bitter Withy (Roud 452)
Black & White Rag [George Botsford]
The Black and Bitter Night [Peter Bellamy]
The Blackberry Fold (Roud 559; Laws O10)
Blackbirds and Thrushes (Roud 12657)
Black-Eyed Susan (Roud 560; Laws O28)
The Black Freighter [Bertolt Brecht / Kurt Weill]
Black Horse [Lal Waterson, Christine Collins]
Black Is the Colour of My True Love's Hair (Roud 3103)
Black Jack Davy (Roud 1; Child 200; G/D 2:278)
Black Joke
Black Joker (Roud 9212)
Blackleg Miners (Roud 3193)
Black Muddy River [Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter]
The Black Shawl (Roud 654)
The Blacksmith (Roud 816)
A Blacksmith Courted Me (Roud 816)
Black Swan [Tim Harries]
Blackwater Side (Roud 312; Laws O1)
Blackwaterside (Roud 6319)
Blackwell Merry Night (Roud 1529)
Black, White, Yellow and Green (Roud 9212)
The Blantyre Explosion (Roud 1014; Laws Q35)
Blaze Away [Abe Holzman, Jimmy Kennedy]
The Bleacher Lassie of Kelvinhaugh (Roud 3325; G/D 5:1041)
Blind Fiddler (Roud 7833)
The Blind Harper (Roud 85; Child 192; G/D 2:270)
Blind Mary [Turlough O'Carolan]
Blood and Gold [Andy Irvine / Jane Cassidy]
Blood, Ice and Ashes [Kim Edgar, Karine Polwart, Kenny Anderson]
Blood Red Roses (Roud 931)
The Bloody Fields of Flanders [trad. tune]
The Bloody Gardener (Roud 1700)
Bloomers [Maddy Prior]
Blow Away (For Bill) [Kate Bush]
Blow Boys Blow (Roud 703; G/D 1:2)
Blow the Candle Out (Roud 368; Laws P17; G/D 4:788)
Blow the Man Down (Roud 2624)
Blow the Winds (Roud 11; Child 112; G/D 2:301)
Blow the Winds High-O (Roud 1778; G/D 6:1102)
Blow Your Trumpet, Gabriel (Roud 11860)
Bluebird (Judy G) [John B. Spencer]
Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk (Roud 6333)
Blue Mountain (Roud 10661)
Blue Roses [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Blues Run the Game [Jackson C. Frank]
Blue Tattoo (Coal Town Road) [Billy Edd Wheeler]
Bluey Brink (Roud 3317)
The Boar's Head Carol (Roud 22229)
The Boatman (Roud 4356)
Bobby Shaftoe (Roud 1359)
Bogie's Bonnie Belle (Roud 2155; G/D 7:1396)
Bohunkus and Josephus (Roud 6360)
Bold Archer (Roud 83; Child 188; G/D 2:244)
Bold Benjamin (Roud 2632)
Bold Doherty (Roud 2992)
The Bold Dragoon (Roud 321; Laws M27)
The Bold Dragoon (Roud 162; Child 299; G/D 7:1470)
The Bold Fisherman (Roud 291; Laws O24; G/D 4:834)
The Bold Gambling Boy (Roud 393)
Bold General Wolfe (Roud 961, 624; Laws A1)
Bold Jack Donahue (Roud 611)
Bold Lovell (Roud 534; Laws L13B)
Bold McCarthy (Roud 1800; Laws K26)
Bold Nevison (Roud 1082)
The Bold Poachers (Roud 902)
The Bold Poachers (Roud 1686)
The Bold Princess Royal (Roud 528; Laws K29; G/D 1:47)
The Bold Privateer (Roud 1000; Laws O32)
Bold Riley [trad.]
Bold Robin Hood (Roud 1303)
Bold Sir Rylas (Roud 29; Child 18)
Bold Thady Quill (Roud 23572)
Bold William Taylor (Roud 158; Laws N11; G/D 1:169)
Boll Weevil, Holler (Roud 3124; Laws I17)
Bonaparte's Lament (Roud 349)
Bonaparte's Retreat [trad.]
The Bone Lace Weaver [Leonard Wheatcroft, Roy Harris]
Boney's Defeat (Roud 349)
Boney (Was a Warrior) (Roud 485)
The Bonfire Carol [probably Ruth Tongue]
Bonnets So Blue [trad. tune]
Bonnie Annie (Roud 172; Child 24; G/D 6:1225)
The Bonnie Banks of Fordie (Roud 27; Child 14; G/D 2:199)
Bonnie George Campbell (Roud 338; Child 210)
Bonnie James Campbell (Roud 338; Child 210)
The Bonnie Lad (Roud 6324; G/D 6:1112)
Bonnie Lassie O (Roud 4845; G/D 7:1486)
The Bonnie Lass of Fyvie (Roud 545; G/D 1:84)
Bonnie Susie Cleland (Roud 45; Child 65)
The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No (Roud 2903)
Bonny at Morn (Roud 3064)
Bonny Birdy (Roud 3972; Child 82)
The Bonny Black Hare (Roud 1656; G/D 7:1427)
The Bonny Boy (Roud 31; Laws O35; G/D 6:1222)
The Bonny Bunch of Roses (Roud 664; Laws J5; G/D 1:155)
The Bonny Green Tree (Roud 2512)
The Bonny Grey (Roud 211)
The Bonny Hind (Roud 205; Child 50)
The Bonny House of Airlie (Roud 794; Child 199; G/D 2:233)
The Bonny Irish Boy (Roud 565; Laws P26; G/D 6:1080)
Bonny Irish Boy (Roud 5684)
Bonny Kate (Roud 1633)
The Bonny Labouring Boy (Roud 1162; Laws M14)
Bonny Lass of Anglesey (Roud 3931; Child 220)
The Bonny Light Horseman (Roud 1185; G/D 8:1584)
Bonny May (Roud 92; Child 217; G/D 4:838)
Bonny Moorhen (Jacobite Rebellions) (Roud 2944; G/D 7:1426)
Bonny Moorhen (miners' fight)
Bonny Portmore (Roud 3475)
The Bonny Ship the “Diamond” (Roud 2172; G/D 1:11)
Bonny Woodhall (Roud 3778; G/D 5:947)
Book Song [Ian Matthews, Richard Thompson]
Boots of Spanish Leather [Bob Dylan]
The Bosnian Hornpipes [trad.]
The Boston Burglar (Roud 261; Laws L16; G/D 2:260)
Boston Harbour (Roud 613)
Botany Bay (Roud 261; Laws L16; G/D 2:260)
Bottom of the Punchbowl [trad. tune]
Bow Down to the Bonny Broom (Roud 161; Child 1)
The Bows of London (Roud 8; Child 10; G/D 2:213)
Boxful of Treasure [Sandy Denny]
Box on Her Head (Roud 289; Laws L3; G/D 2:268)
Boys and Girls Come Out to Play (Roud 5452)
Boys of Bedlam [trad. / Nic Jones / Dave Moran]
The Braes o' Balquhidder (Roud 541; G/D 4:862)
The Bramble Briar (Roud 18; Laws M32)
Branle de l'Officiel [George Ratcliffe Woodward, Thoinot Arbean]
Brass Band Music [Leon Rosselson]
Brave General Wolfe (Roud 961, 624; Laws A1)
The Brave Ploughboy (Roud 1205)
Brave Wolfe (Roud 961, 624; Laws A1)
Breakfast in Mayfair [Simon Nicol]
Brian O'Lynn (Roud 294)
The Briar and the Rose [Tom Waits]
The Bricklayer and the Shipwright (A Truthful Song) [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Bricklayer's Dream (Roud 971)
Bride's Farewell [Peter Knight]
The Bride's Favourite [trad. tune]
The Bride's Lament (Roud 274; Laws K10; G/D 1:19)
Bride's March from Unst [trad.]
Bridgwater Fair (Roud 1571)
Brigg Fair (Roud 1083)
Bright Morning Star (Roud 18268)
Bright Phoebus [Mike Waterson]
Bright Rosy Morning (Roud 21097, 3211)
Bright Shining Morning (Roud 21097, 3211)
Bright Shiny Morning (Roud 2; Laws Q26; G/D 7:1404)
The Brilliancy Medley [Eck Robinson, Tommy Jackson]
Bring 'Em Down [trad.]
Bring 'Em Down [Trevor Lucas]
Bring Us a Barrel [Keith Marsden]
Bring Us in Good Ale (Roud 203)
Brisbane Ladies (Roud 21114)
The Brisk Butcher (Roud 167; G/D 7:1466)
The Brisk Lad (Roud 1667)
The Brisk Young Lad (Roud 6139; G/D 4:892)
The Brisk Young Ploughboy (Roud 1205)
A Brisk Young Sailor (Roud 60; Laws P25; G/D 6:1170)
The Brisk Young Widow (Roud 2438)
The British Man-of-War (Roud 372)
The Broken-Down Gentleman (Roud 383)
Broken-Hearted I Wander (Roud 1185; G/D 8:1584)
The Broken Token (Roud 264; Laws N42; G/D 5:1038, 6:1201)
The Brookland Road [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Broomfield Hill (Roud 34; Child 43; G/D 2:322)
The Broomfield Wager (Roud 34; Child 43; G/D 2:322)
The Broom of Cowdenknowes (Roud 92; Child 217; G/D 4:838)
Brown Adam (Roud 482; Child 98; G/D 5:994)
The Brown Girl (Roud 180; Child 295)
Bruton Town (Roud 18; Laws M32)
Bryan O'Lynn [trad. tune]
Bully in the Alley (Roud 8287)
The Bunch of Thyme (Roud 3; G/D 6:1180)
Bungay Roger (Roud 1735)
Bunker Hill
Buried in Kilkenny (Roud 10; Child 12; G/D 2:209)
The Burning (Roud 45; Child 65)
Burning of Auchindoon (Roud 4010; Child 183)
Bushes and Briars (Roud 1027)
Bushes and Briars (Thistles and Thorns) [Sandy Denny]
The Bush Girl [Henry Lawson, Peter Bellamy]
The Butcher and the Chambermaid (Roud 167; G/D 7:1466)
The Butcher and the Tailor's Wife (Roud 1528)
The Butcher Boy (Roud 409; Laws P24; G/D 6:1169, 6:1171)
The Butcher Boy (Roud 263; Laws P35; G/D 2:200)
Butter and Cheese and All (Roud 510; G/D 4:914)
The Buxom Lass (Roud 833)
Bye Bye Skipper [trad.]
Byker Hill (and Walker Shore) (Roud 3488)
By the Deep River Side (Roud 1414; G/D 6:1155)
By the Green Grove (Roud 356)
By Then [Eliza Carthy]
By the Time It Gets Dark [Sandy Denny]


Cadgwith Anthem (Roud 3314)
Cajun Woman [Richard Thompson]
Cakes and Ale [Henry Purcell]
The Calico Printer's Clerk (Roud 13210; G/D 8:1900)
A Calling-On Song [Ashley Hutchings]
Cambridgeshire May Carol (Roud 305)
Cameloun (Roud 5592; G/D 3:389)
Camptown Races (Roud 11768)
Cam Ye O'er Frae France (Roud 5814; G/D 1:120)
Canadee-I-O (Roud 309; G/D 2:227)
Canals [Maddy Prior]
Candle in the Wind [Bernie Taupin, Elton John]
Cannily Cannily [Ewan MacColl]
A Canon By Telemann [trad. tune]
Can't You Dance the Polka (Roud 486)
The Capable Wife (Roud 281; Laws Q1)
Captain Bover (Roud 3147)
Captain Coulston (Roud 1695)
Captain Glenn (Roud 478; Laws K22; G/D 2:191)
Captain Kidd (Roud 1900; Laws K35)
The Captain's Apprentice (Roud 835)
Captain Thunderbolt (Roud 1453)
Captain Ward (Roud 224; Child 287; G/D 1:39)
Captain Wedderburn's Courtship (Roud 36; Child 46; G/D 4:842)
Card Playing Song (Roud 884; G/D 3:571)
The Carnal and the Crane (Roud 306; Child 55)
Carnival [Sandy Denny]
Carol for Twelfth Day (Roud 3312)
Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold (Roud 553; Laws N17; G/D 1:176)
Carrion Crow (Roud 891)
Carry Him to His Burying Ground (Roud 216)
Carter's Health (Roud 1384)
Carthy's March [Dave Swarbrick]
Carthy's Reel [trad. tune]
The Castlereagh River (Roud 8399)
Castleton Carol (Roud 1523)
Ca' the Ewes to the Knowes (Roud 857; G/D 5:1014)
Catseyes [Maddy Prior]
Cecilia (Roud 7; Laws N21)
Cells [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
C'est La Fin [anon.]
Changeling's Lullaby [Gavin Davenport, Jess Arrowsmith]
Change Partners and Dance [Stephen L. Graziano]
Chanticleer [trad.]
The Chaps of Cockaigny [trad.]
The Charlady's Son (Roud 357)
Charlie (Roud 729; G/D 1:135)
Charming Molly (Roud 1213)
A Chat with Your Mother [Lou & Peter Berryman]
The Cheerful 'Orn (Roud 217; G/D 4:727)
Cheering the Queen [Cyril Tawney]
Cherokee Shuffle [Eck Robinson, Tommy Jackson]
The Cherry Tree Carol (Roud 453; Child 54; G/D 2:327)
Cheshire Rounds [trad. tune]
Chicken on a Raft [Cyril Tawney]
Chickens in the Garden (Roud 2552)
Chilbridge Fair (Roud 173)
Child Among the Weeds [Lal Waterson, Chris Collins]
Child Maurice (Roud 53; Child 83; G/D 2:214)
Child Morris (Roud 53; Child 83; G/D 2:214)
Child Owlet (Roud 3883; Child 291)
Child Waters (Roud 43; Child 63; G/D 6:1229)
The China Clipper [Kathleen Tardif, Peter Bellamy]
The 'Chiner's Song (Roud 874)
Chinese People Everywhere [Sandy Denny]
Chivvy-O (Roud 1241)
The Choise [Anthony Holborne]
Cholera Camp [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Christian's Hope [trad.]
Christ Made a Trance (Roud 2112)
Christmas in June [Sandy Denny]
Christmas Is Now Drawing Near At Hand (Roud 808)
Christmas Song (Roud 1170)
Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women [Tim Spencer]
Cities and Thrones and Powers [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Clare Dragoons [trad. tune]
Claudy Banks (Roud 266; Laws N40; G/D 5:1036)
Clementine (Roud 9611)
Clerk Colven (Roud 147; Child 42, 85)
Clerk Colvill (Roud 147; Child 42, 85)
Clerk Saunders (Roud 3855; Child 69)
Click Go the Shears (Roud 8398)
Climbing Up the Apple Tree
Close the Coalhouse Door [Alex Glasgow]
Close the Door Lightly When You Go [Eric Andersen]
Clyde's Water (Roud 91; Child 216; G/D 6:1231)
Coal Not Dole [Kay Sutcliffe, Paul Abrahams]
The Coast of Peru (Roud 1997; Laws D26)
Cob-a-Coaling (Roud 9234)
Cobbler's Hornpipe [trad. tune]
The Cock (Roud 21234)
The Cockfight (Roud 211)
Cockies of Bungaree (Roud 20415)
Cockles and Mussels (Roud 16932)
Cock of the North [Dorothy Hewitt]
The Coiner [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Cold and Raw (Roud 3007)
Cold Blow and a Rainy Night (Roud 135; G/D 4:778)
Cold Blows the Wind (Roud 51; Child 78)
The Cold Coast of Greenland (Roud 484; G/D 6:1116)
Cold Coast of Iceland [Mike Waterson]
Cold Feet [Richard Thompson]
Cold Flame [Maddy Prior]
Cold Haily Windy Night (Roud 135; G/D 4:778)
Cold Iron [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
A Cold Wind [Richard Harvey / Riderwood]
College Grove [trad. tune]
The Colour of Amber (Roud 1716)
Columbine [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Come All Ye [Sandy Denny, Ashley Hutchings]
Come All Ye Faithful Christians (Roud 815)
Come All Ye Fisher Lassies (Roud 12504)
Come All You Brisk Young Seamen (Roud 388; Laws K8)
Come All You Garners Gay (Roud 3; G/D 6:1180)
Come All You Little Streamers (Roud 18820)
Come All You Weary Travellers (Roud 17725)
Come and Be My Little Teddy Bear (Roud 19974)
Come My Lads (Roud 1238)
Come to My Window (Roud 966)
Come Write Me Down (Roud 381; G/D 5:980)
Coming Home Late (Roud 114; Child 274; G/D 7:1460)
Commit the Crime [Maddy Prior]
Company Policy [Martin Carthy]
Compliments Returned (Roud 1602; G/D 3:673)
The Connemara Cradle Song [Delia Murphy]
Constant Billy [trad.]
The Constant Farmer’s Son (Roud 675; Laws M33; G/D 2:221)
The Constant Lovers (Roud 993; Laws O41; G/D 6:1093)
The Constant Lovers (Roud 466; Laws K17; G/D 6:1244)
Conversation With Death (Roud 4933)
The Coo Coo Bird (Roud 413; G/D 6:1157)
The Copshawholme Butcher (Roud 167; G/D 7:1466)
Copshawholme Fair (Roud 9139)
Corduroy (Roud 1219)
The Corncrake Amang the Whinny Knowes (Roud 98; G/D 5:945)
Cornfield [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
The Cornish Quickstep [John Kirkpatrick]
Cornish Wassail Song (Roud 3312)
A Cornish Young Man (Roud 595)
Coronation Jig [Jeremiah Savile]
The Cottage in the Wood (Roud 608)
Cotton Mill Girls (Roud 11548)
A Country Life (Roud 1752)
Courting Is a Pleasure (Roud 454; G/D 6:1192)
Courting Too Slow (Roud 1918; Laws P5)
Écoute, Écoute [Sandy Denny]
The Coventry Carol (Roud 19028)
Cradle Song (Roud 23036)
Cradle Song [Isaac Watts]
The Crafty Farmer (Roud 2640; Child 283; G/D 2:267)
The Crafty Maid's Policy (Roud 1624)
Crazy Arms [Ralph Mooney, Chuck Seals]
Crazy Lady Blues [Sandy Denny]
Crazy Man Michael [Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick]
Creeping Jane (Roud 1012; Laws Q23)
The Creggan White Hare (Roud 9633)
The Crockery Ware (Roud 1490)
The Cropper Lads [trad.]
The Croppy Boy (Roud 1030; Laws J14)
The Crow on the Cradle [Sydney Carter]
The Cruel Brother (Roud 26; Child 11)
Cruel Knife (Roud 693; Laws F14)
The Cruel Mother (Roud 9; Child 20; G/D 2:193)
The Cruel Ship's Captain (Roud 835)
The Cruel Ship's Carpenter (Roud 15; Laws P36A; G/D 2:201, 2:202)
The Cruise of the Sun Glory [Gerald Short]
Cruising Round Yarmouth (Roud 2432)
Crystal Spring (Roud 1391)
Cuckold Came Out of the Amery [trad. tune]
The Cuckoo (Roud 413; G/D 6:1157)
The Cuckoo's Nest (Roud 1506, 5407)
Cumberland Waltz [trad. tune]
The Cunning Cobbler (Roud 174)
Cupid's Garden (Roud 297; G/D 5:970)
The Cup of Poison (Roud 218; Laws P30; G/D 2:210)
Curly Locks (Roud 19787)
The Cutty Wren (Roud 236)


Dabbling in the Dew (Roud 298; G/D 4:812)
Daddy Fox (Roud 131; G/D 3:499)
Da Floo'er o' Taft [trad. tune]
The Dalesman's Litany [F.W. Moorman / Dave Keddie]
Dalmatian Cradle Song [P.A. Grand]
Dame Durdan (Roud 1209)
Dance to Your Daddy (Roud 2439; G/D 8:1562)
Dance With Me (DgF 47)
Dancing at Whitsun [Austin John Marshall]
Daniel Wright's Hornpipe [trad. tune]
Danny Deever [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Danny Rose [Lal & Mike Waterson]
Dark As a Dungeon (Roud 6392)
Dark Eyed Molly [Archie Fisher]
The Dark-Eyed Sailor (Roud 265; Laws N35; G/D 5:1037)
Dark the Night [Sandy Denny]
Dashing Away With the Smoothing Iron (Roud 869)
Das irdische Leben [trad.]
Das Lied vom Weib des Nazi-Soldaten [Bertolt Brecht]
Dave Roberts' Tune [trad. tune]
David's Lamentation (Roud 15055)
Davy Lowston [trad.]
Dawn [Sandy Denny, Jerry Donahue]
Dawn of the Day [Steeleye Span]
Days Gone By [Jon Boden]
Days of '49 (Roud 2803)
Dayspring Mishandled [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Dazed [Arthur Rimbaud]
The Dead Horse (Roud 3724)
Dearest Dear (Roud 3601; G/D 8:1540)
Dear Landlord [Bob Dylan]
Death and the Lady (Roud 1031)
Death Is Not the End [Bob Dylan]
The Death of Ben Hall (Roud 20764)
The Death of Bill Brown (Roud 609)
The Death of Nelson (Roud 1552)
The Death of Nelson (Roud 18837)
The Death of Queen Jane (Roud 77; Child 170; G/D 3:693)
Death of Young Andrew (Roud 6740; Child 48)
The Deeds of Napoleon (Roud 2419)
Deep Blue Sea (Roud 3119)
Deep in the Darkest Night [Rick Kemp]
Deep Water [Maddy Prior]
The Deluded Lover (Roud 3479; G/D 4:791)
The Demon Lover (Roud 14; Child 243; G/D 2:332)
Dennis O'Reilly (Roud 676)
The Derby Miller (Roud 138; Laws Q21; G/D 3:703)
The Derby Ram (Roud 126; G/D 3:645)
Derry Down Fair (Roud 171; G/D 7:1485)
Derry Gaol (Roud 896; Laws L11)
Derwentwater's Farewell (Roud 2616)
The Deserter (Roud 493; G/D 1:83)
The Devil and Bailiff McGlynn (Roud 5294)
The Devil and the Feathery Wife (Roud 12551)
The Devil and the Ploughman (Roud 160; Child 278; G/D 2:320)
Devil Got Your Man [Chris Smither]
The Devil in the Kitchen [trad.]
The Devil's Dream [trad. tunes]
The Devil's Nine Questions (Roud 161; Child 1)
Diadem (Roud 17726)
Dick's Maggot [trad. tune]
Dido, Bendigo (Roud 584)
Died for Love (Roud 18828)
Died for Love (Roud 60; Laws P25; G/D 6:1170)
Diego's Bold Shore (Roud 2006)
The Diggers' Song [Gerrard Winstanley]
Dig My Grave (Roud 15633)
Dilly, Dilly (Roud 3483)
Ding Dong! Merrily on High [George Ratcliffe Woodward, Thoinot Arbean]
Dirty Linen [trad. tunes]
Dismantled Bride (Roud 4859)
The Ditchling Carol (Roud 3216)
Dives and Lazarus (Roud 477; Child 56)
Dock Foot Sue (Roud 9553)
The Dockyard Gate (Roud 1739)
Doctor Fauster's Tumblers
Dr MCMBE [Eliza Carthy]
The Doffing Mistress (Roud 2133)
Dog and Gun (Roud 141; Laws N20; G/D 1:166)
The Dogger Bank (Roud 18836; Laws D8)
Dogs and Ferrets (Roud 363)
Doing a Bit [trad.]
Doleful Dance of Death [trad.]
Dol-li-a (Roud 2611)
The Dolphin (Roud 690; G/D 1:41)
Do Me Ama (Roud 511; Laws K40)
The Dominion of the Sword [trad., new words Martin Carthy]
Donal Óg (Roud 3379)
Donkey Riding (Roud 4540)
Don't Be Cruel [Otis Blackwell, Elvis Presley]
Don't Go Out Tonight, Dear Father (Roud 3521)
Don't You Be Foolish, Pray [trad.]
Doodle Let Me Go (Roud 3221)
A Dottered Auld Carle (Roud 362; G/D 4:815)
Dowd's Favourite [trad. tune]
The Dowie Dens of Yarrow (Roud 13; Child 214; G/D 2:215)
Down By the Green Groves (Roud 356)
Down By the (Old) Riverside (Roud 564; Laws P18)
Down By the Seaside (Roud 1712)
Down By the Shannon Side (Roud 1453)
The Downfall of Paris [trad.]
Down in the Flood [Bob Dylan]
Down in the Mine (Roud 6392)
Down in Yon Forest (Roud 1523)
Down the Green Groves (Roud 1478)
Down Where the Drunkards Roll [Richard Thompson]
Do You Love an Apple? (Roud 654)
Dramatis Personae [Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp]
The Dreadful Ghost (Roud 568; Laws P34; G/D 2:341)
Dreaming [Loudon Wainwright III]
Drink, Boys, Drink (Roud 1379, 310)
Drink Down the Moon (Roud 290)
Drink Puppy Drink (Roud 1862)
The Drover's Dream (Roud 5473)
The Drowned Lover (Roud 185; Laws K18; G/D 1:20)
The Drowned Lovers (Roud 91; Child 216; G/D 6:1231)
The Drowned Lovers (Roud 466; Laws K17; G/D 6:1244)
The Drowned Sailor (Roud 185; Laws K18; G/D 1:20)
The Drowsy Sleeper (Roud 22620, 22621; Laws M4)
The Drunkard (Roud 1165)
The Drunken Maidens (Roud 252)
The Duke of Marlborough (Roud 233)
The Duke of Wellington's March [trad. tune]
Duncan and Brady (Roud 4177; Laws I9)
Dust to Dust [John Kirkpatrick]
The Dutch in the Medway [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
D'Ye Ken John Peel? (Roud 1239)
The Dying Soldier (Roud 1223; G/D 1:110)
The Dying Soldier (Roud 2; Laws Q26/B1; G/D 7:1404)


Each Heart [Rick Kemp, Maddy Prior]
The Earl of Weymss (Roud 97; Child 232; G/D 5:1051)
Earl Richard (Roud 47; Child 68)
Early, Early in the Spring (Roud 152; Laws M1; G/D 1:51)
Early in the Month of Spring (Roud 273; Laws K12; G/D 6:1245)
Early One Morning (Roud 12682)
Earsdon Sword Dance Song (Roud 610)
Earth [Les Barker / trad.]
Eastern Rain [Joni Mitchell]
The Easter Tree [Dave Goulder]
East Virginia (Roud 3396)
Easy to Slip [Lowell George, Fred Martin]
E(b) English [Peter Knight]
Echo Mocks the Corncrake (Roud 98; G/D 5:945)
The Eclipse (Roud 5650; G/D 1:14)
Eddi's Service [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Edi Beo Thu, Hevene Quene [anon.]
Edward (Roud 200; Child 13)
Edward Corcoran
Edwin (Roud 182; Laws M34; G/D 2:189)
Eggs and Bacon (Roud 377; G/D 2:307)
Eggs for Your Breakfast in the Morning (Roud 1752)
Eggs in Her Basket (Roud 377; G/D 2:307)
The Egloshayle Ringers (Roud 1163)
The Eighteenth Day of June (Roud 1132, 1106)
The Eighteenth of June (Roud 2539)
Ekefield Town (Roud 263; Laws P35; G/D 2:200)
Elephant [Les Barker / Martin Carthy]
Elf Call (Roud 3723; Child 40; G/D 2:328)
The Elfin Knight (Roud 12; Child 2; G/D 2:329)
Emmanuel [anon.]
Emotion [Oliver Knight]
End of a Holiday [Simon Nicol]
End of Me Old Cigar [William Crump]
En-Dor [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Enniscorthy Fair (Roud 5312)
Eppie Moray (Roud 2583; Child 223)
Eppie Morrie (Roud 2583; Child 223)
Erin-Go-Bragh (Roud 1627; Laws Q20; G/D 2:236)
Erin Grá Mo Chroí (Roud 14056)
Euabalong Ball [trad.]
The Everlasting Circle (Roud 129; G/D 8:1668)
Everything Glows [Les Barker / Cole Porter]
Evona [Lal Waterson]
The Exile Song [Ewan MacColl]


The Fabled Hare [Maddy Prior]
Fable of the Wings [Keith Christmas]
Face to Face [Maddy Prior]
The Factory Girl (Roud 1659)
Factory Man [Shane Howard]
Fair and Tender Ladies (Roud 451)
Fair Annie (Roud 42; Child 62; G/D 6:1161)
Fair Ellen (Roud 43; Child 63; G/D 6:1229)
Fair Maid of Islington (Roud 168)
The Fair Maid of Wallington (Roud 59; Child 91)
Fair Maid on the Shore (Roud 181; Laws K27)
A Fair Maid Walking (Roud 264; Laws N42; G/D 5:1038, 6:1201)
Fair Margaret (Roud 43; Child 63; G/D 6:1229)
Fair Margaret and Sweet William (Roud 253; Child 74; G/D 2:337)
Faithful Johnny [trad.]
The Faithful Sailor Boy (Roud 376; Laws K13; G/D 1:66)
Fakenham Fair [trad.]
Fallen Leaves [Eliza Carthy]
The Falling Tear [William Billings]
The Fall of the Leaf (Roud 848)
The False Bride (Roud 154; G/D 6:1198)
False, False (Roud 8276)
False Knight on the Road (Roud 20; Child 3)
The False Lover Won Back (Roud 201; Child 218; G/D 5:974)
False True Love (Roud 419)
The False Young Man (Roud 1414; G/D 6:1155)
Famous Flower of Serving Men (Roud 199; Child 106; G/D 1:163)
The Fan (Roud 396; Laws O25; G/D 5:1056)
Fanny Blair (Roud 1393)
Fare Thee Well, Cold Winter (Roud 1034, 803)
Fare Thee Well, My Dearest Dear (Roud 1035)
Farewell, Farewell [Richard Thompson]
Farewell He/She (Roud 1034, 803)
Farewell (Lovely) Nancy (Roud 527; Laws K14)
Farewell My Friends (Roud 15559)
Farewell to Old Bedford (Roud 16399)
Farewell to Tarwathie (Roud 2562; G/D 1:15)
Farewell to the Gold [Paul Metsers]
Farewell to the Land [Peter Bellamy / trad.]
Farewell to Whisky (Roud 845; G/D 3:587)
Far from Home [trad. tune]
Far From Me [John Prine]
The Farmer in Leicester (Roud 2638; Laws L2)
The Farmers and the Cow (Roud 686)
The Farmer's Boy (Roud 408; Laws Q30; G/D 5:960)
The Farmer's Curst Wife (Roud 160; Child 278; G/D 2:320)
The Farmer's Servant (Roud 792)
The Farmer's Toast (Roud 1603)
Far Over Struy [trad. tune]
Far Over the Forth (Roud 3360)
Farther Along (Roud 18084)
Father Kelly
Fathom the Bowl (Roud 880)
Felton Lonnin (Roud 3166)
The Female Cabin Boy (Roud 239; Laws N13; G/D 1:181)
The Female Drummer (Roud 226; G/D 1:104)
The Female Highwayman (Roud 7; Laws N21)
Fen [Martin Green]
Fhír a Bhata (Roud 4356)
The Fiddle and the Drum [Joni Mitchell]
Fiddler's Green [John Conolly]
Fiddler's Hill [Peter Bellamy]
Fiddlestix [trad.]
Fighting for Strangers [trad.]
Fine Horseman [Lal Waterson]
A Fine Hunting Day (Roud 1172)
Finisterre [Ian Telfer]
Finlandia [Jean Sibelius]
Fire and Wine [Steve Ashley]
Firelock Stile (Roud 1780)
Fire Marengo [trad.]
Fire Maringo [trad.]
Fire on the Line [Rick Kemp]
The First House in Connaught [trad. tune]
First Noel (Roud 682)
The First Nowell (Roud 682)
The First of May (Roud 305)
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face [Ewan MacColl]
Fisher Boy [trad.]
The Fisherman (Roud 291; Laws O24; G/D 4:834)
The Fisherman's Lassie [trad.]
Fisherman's Wife [Ewan MacColl]
Five Foot Flirt [Cyril Tawney]
Five Hundred Miles (Roud 4959)
Five Miles from Gundagai (Roud 9121)
Flame of Fire (Roud 568; Laws P34; G/D 2:341)
The Flandyke Shore (Roud 2636)
Flash Company (Roud 954)
Flash Jack from Gundagai [trad.]
The Flash Lad (Roud 490; Laws L12; G/D 2:260)
The Flash Stockman (Roud 22616)
Flight of the Pelican [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Floating Down the Tide (Roud 1414; G/D 6:1155)
Flora (Roud 948)
The Flower of Sweet Strabane (Roud 2745; G/D 4:722)
The Flowers of the Forest (Roud 3812)
The Flying Cloud (Roud 1802; Laws K28; G/D 1:44)
Fly Up My Cock (Roud 179; Child 248)
The Foggy Dew (Roud 558; Laws O3; G/D 7:1496)
The Folkestone Murder (Roud 897)
A Folk Song [Richard Harvey / Riderwood]
Following Me [Peter Knight]
Following the Old 'Oss [Tony Deane]
Follow Me 'Ome [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Fond Affection (Roud 459)
The Foolish Boy (Roud 469; G/D 8:1696)
Foolish One [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
The Football Match (Roud 1291)
Ford o' Kabul River [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Forever Young [Bob Dylan]
Forgiveness [Jennifer Cutting]
For Nobody to Hear [Sandy Denny]
The Forsaken Mermaid (Roud 466; Laws K17; G/D 6:1244)
For Shame of Doing Wrong [Richard Thompson]
Forty Five Miles (Roud 608)
Fotheringay [Sandy Denny]
Fountains Flowing (Roud 602)
The Four Angels [Rudyard Kipling, Martin Simpson]
Four Bacup Tunes [trad. tunes]
Four Drunken Maidens (Roud 252)
Four-Loom Weaver (Roud 937)
Four Nights Drunk (Roud 114; Child 274; G/D 7:1460)
The Fourteenth of February (Roud 528; Laws K29; G/D 1:47)
The Fourteenth of July (Roud 980; Laws J19; G/D 1:42)
The Fowler (Roud 166; Laws O36)
The Fox [Peter Knight]
The Foxhunt (Roud 190)
A Fox Jumped Up (Roud 131; G/D 3:499)
The Fox Jumps Over the Parson's Gate (Roud 217; G/D 4:727)
Frankie's Trade [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Fred Had a Most Luxuriant Head [Maddy Prior]
French Stroller [trad. tune]
The Friar in the Well (Roud 116; Child 276)
Friends [Sandy Denny]
The Frog and the Mouse (Roud 16; G/D 8:1669)
Froggs'y Courting (Roud 16; G/D 8:1669)
Frog's Legs and Dragon's Teeth [trad. Jon Boden]
Frog Up the Pump [trad. tune]
The Fruit of Love [Anthony Holborne]
Full Moon [Sandy Denny]
Funeral Party [unknown]
Furs and Feathers [Dave Swarbrick]
The Furze Field (Roud 1037)
Fuse [Eliza Carthy]
F-Word [Lou & Peter Berryman]
Fylde [Oliver Knight]


The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite (Roud 4706)
The Gallant Hussar (Roud 1146; G/D 5:982)
Gallant Poacher (Roud 793; Laws L14)
The Gallant Poachers (Roud 519; Laws L18; G/D 2:252)
The Gallery Carol (Roud V9595)
The Gallowa' Hills (Roud 3358)
The Galopede [trad. tune]
Galtee Farmer (Roud 5312)
The Galway Shawl (Roud 2737)
Gamble Gold (Robin Hood) (Roud 333; Child 132)
The Game of All Fours (Roud 232)
The Game of Cards (Roud 232)
Game of Draughts [trad. tune]
Gaol Song (Roud 1077)
The Gardener (Roud 339; Child 219; G/D 4:840)
The Gardener Child (Roud 339; Child 219; G/D 4:840)
Garden Hymn (Roud 11502)
Gathering Mushrooms (Roud 7001)
Gathering Peascods
Gathering Rushes in the Month of May (Roud 899; G/D 7:1493)
Gaudete [trad.]
General Taylor (Roud 216)
Genesis Hall [Richard Thompson]
The Gentleman Soldier (Roud 178; G/D 7:1471)
Gentlemen-Rankers [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Geordie (Roud 90; Child 209; G/D 2:249)
George Collins (Roud 147; Child 42, 85)
George's Son [John Kirkpatrick]
Georgia on My Mind [Hoagy Carmichael / Stuart Gorrell]
Georgie (Roud 90; Child 209; G/D 2:249)
The German Clockmender (Roud 241)
The German Musicianer (Roud 17774)
Germany Clockmaker (Roud 241)
Gerrard Street [Sandy Denny]
Gethsemane [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Get Up and Bar the Door (Roud 115; Child 275; G/D 2:321)
The Ghost Song (Roud 15; Laws P36A; G/D 2:201, 2:202)
Gilderoy (Roud 1486)
Gillen's Apples [trad. tune]
Gil Morice (Roud 53; Child 83; G/D 2:214)
The Gipsy's Wedding Day (Roud 229; Laws O4)
The Girl I Left Behind (Roud 262; Laws P1; G/D 5:1059)
Girls [G. & T. Linch]
Girls on the Avenue [Richard Clapton]
Girls on the Town [Maddy Prior, John O'Connor]
The Girl With the Box on Her Head (Roud 289; Laws L3; G/D 2:268)
Glasgerion (Roud 145; Child 67)
The Glass on the Bar [Henry Lawson, Peter Bellamy]
Glastonbury Town (Roud 1484)
Glenlogie (Roud 101; Child 238; G/D 5:973)
Glorishears [trad.]
Gloryland [trad. / Eliza Carthy]
Gloucestershire Wassail (Roud 209)
Go and Leave Me (Roud 459)
Go Away from My Window (Roud 966)
God a Mercy Penny [trad.]
God Bless the Master of this House (Roud 1066)
God Dog [Robin Williamson]
God Loves a Drunk [Richard Thompson]
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen (Roud 394)
God Speed the Plough (Roud 1603)
God Squad [Rick Kemp, Maddy Prior]
Go from My Window (Roud 966)
Going and Staying [Thomas Hardy, Howard Evans]
Going for a Soldier, Jenny [W.H. Bellamy / S. Nelson]
Gold Dust [Sandy Denny]
The Golden Ball (Roud 144; Child 95; G/D 2:248)
The Golden Glove (Roud 141; Laws N20; G/D 1:166)
The Golden Vanity (Roud 122; Child 286; G/D 1:37)
Gone, Gone, Gone [Phil and Don Everly]
Gone to America [Steeleye Span]
Good Ale Thou Art My Darling (Roud 203)
Goodbye [Peter Bellamy]
Goodbye [Rick Kemp]
Goodbye Fare Thee Well (Roud 927; G/D 1:5)
Good Job [Maddy Prior]
Good King Wenceslas [John M. Neale]
The Good Luck Ship (Roud 951; G/D 1:40)
Good Morning, Mr Walker [Slinger Francisco]
Good News (Roud 389, 3210)
Goodnight Irene (Roud 11681)
The Goodnight Song [Jim Boyes]
The Good Old Way [trad.]
The Goose [Alfred Lord Tennyson, Mike Hockenhull]
Gosport Nancy [trad.]
Gower Wassail (Roud 209)
Gown of Green (Roud 1085; G/D 4:907)
Go Your Way [Anne Briggs]
Grace Darling (Roud 1441)
The Grand Conversation on Napoleon (Roud 1189)
The Grand Hotel (Roud 564; Laws P18)
Grand March in the Battle of Prague [trad. tune]
The Grand Old Duke of York (Roud 742)
The Granemore Hare (Roud 2883)
The Grazier's Daughter (Roud 156; Laws M20; G/D 6:1094)
Greasy Coat [trad.]
The Greasy Cook (Roud 510; G/D 4:914)
Great Silkie of Sules Skerry (Roud 197; Child 113)
The Great Valerio [Richard Thompson]
The Green Banks of Yarrow (Roud 172; Child 24; G/D 6:1225)
The Green Bed (Roud 276; Laws K36; G/D 1:48)
Green Broom (Roud 379; G/D 5:950)
Green Bushes (Roud 1040; Laws P2)
Green Fields (Roud 3385)
The Green Fields of America (Roud 2290)
The Green Fields of Canada (Roud 2290)
The Green Fields of England [Peter Bellamy]
The Green Grass Grew All Around (Roud 129; G/D 8:1668)
Green Grow the Laurels (Roud 279; G/D 6:1138)
The Greenhopper [Phil Burkin]
Greenland Bound (Roud 970; G/D 1:10)
The Greenland Whale Fishery (Roud 347; Laws K21; G/D 1:9)
The Green Mossy Banks of the Lea (Roud 987; Laws O15)
Green to Grey [Nic Jones]
The Green Valley (Roud 2125)
The Green Wedding (Roud 93; Child 221; G/D 5:1024)
Greenwood Laddie (Roud 2123)
Greenwood Sidey (Roud 9; Child 20; G/D 2:193)
Gresford Disaster (Roud 3089)
The Grey Cock (Roud 179; Child 248)
Grey Daylight [trad. tune]
The Grey Funnel Line [Cyril Tawney]
Grey Goose and Gander (Roud 1094)
The Grey Hawk (Roud 293)
Growing (Roud 31; Laws O35; G/D 6:1222)
Gunga Din [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Gutter Geese [Maddy Prior]
Gypsum Davy (Roud 1; Child 200; G/D 2:278)
Gypsy Davey (Roud 1; Child 200; G/D 2:278)
The Gypsy Hornpipe [trad. tune]
The Gypsy Laddie (Roud 1; Child 200; G/D 2:278)
Gypsy Rover (Roud 1; Child 200; G/D 2:278)
The Gypsy's Warning (Roud 1764)


The Hag With the Money [trad. tune]
Hail a Brighter Day (Roud 896; Laws L11)
Hail Chime On (Roud 936)
Hail! Hail! The First of May [Dave Webber]
Hal-an-Tow (Roud 1520)
Half Listening [Rick Kemp, Maddy Prior]
The Handsome Cabin Boy (Roud 239; Laws N13; G/D 1:181)
Handsome Molly (Roud 454; G/D 6:1192)
Handsome Polly-O (Roud 545; G/D 1:84)
The Handweaver and the Factory Maid (Roud 3085, 17771)
Hanged I Shall Be (Roud 263; Laws P35; G/D 2:200)
Hanging Johnny (Roud 2625)
Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire (Roud 9618)
Hanoverian Dance [trad. tune]
Happiness [Molly Drake]
Happy Families [Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp]
Happy Hours [trad. tune]
Happy Sam [words John Hartley, tune Dave Hillery]
Hard Cheese of Old England [Les Barker / trad.]
Hard Tack [trad.]
Hard Times Come Again No More (Roud 2659)
Hard Times Heart [Lal Waterson]
Hard Times of Old England (Roud 1206)
Hardy's Crow [trad. tune]
Hare Hunting Song (Roud 580)
The Hare's Dream (Roud 3574)
Hares in the Old Plantation (Roud 363)
The Hare's Lament (Roud 3574)
Hares on the Mountain (Roud 329)
Hark! Hark What News the Angels Bring (Roud 389, 3210)
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Roud 8337)
Harp Song of the Dane Women [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Harry Lime Theme [Anton Karas]
Harvest Home
Harvest Home (Roud 1379, 310)
Harvest of the Moon [Peter Knight]
Harvest Song (Roud 2471)
Haul Away for Rosie (Roud 809)
Haul Away Joe (Roud 809)
Haul Her Away (Roud 395)
Haul on the Bowline (Roud 652; G/D 1:1)
The Hawk [trad. tune]
Hawk and Crow (Roud 747)
The Haymakers (Roud 153)
Heartbreak Hotel [Mae Axton, Tommy Durden, Elvis Presley]
Heart of Stone [Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp]
Hearts [Ian Matthews]
Heather Down the Moor (Roud 375; G/D 5:962)
Heave Away My Johnny (Roud 15778)
Heave Away My Johnny (Roud 616)
Heavenly Aeroplane (Roud 7384)
The Heavens Above Us (An Astrologer's Song) [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
He Called for a Candle (Roud 269; Laws K43; G/D 7:1429)
Hedger and Ditcher (Roud 846; G/D 3:571)
Heenan and Sayers (Roud 2148; Laws H20)
Heffle Cuckoo Fair [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Heir of Linne (Roud 111; Child 267; G/D 2:273)
Hello Mary Lou [Gene Pitney]
Henry (Roud 200; Child 13)
Henry Martin (Roud 104; Child 250)
Henry the Poacher (Roud 221)
The Hen's March Medley [trad. tunes]
Here Comes Midnight [Rick Kemp]
Here Come the Cowboys [Brent Parlane]
Here in Silence [Peter Elford, Don Fraser]
Here's Adieu to All Judges and Juries (Roud 300)
Here's a Health to All True Lovers (Roud 1235)
Here's the Tender Coming (Roud 3174)
Here We Come A-Wassailing (Roud 209)
Heriot's Ford [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Herod and the Cock (Roud 306; Child 55)
The Herring's Head (Roud 128)
Herring Song (Roud 128)
Her Servant Man (Roud 539; Laws M15; G/D 5:1003)
Her White Gown [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
The Hexhamshire Lass (Roud 3182)
Hey Diddle Diddle (Roud 19478)
Hey for Christmas, or The Shropshire Wakes [trad.]
Hey John Barleycorn (Roud 2141)
Hey Nellie Nellie [Shel Silverstein, Jim Friedman]
The Heysham Peace-Egging Song (Roud 614)
High Barbaree (Roud 134; Child 285; Laws K33; G/D 1:38)
Higher Germanie (Roud 904; G/D 1:96)
High Germany (Roud 5608)
High Germany (Roud 904; G/D 1:96)
High Germany (Roud 1445)
High Level Hornpipe [trad. tune]
High School Confidential [Jerry Lee Lewis, Hargrave]
The Highwayman and the Farmer’s Daughter (Roud 2638; Laws L2)
Hilda's Cabinet Band [Lal Waterson]
The Hills of Greenmore (Roud 2883)
The Hills of Shiloh [Shel Silverstein, Jim Friedman]
Hilo Johnny Brown (Roud 8229)
Hind Horn (Roud 28; Child 17; G/D 5:1022)
His Name Is Andrew [David Ackles]
History Lesson [Leon Rosselson]
Hog-Eye Man (Roud 331)
Holbeck Moor Cockfight (Roud 211)
The Holborne Suite [Anthony Holborne]
Hold on to Me Babe [Tom Paxton]
The Hold-Up at Eugowra Rocks [trad.]
The Holland Handkerchief (Roud 246; Child 272)
Hollin, Green Hollin (Roud 1264)
The Holly and the Ivy (Roud 514)
The Holly Bears a Berry (Roud 514)
Holm Band Tune [trad. tune]
The Holmfirth Anthem (Roud 1046)
Home Fit for Heroes [Les Barker, Martin Carthy]
Hommage à Roche Proulx [Marcel Messervier]
The Honest Labourer (Roud 19; G/D 3:437)
Honest Work [Todd Rundgren]
Honey for the Bee (Roud 201; Child 218; G/D 5:974)
Hong Kong Blues [Hoagie Carmicheal]
The Honie-Suckle [Anthony Holborne]
Hope Lies Now [Rick Kemp, Maddy Prior]
Hopping Down in Kent (Roud 1715)
Hori-Horo [Hugh S. Roberton, Andrew Sinclair]
Horkstow Grange (Roud 1760)
Horn Fair (Roud 2482)
The Horn of the Hunter (Roud 1859)
The Hostess's Daughter (Roud 914)
The House Carpenter (Roud 14; Child 243; G/D 2:332)
How Can I Keep from Singing? [words trad., music Robert Wadsworth Lowry]
How Can I Leave [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Howden Town (Roud 1110)
How Everyone But Sam Was a Hypocrite [Dave Cousins]
How Shall I Your True Love Know? [William Shakespeare]
Hughie Graeme (Roud 84; Child 191; G/D 2:271)
The Humane Turnkey [Peter Bellamy]
The Humpback Whale [Harry Robertson]
Humpty Dumpty (Roud 13026)
A Hundred Years Ago (Roud 926)
The Hungry Child [trad.]
Hunting the Cutty Wren [Les Barker, trad.]
Hunting the Hare (Roud 1181)
Hunting the Wren (Roud 236)
The Hunt Is Up [William Gray / trad.]
The Huntsman [trad.]
The Husbandman and the Servingman (Roud 873)
The Husband With No Courage in Him (Roud 870; G/D 7:1367)
Hush [Oliver Knight]
Hush-A-Bye Baby (Roud 2768; G/D 8:1552)
Hush Little Baby (Roud 470)


I Am a Donkey Driver (Roud 1147)
I Am a Miller tae My Trade (Roud 888; G/D 7:1489)
I Am a Rover (Roud 1112)
I Am a Young Maiden (Roud 387)
I Am a Youth That's Inclined to Ramble (Roud 6897)
I'anson's Racehorse (Roud 176)
I Bid You Goodnight (Roud 15632)
Icarus [Anne Lister]
Ickfield Town (Roud 263; Laws P35; G/D 2:200)
I Courted a Damsel (Roud 405; Laws M3)
I Courted a Wee Girl (Roud 154; G/D 6:1198)
I'd Like to Tell to You (Roud 9553)
I Don't Believe You [Bob Dylan]
I Don't Know Where I Stand [Joni Mitchell]
I’d Rather Be Tending My Sheep [probably Ruth Tongue]
I Dreamed Last Night of My True Love (Roud 406; Laws M13; G/D 5:1012)
I Drew My Ship into the Harbour (Roud 402; G/D 4:792)
Idumea (Roud 6678)
If It Feels Good, You Know It Can't Be Wrong [Richard Thompson, Ashley Hutchings]
If I Were a Blackbird (Roud 387)
If the Piddlethentride Jug Band Hits the Charts [Trevor Crozier, Kevin Sheldon]
If You Saw Thro' My Eyes [Ian Matthews]
If You Will Not Have Me, You May Let Me Go [trad. tune]
I Gave My Love a Cherry (Roud 330)
I Have a Wish (Barber Shop Song) [Peter Knight]
I Haven't Told Her, She Hasn't Told Me [trad.]
I Know My Love (Roud 60; Laws P25)
I Live Not Where I Love (Roud 593)
I'll Go and List for a Sailor (Roud 1614)
I'll Go With Him Wherever He Goes (Roud 654)
I'll Keep It With Mine [Bob Dylan]
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Roud 12907)
I Love My Love (Roud 3612)
I Love My True Love [Sandy Denny]
I'm a Dreamer [Sandy Denny]
I'm a Man You Don't Meet Every Day (Roud 975)
I'm a Rover and Seldom Sober (Roud 3135)
I'm Often Drunk and I'm Seldom Sober (Roud 3135)
Incidental Music from Stookie [Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp]
The Indian Lass (Roud 2326)
Indian Queen [trad. tune]
Indian Queen [trad. tune]
Indian Tea [Roger Wilson]
In Dulci Jubilo [trad.]
I Never Thought My Love Would Leave Me (Roud 1049)
In Fighting [Maddy Prior]
In Frisco Bay (Roud 318)
In London So Fair (Roud 2989; G/D 1:178)
In Memory (The Tender Years) [Sandy Denny]
The Innocent Hare (Roud 1216)
Innocent When You Dream [Tom Waits]
In Sheffield Park (Roud 860)
The Installation [trad. tune]
In the Bleak Midwinter [Christina Rossetti, Gustav Holst]
In the Company of Ravens [Maddy Prior]
In the Shade of the Old 'Arris Mill [trad.?]
I Once Had a True Love (Roud 170)
I Once Lived in Service [Peter Bellamy]
I Once Loved a Lass (Roud 154; G/D 6:1198)
I Once Loved a Lass (Roud 279; G/D 6:1138)
I Once Was a Fisherman [Barry Dransfield]
I Once Was a Ploughboy (Roud 1446)
The Irish Ballad [Tom Lehrer]
The Irish Boy (Roud 5684)
The Irish Captain (Roud 690; G/D 1:41)
The Irish Girl (Roud 308; G/D 5:946)
The Irish Washerwoman [trad. tune]
The Iron Door (Roud 539; Laws M15; G/D 5:1003)
Iron Lion [Trevor Lucas]
Isabel [Maddy Prior]
I Saw Three Ships (Roud 700)
I See His Blood upon the Rose [Joseph Plunkett, Gay Woods]
I Sing of a Maiden That Is Makeless [trad.]
The Isle of Cloy (Roud 23272)
Isle of France (Roud 1575)
I Sowed Some Seeds (Roud 914)
I Sowed the Seeds of Love (Roud 3; G/D 6:1180)
I Still Miss Someone [Johnny Cash & Roy Cash Jr.]
It Ain't Me Babe [Bob Dylan]
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear [E.H. Sears]
It Hails, It Rains (Roud 608)
I Threw It All Away [Bob Dylan]
It'll Take a Long Time [Sandy Denny]
I Told You So [Maddy Prior]
It's a Boy [Pete Townshend]
It's On [Don Henderson]
It Suits Me Well [Sandy Denny]
It Was a Lover and His Lass [William Shakespeare / Jon Boden]
It Was in the Month of January (Roud 175; Laws P20; G/D 6:1176)
I Was a Young Man (Roud 1572; G/D 7:1291)
I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green) [John Schumann]
I Went to Market (Roud 544; G/D 8:1666)
I Will Give My Love an Apple (Roud 330)
I Wish I Had Never (Roud 1452)
I Wish My Love (Roud 495; G/D 6:1189)
I Wish That I Never Was Wed [trad.]
I Wish That the Wars Were All Over (Roud 2036)
I Wonder What's Keeping My True Love Tonight (Roud 858; G/D 1:52, 6:1139)


Jack and the Robber (Roud 2637; Laws L1)
Jack Frost [Mike Waterson]
Jack Hall (Roud 369; Laws L5)
Jackie Munro (Roud 268; Laws N7; G/D 1:171, 1:172)
Jack O'Diamonds [Bob Dylan, Ben Carruthers]
Jack Orion (Roud 145; Child 67)
Jack Rowland [trad., Martin Carthy]
Jack the Sailor (Roud 1454)
Jack Warrel's Hornpipe [trad. tune]
Jacky Tar (Roud 511; Laws K40)
Jacobstowe Wassail (Roud 209)
Jacob's Well (Roud 17703)
Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [Hank Williams]
James Douglas /Cockleshells (Roud 87; Child 204)
James Hatley (Roud 4022; Child 244)
Jamie and Mary (Roud 6897)
Jane, Jane [trad.]
Jan Knuckey [trad.]
The January Man [Dave Goulder]
Jemima's Jug [trad. tune]
Jenny's Chicken [trad. tune]
Jenny Storm [trad.]
Jerusalem Cuckoo (Roud 1147)
Jim Jones at Botany Bay (Roud 5478)
Jimmy Brown (Roud 19877)
Jingle Bells [James Lord Pierpont]
Jock Hamilton (Roud 5869; G/D 2:324)
Jock o' Hazeldean (Roud 250; Child 293; G/D 5:1029)
Jock Stewart (Roud 975)
Joe Peel [Peter Bond]
John Ball [Sydney Carter]
John Barleycorn (Roud 164; G/D 3:559)
John Blunt (Roud 115; Child 275; G/D 2:321)
John Hamilton (Roud 5869; G/D 2:324)
John Henry (Roud 790; Laws I1)
Johnie Cock (Roud 69; Child 114; G/D 2:250)
Johnny Greyman and His Grey Mare (Roud 137)
Johnny My Man (Roud 845; G/D 3:587)
Johnny o' Bredislee (Roud 69; Child 114; G/D 2:250)
Johnny Sands (Roud 183; Laws Q2; G/D 2:318)
Johnny the Brine (Roud 69; Child 114; G/D 2:250)
John of Ditchford [Tim Harries]
John of Hazelgreen (Roud 250; Child 293; G/D 5:1029)
John Parfit [James Flynn]
John Peel (Roud 1239)
John Peel's Echo (Roud 1859)
John the Gun [Sandy Denny]
The Jolly Beggar (Roud 118; Child 279; G/D 2:274)
Jolly Bold Robber (Roud 1464)
The Jolly Fucker
Jolly Herring (Roud 128)
Jolly Joe the Collier's Son (Roud 1129)
Jolly Old Hawk (Roud 1048)
The Jolly Roving Tar (Roud 913; Laws O27)
The Jolly Thresher (Roud 19; G/D 3:437)
Jolly Tinker (Roud 863)
The Jolly Waggoners (Roud 1088)
Jordan (Roud 2103)
Josef Locke [Richard Thompson]
Joy After Sorrow (Roud 855)
Joy, Health, Love and Peace (Roud 19109)
Joy to the World (Roud 23690)
Judas (Was a Read-Headed Man) [probably Ruth Tongue]
A Jug of Punch (Roud 1808)
A Jug of This (Roud 1191)
The Jukebox As She Turned [Jeff Deitchman]
Juniper, Gentle and Rosemary (Roud 161; Child 1)
Just a Little Bit of Rain [Fred Neil]
Just a Note [Ewan MacColl]
Just As the Tide Was Flowing (Roud 1105)


Katy Cruel (Roud 1645; G/D 4:725)
The Keek in the Creel (Roud 120; Child 281; G/D 2:317)
Keepers and Poachers (Roud 851)
A Keeper Went Hunting [trad.]
The Kelly Gang (Roud 22593)
Kemp Owen (Roud 3912; Child 34)
Kemp Owyne (Roud 3912; Child 34)
The Khaki and the Blue (Roud 163)
Kielder Castle [trad.]
The King (Roud 19109)
The King [Dave Cousins]
The King and Queen of England [Sandy Denny]
The King and the Fair Maid (Roud 1624)
King Arthur's Servants (Roud 130; G/D 3:704)
King Henry (Roud 3967; Child 32)
King Henry VII and the Shipwrights [Rudyard Kipling, trad.]
King Henry Was King James’s Son (Roud 4203; G/D 8:1571)
King Herod and the Cock (Roud 306; Child 55)
King James Version [Billy Bragg]
King Jamie and the Tinker (Roud 8946)
King Knapperty (Roud 32; Child 33; G/D 7:1505)
The King of Rome [David Sudbury]
King Orfeo (Roud 136; Child 19)
King Pharim (Roud 306; Child 55)
The Kings's Command Must Be Obeyed (Roud 1445)
The Knife in the Window (Roud 329)
Knights of the Road [Trevor Lucas, Pete Roche]
Knight William (Roud 67; Child 110; G/D 7:1465)
Knight William and the Shepherd's Daughter (Roud 67; Child 110; G/D 7:1465)
Knockin' on Heaven's Door [Bob Dylan]
The Kye Have Come Hame (Roud 3166)


La Bamba [trad. arr. Richie Valens]
La Belle Jeannette [trad. tune]
La Cardeuse [trad. tune]
Lachlan Tigers [trad.]
The Ladies [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Ladies Don't Go A-Thieving [trad.]
The Lady [Sandy Denny]
The Lady and the Swine (Roud 15530)
Lady Barnsley's Fancy [trad. tune]
Lady Diamond (Roud 112; Child 269; G/D 6:1224)
Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight (Roud 21; Child 4; G/D 2:225)
The Lady Is a Tramp [Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers]
The Lady Is a Vamp [Spice Girls, Watkins, Wilson]
Lady Maisry (Roud 45; Child 65)
Lady Margaret (Roud 50; Child 77)
Lady Margaret and Sweet William (Roud 253; Child 74; G/D 2:337)
Lady Mary Haye's Scotch Measure [Niel Gow]
The Lady of Carlisle (Roud 396; Laws O25; G/D 5:1056)
The Lady of Riches (Roud 601; Laws N6; G/D 1:174)
The Lady of York (Roud 9; Child 20; G/D 2:193)
The Laird of the Dainty Doonby (Roud 864; G/D 7:1488)
The Laird o' Windy Wa's (Roud 135; G/D 4:778)
Lakes of Cold Flynn (Roud 189; Laws Q33; G/D 2:228)
The Lakes of Pontchartrain (Roud 1836; Laws H9)
The Lakes of Shilin (Roud 189; Laws Q33; G/D 2:228)
The Lament of the Border Widow (Roud 199; Child 106; G/D 1:163)
The Lancashire Lads (Roud 588; G/D 1:89)
Lancashire Lass (Roud 4738)
The Land [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Landlord and Tenant (Roud 1761)
The Land Where You Never Grow Old (Roud 10621)
Lanercost [Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp]
The Lark in the Morning (Roud 151)
Lass of Loch Royal (Roud 49; Child 76; G/D 6:1226)
The Lass of London City (Roud 1554)
The Lass of Newcastle Town (Roud 1416)
The Lass o' Paties Mill [trad. tune]
The Last Farewell of Frost, Jones & Williams [trad. / Dave Moran]
The Last Leviathan [Andy Barnes]
Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream [Ed McCurdy]
The Last of the Great Whales [Andy Barnes]
The Last Thing on My Mind [Tom Paxton]
Late November [Sandy Denny]
Lavender's Blue (Roud 3483)
The Lawyer (Roud 922)
Lay Down Your Weary Tune [Bob Dylan]
Lazarus (Roud 815)
Lazy Harry's (Roud 10209)
Leaboy's Lassie (Roud 1645; G/D 4:725)
The Lean and Unwashed Tiffy [Cyril Tawney]
The Lea-Rig (Roud 8516)
Learning the Game [Buddy Holly]
Leatherwinged Bat (Roud 747)
Leave Her, Johnny (Roud 354)
The Leaves in the Woodland [Peter Bellamy]
The Leaves of Life (Roud 127)
The Leaving of Liverpool (Roud 9435)
Lemady (Roud 193, 2445)
The Lemon Tree [Dave Swarbrick]
Lemony (Roud 193, 2445)
Le Roi Renaud [trad.]
Let Her Go Down [Steeleye Span]
Let Her Run (Roud 810)
Let It Go [Sandy Denny, Dave Swarbrick, Dave Pegg]
Let Me In This Ae Nicht (Roud 135; G/D 4:778)
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (Roud 3; G/D 6:1180)
Let's Jump the Broomstick [Charles Robins]
Let the Bulgine Run (Roud 810)
Let There Be Drums [Sandy Nelson]
Let the Wind Blow High or Low (Roud 308; G/D 5:946)
Let Union Be in All Our Hearts (Roud 1238)
Lichfield Tattoo [trad. tune]
Lichtbob's Lassie (Roud 1645; G/D 4:725)
Liege and Lief Medley [trad.]
The Life of a Man (Roud 848)
The Light Dragoon (Roud 162; Child 299; G/D 7:1470)
The Light Horse (Roud 3027)
Light My Fire [The Doors]
Like an Old Fashioned Waltz [Sandy Denny]
Like the Wind [David Rohl]
Lily Bulero (Roud 160; Child 278; G/D 2:320)
The Lily-White Hand (Roud 564; Laws P18)
Limbo (Roud 969)
The Lime-Juice Tub [trad.]
The Lincolnshire Shepherd (Roud 1469)
Linden Lea [William Barnes, Ralph Vaughan Williams]
The Liner She's a Lady [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Lion's Den (Roud 396; Laws O25; G/D 5:1056)
The Lion Sleeps Tonight [Paul Campbell, Solomon Linda]
Lisbon (Roud 551; Laws N8; G/D 1:63)
The Lisburn Lass (Roud 5694)
Lish Young Buy-a-Broom (Roud 1865)
Listen, Listen [Sandy Denny]
The Little Ball of Yarn (Roud 1404)
Little Bear
Little Birds (Roud 747)
The Little Black Horse (Roud 393)
Little Bo-Peep (Roud 6487)
Little Burnt Potato [trad. tune]
The Little Fighting Chance (Roud 980; Laws J19; G/D 1:42)
The Little Footman Boy (Roud 45)
Little Grey Hawk (Roud 293)
Little Gypsy Girl (Roud 229; Laws O4)
The Little Heathy Hill [trad.]
Little Jack Horner (Roud 13027)
Little Miss Muffet (Roud 20605)
Little Musgrave (Roud 52; Child 81)
Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard (Roud 52; Child 81)
The Little Piece of Wang (Roud 8384)
The Little Pot Stove [Harry Robertson]
Little Sir Hugh (Roud 73; Child 155)
Little Yellow Roses [Trevor Peacock]
Liverpool Hornpipe [trad. tune]
Liverpool Judies (Roud 928)
Liverpool Lullaby [Stan Kelly]
Living by the Water [Anne Briggs]
Liza's Favourite
Lochmaben Harper (Roud 85; Child 192; G/D 2:270)
Lock-Keeper [Stan Rogers]
Locks and Bolts (Roud 406; Laws M13; G/D 5:1012)
The Loco-Motion [Gerry Goffin, Carole King]
The Lofty Tall Ship (Roud 104; Child 250)
London [trad.]
London Bridge Is Falling Down (Roud 502; G/D 8:1566)
The London Waterman (Roud 1186)
The Lone Pilgrim (Roud 2841)
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll [Bob Dylan]
Long A-Growing (Roud 31; Laws O35; G/D 6:1222)
Longbone [Steeleye Span]
Long John, Old John and Jackie North (Roud 3100; Child 251; G/D 2:246)
Long Lankin (Roud 6; Child 93; G/D 2:187)
Long Meg and Her Daughters [Stuart Lawrence]
Long Shadows [Maddy Prior]
A Long Time Ago (Roud 318)
Long Time Travelling (Roud 5732)
Long Vacation [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Long Years Ago (Roud 274; Laws K10; G/D 1:19)
The Looking-Glass [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Look Up, Look Up [John Tams]
Loot [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Lord Allenwater (Roud 89; Child 208)
Lord Bateman (Roud 40; Child 53L; G/D 5:1023)
Lord Derwentwater (Roud 89; Child 208)
Lord Elgin [Peter Knight]
Lord Franklin (Roud 487; Laws K9; G/D 1:16)
Lord Gregory (Roud 49; Child 76; G/D 6:1226)
Lord Haddo's Favourite [Niel Gow]
Lord Inchiquin [trad. tune]
The Lord Is in This Place, How Dreadful Is This Place [Richard Thompson, Ashley Hutchings]
Lord Lovel (Roud 48; Child 75; G/D 6:1232)
Lord Maxwell's Last Goodnight (Roud 4015; Child 195)
Lord Melbourne (Roud 233)
Lord of the Dance [Sydney Carter]
Lord Randall (Roud 10; Child 12; G/D 2:209)
Lord Rothschild [trad.]
Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor (Roud 4; Child 73; G/D 2:212)
The Lord Will Provide [John Newton]
Losing Game [James Carr, Denny Weaver]
The Loss of the “Ramillies” (Roud 523; Laws K1; G/D 1:28)
Lost in a Wood (Roud 288; Laws Q34)
The Lost Lady Found (Roud 901; Laws Q31)
Lo! The Eastern Magi Rise (Roud 17728)
Loughinsholin (Roud 189; Laws Q33; G/D 2:228)
Love and Murder (Roud 15; Laws P36A; G/D 2:201, 2:202)
Love at the Five and Dime [Nanci Griffith]
Love Henry (Roud 47; Child 68)
Love Is Pleasing (Roud 1049)
Love Is Teasing (Roud 1049)
The Lovely Banks of Lea (Roud 9493)
The Lovely Irish Maid (Roud 6319)
Lovely Joan (Roud 592)
Lovely Molly (Roud 1446)
Lovely on the Water (Roud 1539)
Lovely Willy (Roud 1913; Laws M35)
Love of My Life [Freddie Mercury]
The Lover's Ghost (Roud 179; Child 248)
The Lover's Ghost (Roud 179; Child 248)
Love's Made a Fool of You [Buddy Holly, Bob Montgomery]
Love's Parting (Roud 6897)
Low Down in the Broom (Roud 1644)
Low Flying [Rick Kemp]
Lowlands (Away) (Roud 681)
Lowlands of Holland (Roud 484; G/D 6:1116)
The Loyal Lover (Roud 578)
Lucky Old Sun [Beasley Smith / Haven Gillespie]
Lucy's Waltz
Lucy Wan (Roud 234; Child 51)
Luisa [Jerry Donahue]
Lullaby [Oliver Knight]
Lullay, Lullay (Roud 19028)
A Lying Tale (Roud 1706; G/D 8:1701)
Lyke Wake Dirge (Roud 8194)


Maa Bonny Lad (Roud 204)
MacGregor of Rosa [trad. tune]
Madam, I Have Come to Court You (Roud 542; G/D 8:1588)
Mad Family (Roud 19704)
The Magdalene's Lament (Roud 8153)
Maggie May (Roud 1757, 5383)
The Magical Man [Lal & Mike Waterson, Chris Collins]
Magic Lady [Mandy Morton]
The Magpie's Nest (Roud 2127)
The Maid and the Palmer (Roud 2335; Child 21)
Maid Behind the Bar [trad. tune]
A Maiden Came from London Town (Roud 168)
Maiden Lane [trad. tune]
A Maiden Sat A-Weeping (Roud 170)
The Maid Freed from the Gallows (Roud 144; Child 95; G/D 2:248)
A Maid in Bedlam (Roud 605; G/D 6:1079)
Maid Lamenting (Roud 1684)
Maid of Aughrim (Roud 49; Child 76; G/D 6:1226)
The Maid of Australia (Roud 1872)
The Maid on the Shore (Roud 181; Laws K27)
Maids at Eighteen [trad.]
The Maid's Lament (Roud 1684)
Maids When You're Young, Never Wed an Old Man (Roud 210)
Maid That's Deep in Love (Roud 231; Laws N12)
The Maid That Sold Her Barley (Roud 3007)
Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor (Roud 13930)
Makes Me Think of You [Sandy Denny]
Malpas Wassail (Roud 209)
Mandalay [Rudyard Kipling, trad. arr. Peter Bellamy]
Man in the Moon (Roud 21397)
The Man of Burn(ing)ham Town (Roud 665)
Man of Iron [Peter Elford, Don Fraser]
The Man-o'-War (Roud 662)
Mantle of Green (Roud 714; Laws N38; G/D 5:1033)
The March of the Kings of Laoise [trad. tune]
Marcie [Joni Mitchell]
Maria's Gone (Roud 3625)
Marijuana Australiana [Brendan Hanley]
Marquis of Tullybardine [trad. tune]
The Marriage Vow [trad. tune]
Marrowbones (Roud 183; Laws Q2; G/D 2:318)
Martinmas Time (Roud 2173; G/D 1:161)
Mary Ann (Roud 4438)
Mary Anne [Fred W. Leigh, George Henry Bastow]
The Maryborough Miner [trad.]
Mary Custy Air [trad. tune]
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary (Roud 19626)
Mary Neal (Roud 142; Laws M17)
The Mason's Apron [trad. tune]
Master Kilby (Roud 1434)
Mater Dolorosa [Maddy Prior]
Matt Hyland (Roud 2880)
Matty Groves (Roud 52; Child 81)
Maybe Then I'll Be a Rose [Les Barker, Savourna Stevenson]
The Maydens Came [trad.]
May Morning (Roud 2512)
The May Morning Dew (Roud 5405)
May Song [Dave Webber]
May Song (Roud 305)
McIlroy the Emerald Cowboy [Mike Waterson]
McVeagh [Martin Carthy]
Meeting Is a Pleasure (Roud 454; G/D 6:1192)
Meet on the Ledge [Richard Thompson]
Memories [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Memphis, Tennessee [Chuck Berry]
The Merchant's Son (Roud 2153; G/D 2:303)
The Mermaid (Roud 181; Laws K27)
The Mermaid (Roud 124; Child 289; G/D 1:27)
Me With You [Dave Swarbrick]
Michael Finnigan (Roud 10541)
Mickey's Warning (Roud 6333)
Midnight Feast [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Midnight on the Water [Ron Kavana]
Midsummer Carol (Roud 6913)
Migrating Bird [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Miles Weatherhill (and Sarah Bell) (Roud V7515)
Milk and Honey [Jackson C. Frank]
The Milkmaid's Song (Roud 298; G/D 4:812)
Miller and the Lass (Roud 1128)
The Miller's Three Sons (Roud 138; Laws Q21; G/D 3:703)
Million Dollar Bash [Bob Dylan]
Mill o' Tifty's Annie (Roud 98; Child 233; G/D 5:1018)
The Miner's Dream of Home (Roud 1749)
Minesweepers [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Mingulay Boat Song [Hugh S. Roberton]
Mirk, Mirk Is the Midnight Hour (Roud 49; Child 76; G/D 6:1226)
Miss Bowls' [trad. tune]
Mr Lacey [Ashley Hutchings]
Mr Preston's Hornpipe [trad. tune]
Mr Tapscott (Roud 15778)
The Mistletoe Bough (Roud 2336)
Mistletoe Bough [Ken Nicol]
The Mistress's Health (Roud 310)
Mistress's Health (Roud 21096)
The Mocking Bird (Roud 470)
An Moinfeuir [trad. tune]
The Moldavian Schottische [trad. tune]
The Molecatcher (Roud 1052)
Mole in a Hole [Mike Waterson]
Molly Malone (Roud 16932)
Molly Oxford [trad. tune]
Moments [Bryn Haworth]
Monaghan Fair (Roud 666)
Mons Meg [Pipe Major Geo S. Maclennan]
The Month of January (Roud 175; Laws P20; G/D 6:1176)
The Month of May (Roud 153)
Montrose [Steeleye Span]
The Mooncoin Jig [trad. tune]
The Moon Shines Bright (Roud 702)
Moorlough Mary (Roud 2742)
The Morning Dew [trad. tune]
Morning Girls [Maddy Prior]
Morning Glory [T. Buckley, L.Beckett]
The Morning Looks Charming (Roud 580)
Morning Trumpet (Roud 15077)
Moses of the Mail [Ewan MacColl]
The Moss o Burreldale (Roud 1876)
Mother and Child [Maddy Prior]
Mother, Go Make My Bed (Roud 45)
Motherless Child (Roud 10072)
Motherless Child [trad.]
Motherless Children (Roud 16113)
The Mountain [Sarah Deco]
The Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow (Roud 2124)
Mount Moriah (Roud 17724)
The Mower (Roud 833)
Mowing the Barley (Roud 922)
Mrs Bermingham [Turlough O'Carolan]
Mrs Marriott [Dave Swarbrick]
Mrs McGrath (Roud 678)
Muddley Barracks (Roud 1735)
The Murdered Servantman (Roud 18; Laws M32)
Murder of Maria Marten (Roud 215, 18814)
The Music Weaver [Sandy Denny, Chris McGregor]
Must I Be Bound? (Roud 18829)
My Bonny Boy (Roud 293; G/D 6:1141)
My Bonny Cuckoo [trad.]
My Bonny Lad (Roud 204)
My Bonny Miner Lad (Roud 2599)
My Boy Jack [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
My Donal [Owen Hand]
My Father's a Hedger and Ditcher (Roud 846; G/D 3:571)
My Flower, My Companion and Me [trad.]
My Generous Lover (Roud 1996)
My Girl [Huddie Ledbetter]
My Girl [Dave Swarbrick]
My Girl in the Month of May [Dion DiMucci]
My Heart's in New South Wales [Dave Swarbrick]
My Husband's Got No Courage in Him (Roud 870; G/D 7:1367)
My Johnny (Roud 1422)
My Johnny's Gone to Hilo (Roud 481)
My Johnny Was a Shoemaker (Roud 1388; G/D 8:1848)
My Lady's Law [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
My Lagan Love (Roud 1418)
My Love [Steeleye Span]
My Love Came to Dublin (Roud 22005)
My Love Has Listed (Roud 191)
My Old Man (Roud 3550)
My Ramblin' Boy [Tom Paxton]
Myrtle Tree (Roud 954)
My Son David (Roud 200; Child 13)
My Son John (Roud 678)
My Son Tim (Roud 678)
Mysterious Day [Oliver Knight]
My Sweet Lullaby [Oliver Knight]


NaCl (Sodium Chloride) [Kate McGarrigle]
Nadine [Chuck Berry]
Nafarroa [Anton Latxa, X. Amuriza]
Nancy and Johnny (Roud 329)
Nancy of Yarmouth (Roud 527; Laws K14)
Nancy of Yarmouth (Roud 407)
Napoleon's Death (Roud 2419)
Napoleon's Defeat (Roud 1132, 1106)
Napoleon's Dream (Roud 1538)
Napoleon's Lamentation (Roud 2547)
Naughty Baby (Roud 20649)
Needlecases (Roud 1300)
Nellie the Milkmaid (Roud 1606)
Nelly [Oliver Knight]
Nelson's Death and Victory (Roud 18837)
Nelson's Monument (Roud 1552)
Never Again [Richard Thompson]
Never Ending [Ian Matthews]
Never the Same [Lal Waterson]
Newcastle (Roud 8086)
Newlyn Town (Roud 490; Laws L12; G/D 2:260)
The New-Mown Hay (Roud 11; Child 112; G/D 2:301)
Newport Street (Roud 218; Laws P30; G/D 2:210)
Newry Town (Roud 490; Laws L12; G/D 2:260)
The New St. George [Richard Thompson]
New Whitehall [trad. tune]
New Year Carol [trad.]
New York Girls (Roud 486)
New York Mine Disaster, 1941 [Barry & Maurice Gibb]
The New York Trader (Roud 478; Laws K22; G/D 2:191)
Next Monday Morning (Roud 579)
Next Time Around [Sandy Denny]
Nick Nack Paddy Wack (Roud 3550)
Night Comes In [Richard Thompson]
The Nightingale (Roud 1093; Laws M37; G/D 1:18)
Night in the City [Joni Mitchell]
The Night of Trafalgar
Night-Time Girl [Dave Swarbrick, Dave Pegg]
The Night Visiting Song (Roud 22568; G/D 4:783)
Nine Times a Night (Roud 18411)
No 178 [Turlough O'Carolan]
No Accounting Cowboy [David Hampton]
Noah's Ark Shanty (Roud 318)
The Noble Fleet of Whalers (Roud 285)
The Noble Foxhunting (Roud 584)
The Noble Lord Hawkins (Roud 195; Laws O14; G/D 2:226)
The Nobleman and the Thrasherman (Roud 19; G/D 3:437)
The Nobleman's Wedding (Roud 567; Laws P31; G/D 6:1199)
No End [Sandy Denny]
No Good at Love [Adrian May]
No John, No (Roud 146)
No Man's Jig [trad. tune]
No Man's Land [Eric Bogle]
No Man's Land [Richard Thompson]
No More Sad Refrains [Sandy Denny]
No One Stands Alone [Mosie Lister]
Nora Daly (Roud 8002)
The Norfolk Long Dance [trad. tune]
Norland Wind [Violet Jacob, Jim Reid]
The North Country Maid (Roud 1367; G/D 5:1058)
Northill May Song (Roud 305)
The North Star Grassman and the Ravens [Sandy Denny]
Norwich Gaol [Peter Bellamy]
No, Sir, No (Roud 146)
Nostradamus [Al Stewart]
Nothing at the End of the Rainbow [Richard Thompson]
Nothing Else Will Do [Dave Cousins]
Nothing More [Sandy Denny]
Nothing Rhymed [Gilbert O'Sullivan]
Nottamun Fair (Roud 1044)
Nottamun Town (Roud 1044)
Now and Then [Sandy Denny]
Now We Are Six [trad.]
Now Westlin Winds (Roud 6936)
Number Two Top Seam [Roger Watson]
The Nutting Girl (Roud 509; G/D 7:1475)
A-Nutting We Will Go (Roud 509; G/D 7:1475)


The Oak and the Ash (Roud 1367; G/D 5:1058)
Oak, Ash and Thorn [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Oakham Poachers (Roud 1686)
Oats and Beans and Barley Grows (Roud 1380)
O'er the Hills (and Far Away) (Roud 3098, 8460)
Of All the Birds (Roud 496)
Off to Epsom Races (Roud 383)
Off to Sea Once More (Roud 644; Laws D7)
The Oggie Man [Cyril Tawney]
Oh Dear Oh (Roud 870; G/D 7:1367)
Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be? (Roud 1279)
Oh, Death (Roud 4933)
Oh Had I a Golden Thread [Pete Seeger]
Oh No [Rick Kemp, Maddy Prior]
Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' [Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II]
The Old Bachelor (Roud 7162; G/D 7:1390)
Old Billy Riley (Roud 4701)
The Old Bitch Fox (Roud 1241)
Old Bob Ridley (Roud 753)
Old Brown's Daughter (Roud 1426)
The Old Churchyard (Roud 3386)
The Old Garden Gate (Roud 419)
Old Grenadier [trad. tune]
Old Horse (Roud 513)
Old Joe Clark (Roud 3594)
The Old Lancashire Hornpipe [trad. tune]
Old MacDonald Had a Farm (Roud 745)
The Old Maid in the Garrett (Roud 802; G/D 7:1378)
The Old Man and His Wife (Roud 281; Laws Q1)
An Old Man Came Courting Me (Roud 210)
The Old Man from Lee (Roud 362; G/D 4:815)
The Old Man from Over the Sea (Roud 362; G/D 4:815)
The Old Militia Drum (Roud 163)
The Old Miner (Roud 1136)
The Old Miser (Roud 3913)
Old Molly Metcalfe [Jake Thackray]
Old Mother Eve [probably Ruth Tongue]
Old Sir Simon the King (Roud 19776)
Old Snowball (Roud 190)
The Old Songs [Bob Copper, Peter Bellamy]
Old Tom of Oxford [trad. tune]
The Old Triangle [Dominic Behan]
The Old Turf Fire (Roud 8215)
The Old Virginia Lowlands (Roud 122; Child 286; G/D 1:37)
The Old Woman All Clothed in Grey (Roud 1694)
O Little Town of Bethlehem [Phillips Brook]
Omie Wise (Roud 447; Laws F4)
O My Dear Hert (Roud 23036)
O My Luve's Like a Red, Red Rose (Roud 12946)
On a British Submarine [Cyril Tawney]
On a Monday Morning [Cyril Tawney]
On Board a Man-of-War (Roud 662)
On Board a Ninety-Eight (Roud 1461)
On Board the Kangaroo (Roud 925; G/D 6:1211)
On Board the Victory (Roud 2278)
Once I Caught a Fish Alive (Roud 13530)
Once I Had a True Love (Roud 170)
Once in a Blue Moon [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Once in a While [Steve Ashley]
On Christmas Day It Happened So (Roud 1078)
On Christmas Night (Roud 597)
One Cold Morning in December (Roud 1745)
One May Morning (Roud 277; Laws O17; G/D 4:791)
One May Morning Early (Roud 356)
One Misty Moisty Morning (Roud 20075)
One More Chance [Sandy Denny]
One Morning in May (Roud 140; Laws P14)
One Night As I Lay on My Bed (Roud 672)
One Night Sad and Languid (Roud 1538)
One of the Has-Beens [Robert Stewart]
One Penny (Roud 393)
One True Love (Roud 51; Child 78)
One Way Donkey Ride [Sandy Denny]
On Fridays He's Fred Astaire [Clive Gregson]
Only a Soldier (Roud 321; Laws M27)
On My Way [Dave Cousins]
On the Banks of the Condamine (Roud 8224)
On the Road with Liddy [trad.]
On Yonder Hill There Sits a Hare (Roud 5173)
O Once I Loved a Lass (Roud 21234)
Oor Hamlet [Adam McNaughtan]
The Optimist [Sandy Denny]
Orange in Bloom [trad. tune]
Oranges and Lemons (Roud 13190)
Orfeo (Roud 136; Child 19)
Otago [Graeme Miles]
Our Captain Cried All Hands (Roud 602)
Our Fathers of Old [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Our Gallant Ship (Roud 124; Child 289; G/D 1:27)
Our Good Ship Lies in Harbour (Roud 1011)
Our Ship Lies in Harbour (Roud 1011)
Our Wedding Day (Roud 861)
The Outlandish Knight (Roud 21; Child 4; G/D 2:225)
The Outlaw of the Hill (Roud 9699)
Outside the Wall [John B. Spencer, Graeme Taylor]
The Overgate (Roud 866)
The Overlander (Roud 9107)
Over the Rainbow [Harold Arlen, Edgar Yipsel Harburg]
The Oxen Ploughing (Roud 686)
Oxford City (Roud 218; Laws P30; G/D 2:210)
The Oxford Girl (Roud 263; Laws P35; G/D 2:200)
The Oxford Tragedy (Roud 263; Laws P35; G/D 2:200)
The Oyster Girl (Roud 875; Laws Q13; G/D 2:304)


Pace-Egging Song (Roud 614)
Paddy and the Whale (Roud 6342)
Paddy Clancy's Jig [trad. tune]
Paddy Doyle('s Boots) (Roud 4695)
Paddy Maloney (Roud 6342)
Paddy's Rambles [trad. tune]
Paddy Stole the Rope (Roud 2037)
Paddy West (Roud 3092)
Padstow Drinking Song (Roud 1252, 5384)
Padstow May Day Song (Roud 305)
Pain or Paradise [John Tams]
Painted Ladies [Richard Thompson]
Palaces of Gold [Leon Rosselson]
Paradise [Maddy Prior]
The Parson and the Clerk (Roud 1154)
The Parson and the Maid (Roud 116; Child 276)
The Parson's Peaches [Peter Bellamy]
Parting Friends (Roud 15559)
The Parting Glass (Roud 3004; G/D 8:1531)
Party Games [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Pass Around the Grog (Roud 1252, 5384)
Past Caring [Henry Lawson, Steve Ashley / Phyl Lobl]
Pater Noster [Rick Kemp, Maddy Prior]
Pavanne [Richard Thompson]
Payday [Roger Wilson]
Peace in the End [Sandy Denny, Trevor Lucas]
Peace on the Border [Rick Kemp]
Peas, Beans, Oats and the Barley (Roud 1380)
The Pegging Awl (Roud 2126)
Peggy [Eliza Carthy]
Peggy and the Soldier (Roud 907; Laws P13; G/D 6:1129)
Peggy Bawn (Roud 661)
Peggy Gordon (Roud 2280)
Peg of Derby (Roud 545; G/D 1:84)
The Pennine Way [Pete Coe]
The Penny Wager (Roud 393)
The Pensioner's Complaint (Roud 1663)
The Pepperpot
Percy's Song [Bob Dylan]
Perfumes of Arabia [Maggie Holland]
Perry Merry Dixi Domini (Roud 330)
Personent Hodie [trad.]
Petit Homme [trad. tune]
Petition of the Pigs in Kent [unknown]
Pharaoh [Richard Thompson]
Philadelphia [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Phoebe [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Picnic [Peter Knight]
The Pigeon on the Gate [trad. tune]
A Pilgrim's Way [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Piper's Path [Lal Waterson, Christine Collins]
Pirate Jenny [Bertolt Brecht / Kurt Weill]
The Pitman's Love Song (Roud 495; G/D 6:1189)
Pity the Poor Night Porter [Maddy Prior]
A Place Called England [Maggie Holland]
The Plainsman [Trevor Lucas / Pete Roche]
The Plains of Mexico (Roud 207)
Plains of Waterloo (Roud 1132, 1106)
Plains of Waterloo (Roud 960; Laws N32)
Pleasant and Delightful (Roud 660; Laws O30)
The Pleasant Month of May (Roud 153)
Pleasure and Pain [Dave Swarbrick, Trevor Lucas]
Pleasure and Pain [Ben Harper]
The Pleasure Gardens Polka [John Kirkpatrick]
The Ploughboy (Roud 163)
The Ploughboy (Roud 346; G/D 3:418)
The Ploughboy and the Cockney (Roud 1688)
The Ploughboy's Dream (Roud 1545; G/D 3:4891)
Ploughman Lads (Roud 3448)
The Ploughman's Love to the Farmer's Daughter (Roud 2636)
The Ploughshare (Roud 169)
The Plymouth Mail [Peter Bellamy]
The Poacher (Roud 2646)
The Poacher's Fate (Roud 793; Laws L14)
Poison Beer (Roud 3369)
Poisoned Peas (Roud 10; Child 12; G/D 2:209)
Polly Bishop's Slip Jig [Nancy Kerr]
Polly on the Shore (Roud 811)
Polly's Love (Roud 15; Laws P36A; G/D 2:201, 2:202)
Polly Vaughan (Roud 166; Laws O36)
The Pond and the Stream [Sandy Denny]
Pony-Driving Song [trad.]
The Poor and Young Single Sailor (Roud 264; Laws N42; G/D 5:1038, 6:1201)
Poor Boney (Roud 2539)
Poor Honest Men [Rudyard Kipling, trad.]
Poor Little Jesus (Roud 10067)
Poor Man's Labours (Roud 1572; G/D 7:1291)
Poor Man's Sorrows (Roud 1572; G/D 7:1291)
Poor Murdered Woman (Roud 1064)
Poor Old Horse (Roud 3724)
Poor Old Horse (Roud 513)
Poor Old Man (Roud 3724)
Poor Old Soldier [Peter Knight]
The Poor Old Weaver's Daughter (Roud 1277)
Poor Wayfaring Stranger (Roud 3339)
Portland Town [Derroll Adams]
Portrait of My Wife (Roud V14031)
Portsmouth [trad. tune]
Possibly Parsons Green [Trevor Lucas, Pete Roche]
The Postman's Knock (Roud 13177)
£10 Float [trad. tune]
Pour Mon Cuer [anon.]
Poverty Knock (Roud 3491)
Prague [Nancy Kerr]
The Prentice Boy (Roud 263; Laws P35; G/D 2:200)
Presbyterian Hornpipe [trad. tune]
Prescott's Punch [Martin Green]
The Pressers [Mary Brooksbank]
The Press Gang (Roud 601; Laws N6; G/D 1:174)
The Press Gang (Roud 662)
Pretty Cock (Roud 21234)
Pretty Crowin' Chicken (Roud 179; Child 248)
The Pretty Drummer Boy (Roud 226; G/D 1:104)
A Pretty Little Tune [Stefan Grossman]
Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth (Roud 407)
The Pretty Ploughboy (Roud 186; Laws M24; G/D 1:170)
Pretty Polly (Roud 329)
Pretty Polly (Roud 15; Laws P36B; G/D 2:201, 2:202)
Pretty Saro (Roud 417)
Prickle-Eye Bush (Roud 144; Child 95; G/D 2:248)
The Prickle-Holly Bush (Roud 144; Child 95; G/D 2:248)
The Prickly Bush (Roud 144; Child 95; G/D 2:248)
The Primrose Lass [trad. tune]
Primrose Polka [trad. tune]
Prince Charlie Stuart (Roud 3099)
Prince Heathen (Roud 3336; Child 104; G/D 7:1497)
Princess Royal [trad. tune]
Prince William
Private Ortheris’ Song [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Prodigal Son [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
A Proper Sort of Gardener [Maggie Holland]
Prophets at Home [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Proud Girl (Roud 47; Child 68)
Proud Maisrie (Roud 339; Child 219; G/D 4:840)
Psalm of Life [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]
Puck's Song [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Pull Down Lads [John Tams]
The Pullet [trad. tune]
Push the Bowl About (Roud 1252, 5384)
Put the Road in Order [John Kirkpatrick]


The Quaker's Wife [trad. tune]
Queen Among the Heather (Roud 375; G/D 5:962)
The Queen and the Soldier [Suzanne Vega]
Queen Caraboo [John Mathew Gutch]
Queen Eleanor's Confession (Roud 74; Child 156; G/D 2:208)
Queenie [Johnny Mercer]
Queen Mary (Roud 6281; G/D 8:1605)
The Queen of Elfan's Nourice (Roud 3723; Child 40; G/D 2:328)
The Queen of Hearts (Roud 3195)
The Queen of May (Roud 594)
Queen of Peace [Alan Richardson]
The Queen's Birthday [trad. tune]
The Queen's Men (The Two Cousins) [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
A Question of Sport [Martin Carthy]
The Quickstep from “The Battle of Prague” [trad. tune]
The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood [Richard Fariña]
The Quiet Land of Erin [trad.]


Rackabello (Roud 29; Child 18)
The Radstock Jig [trad. tune]
Rag Doll [Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio]
Rag Fair (Roud 17180)
Ragged Heroes [John Tams]
Raggle Taggle Gipsies (Roud 1; Child 200; G/D 2:278)
Rags and Old Iron [Norman Curtis, Oscar Brown jr]
Rags and Tatters [trad. tune]
The Rainbow (Roud 492; Laws N4; G/D 1:180)
Rainbow over the Hill [Richard Thompson]
The Rain It Rains [William Shakespeare / Jon Boden]
Raking the Hay (Roud 855)
The Rakish Young Fellow (Roud 829)
Rambleaway (Roud 171; G/D 7:1485)
The Rambling Blade (Roud 490; Laws L12; G/D 2:260)
The Rambling Comber (Roud 1473)
The Rambling Irishman (Roud 360; G/D 7:1397)
The Rambling Irishman (Roud 12937)
The Rambling Sailor (or Soldier) (Roud 518; G/D 7:1477)
Ramblin' Robin [trad. / Peter Bellamy]
The Ram of Derbish Town (Roud 126; G/D 3:645)
Randy Dandy-O! (Roud 4702)
The Ranter (Roud 2530)
Rap Her to Bank (Roud 1786)
Rare Willie (Roud 6562)
Ratcliffe Highway (Roud 598)
Ratcliff Highway (Roud 493; G/D 1:83)
Rave On [Sonny West, Bill Tilghman, Norman Petty]
Reaphook and Sickle (Roud 1375)
The Reason for My Sorrow [trad. tune]
Recessional [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Reckless Young Fellow (Roud 829)
The Recruited Collier (Roud 3503)
The Recruiting Sergeant [Seamus O'Farrell]
The Recruiting Sergeant (Roud 2355; G/D 1:78)
Red & Gold [Ralph McTell]
The Red Barn Murder (Roud 215, 18814)
The Red-Haired Man's Wife (Roud 3406)
Red Wine (and) Promises [Lal Waterson]
Rejoice and Be Merry (Roud V9595)
Remember O Thou Man [Thomas Ravenscroft]
Reno, Nevada [Ian Matthews]
Reply to Joe Haines [Lal Waterson]
Reres Hill (Roud 6847; G/D 6:1133)
Residue [trad.]
Restless [Trevor Lucas, Pete Roach]
The Return to Camden Town [trad. tune]
Reuben Ranzo (Roud 3282)
Reynardine (Roud 397; Laws P15; G/D 2:333)
Reynard the Fox (Roud 358)
Reynard the Fox (Roud 190)
Richie Story (Roud 97; Child 232; G/D 5:1051)
The Rich Man's Daughter (Roud 2987)
Rickety Tickety Tin [Tom Lehrer]
The Riddle Song (Roud 330)
Riddles Wisely Expounded (Roud 161; Child 1)
The Ride in the Creel (Roud 120; Child 281; G/D 2:317)
Riding Down to Portsmouth (Roud 1534)
Riding on Top of the Car [Fred.W. Leigh, V.P. Bryan, Harry von Tilzer]
The Rigs of London Town (Roud 868; G/D 2:299)
The Rigs of Rye (Roud 985; Laws O11; G/D 5:1054)
Rigs of the Time (Roud 876)
Ringing Down the Years [Dave Cousins]
Ripest Apples (Roud 146)
Rising for the Moon [Sandy Denny]
River Man [Nick Drake]
Rivers of Babylon [Psalm 136; Joseph Gelineau]
The Road to Gundagay (Roud 10209)
The Robbers' Retreat (Roud 3314)
The Robber's Song [Peter Bellamy]
Robbery with Violins [trad. tune]
Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford (Roud 2338; Child 144)
Robin Hood and the (Bold) Pedlar (Roud 333; Child 132)
Robin Hood and the Tanner (Roud 332; Child 126)
Robin Hood Rescuing Three Squires (Roud 71; Child 140; G/D 2:243)
Rocking Me Babies (Roud 357)
Rocking the Cradle (Roud 357)
Rockley Firs (Roud 2341)
Rogues in a Nation (Roud 5516)
Roll, Alabama, Roll (Roud 4710)
Roll Down [Peter Bellamy]
Roll Down to Rio [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Rollercoaster (Supper Song) [Maddy Prior]
Roll Her Down the Bay [trad.]
Rolling Down to Old Maui (Roud 2005)
The Rolling English Road [G. K. Chesterton]
Rolling in the Dew (Roud 298; G/D 4:812)
The Rolling of the Stones (Roud 38; Child 49)
Rolling Sea (Roud 506; G/D 7:1414)
Rolling Sea (Roud 506)
Roll the Woodpile Down (Roud 4443)
The Roman Centurion's Song [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Rose [Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp]
The Rose and the Lily (Roud 26; Child 11)
The Rose and the Rock [Ashley Hutchings, Dave Whetstone]
Rosebud(s) in June (Roud 812)
A Rose in April [Kate Rusby]
Rose in June (Roud 1202)
The Rose in June [trad.]
The Rose Lawn Quadrille [trad. tune]
Rosemary Lane (Roud 269; Laws K43; G/D 7:1429)
Rosemary Lane (Roud 12; Child 2; G/D 2:329)
The Rose of Allendale (Roud 1218)
The Rose of Tralee [C. Mordaunt Spencer / Charles William Glover]
The Rose Tree
Rosettes [Maddy Prior]
Roseville Fair [Les Barker, Bill Staines]
Rosie [Dave Swarbrick]
Rosie Anderson (Roud 2169; G/D 7:1462)
Rosin the Beau (Roud 1192; G/D 3:698)
Rothesay-O (Roud 2142; G/D 2:289)
Round Cape Horn (Roud 2048)
Rounding the Horn (Roud 4706)
Route Marchin' [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Rout of the Blues (Roud 21098)
The Roving Journeyman (Roud 360; G/D 7:1397)
A-Roving on a Winter's Night (Roud 3601; G/D 8:1540)
Row, Bullies, Row (Roud 928)
The Royal Forester (Roud 67; Child 110; G/D 7:1465)
The Royal Lament [trad. tune]
The Royal Oak (Roud 951; G/D 1:40)
Rubber Band [Mike Waterson]
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [Robert L. May]
The Rue and the Thyme (Roud 858; G/D 1:52, 6:1139)
Rufford Park Poachers (Roud 1759)
Ruins by the Shore [Nic Jones]
Rumpsy Bumpsy Toralee (Roud 1212)
The Run of the Downs [Rudyard Kipling, trad.]


Saboteur [Rick Kemp, Maddy Prior]
Sail Away to the Sea [Dave Cousins]
The Sailboat Malarkey [trad.]
Sailing into Walpole's Marsh
A Sailor and His True Love (Roud 660; Laws O30)
A Sailor By My Right (Roud 568; Laws P34; G/D 2:341)
A Sailor Courted a Farmer's Daughter (Roud 993; Laws O41; G/D 6:1093)
The Sailor from Dover (Roud 180; Laws P9; G/D 6:1219)
Sailor Home from the Sea [Dorothy Hewitt]
The Sailor Laddie (Roud 506; G/D 7:1414)
The Sailor Laddie (Roud 506)
Sailor's Bonnet [trad. tune]
A Sailor's Life (Roud 273; Laws K12; G/D 6:1245)
Sailor's Rest [Stan Rogers]
The Sailor's Song (Roud 124; Child 289; G/D 1:27)
The Sailor's Way (Roud 8239)
Sails of Silver [Steeleye Span]
Saint George [John Kirkpatrick]
Saint Stephen (Roud 8331)
Salisbury Plain (Roud 1487)
Sally Free and Easy [Cyril Tawney]
Sally Racket (Roud 395)
Samain [Steeleye Span]
Sam Hall (Roud 369; Laws L5)
Sandy's Song [Paul Metsers]
Sandy's Song [Sandy Denny]
The Sans Day Carol (Roud 514)
The Santa Fe Trail (Roud 5096)
Santy Anna (Roud 207)
The Saucy Bold Robber (Roud 1464)
The Saucy Sailor (Roud 531; Laws K38; G/D 1:49)
Saul's Shoes [Martin Green]
Sayers' and Heenan's Great Fight (Roud 2148; Laws H20)
Say What You Say [Jerry Donahue, Doug Morter]
Scarborough Fair (Roud 12; Child 2; G/D 2:329)
Scarecrow [John Tams]
Scarecrow [Bob Johnson]
The Scarecrow [Lal & Mike Waterson]
The Scarlet and the Blue [John Tams]
The Scarlet and the Blue (Roud 163)
The Sea [Sandy Denny]
The Sea Captain [Sandy Denny]
Sea Coal [Graeme Miles]
Seagull [Peter Knight]
A Seaman and His Love (Roud 604; Laws N29)
Seamus the Showman [Tim Hart]
Searching for Lambs (Roud 576)
Searching for Young Lambs (Roud 1437; Laws O9; G/D 5:966)
The Season Round (Roud 169)
Sedgefield Fair (Roud 294)
See Amid the Winter's Snow [Edward Caswall]
The Seeds of Love (Roud 3; G/D 6:1180)
See, See, the Cape's in View (Roud 1252, 5384)
Se Fath Mo Bhuartha [trad. tune]
Senior Service [Steeleye Span]
Serving Girl's Holiday [trad.]
Setting of the Sun [Sandy Denny]
Seven Hundred Elves (DgF 52D)
The Seven Joys of Mary (Roud 278)
The Seventeen Bright Stars [trad.]
Seventeen Come Sunday (Roud 277; Laws O17; G/D 4:791)
Seven Virgins (Roud 127)
The Seven Wonders [trad.]
Seven Yellow Gipsies (Roud 1; Child 200; G/D 2:278)
Shady Lady [Mike Waterson]
Shaking of the Sheets [trad.]
Shallow Brown (Roud 2621)
Shanties By the Way [trad.]
Shattering Live Experience [Simon Nicol]
The Shearer's Dream [Henry Lawson, A.L. Lloyd]
The Shearin's Not for You (Roud 4845; G/D 7:1486)
Sheath and Knife (Roud 3960; Child 16)
Sheep-Crook and Black Dog (Roud 948)
Sheepshearing (Roud 1379, 310)
Sheepshearing Song (Roud 879)
The Sheepstealer (Roud 2410)
The Sheepstealer (Roud 1667)
The Sheffield Apprentice (Roud 399; Laws O39; G/D 5:998)
Sheffield Waltz [trad. tune]
She Moves Through the Fair (Roud 861)
Shenandoah (Roud 324)
Shepherd in Love (Roud 1215)
The Shepherd Lad (Roud 11; Child 112; G/D 2:301)
The Shepherd of the Downs (Roud 1215)
Shepherd O Shepherd (Roud 1055; G/D 7:1513)
Shepherds, Arise! (Roud 1207)
The Shepherd's Daughter (Roud 67; Child 110; G/D 7:1465)
Shepherds Rejoice (Roud 7105)
The Shepherd's Song (Roud 1208)
The Shepherds Song (Roud 284)
The Shepherd's Wife (Roud 1055; G/D 7:1513)
The Sherborne Waltz [trad. tune]
She's Been Writing [Ocean Colour Scene]
She's Like the Swallow (Roud 2306)
Shickered As He Could Be (Roud 114; Child 274; G/D 7:1460)
Shift and Spin [Ewan McVicar]
Shillin' a Day [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Shipbuilding [Elvis Costello, Clive Langer]
The Ship in Distress (Roud 807)
Ships of Shame [Steve Ashley]
A Ship to (Old) England Came (Roud 1424)
The Shoals of Herring (Roud 13642)
Shooting Goshen's Cocks Up (Roud 902)
The Shooting of His Dear (Roud 166; Laws O36)
Short Jacket and White Trousers (Roud 231; Laws N12)
A Shropshire Lad [Sir John Betjeman, Jim Parker]
Si Begh Si Mohr [Turlough O'Carolan]
Siege of Delhi [trad. tune]
The Siege of Lathom House [Steeleye Span]
Silver Dagger (Roud 22620, 22621; Laws M4)
Silver Spear [trad. tune]
Silver Threads and Golden Needles [Dick Reynolds, Jack Rhodes]
Silver Whistle [trad.]
Sing a Song of Sixpence (Roud 13191)
The Singer's Request [Sir Walter Scott, Nic Jones]
Singing the Travels (Roud 873)
Sing Ivy (Roud 21093)
The Single Man's Warning (Roud 4744)
The Single Sailor (Roud 152; Laws M1; G/D 1:51)
Sing, Sing All Earth (Roud 1207)
Sing We the Virgin Mary [trad.]
Sir Andrew Barton (Roud 104; Child 167)
Sir B. McKenzie [Swarbrick, Thompson, Nicol, Mattacks]
Sir James the Rose (Roud 2274; Child 213; G/D 2:235)
Sir John (Roud 21; Child 4; G/D 2:225)
Sir Lionel (Roud 29; Child 18)
Sir Patrick Spens (Roud 41; Child 58; G/D 1:17)
Sir Richard's Song [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Sir William Gower (Roud 478; Laws K22; G/D 2:191)
Sister Josephine [Jake Thackray]
Si Tu Dois Partir [Bob Dylan]
Six Dukes Went A-Fishing (Roud 78)
Six Jovial Welshmen (Roud 283; G/D 2:283)
Skewbald (Roud 456; Laws Q22)
Skewball (Roud 456; Laws Q22)
Skippin' Barfit Through the Heather (Roud 9750)
The Slave's Lament [Robert Burns]
Sleeping [Oliver Knight]
Sleep On Beloved (Roud 15632)
The Sleepwalker [Martin Carthy]
Sligo Maid
Sligo Maid [trad. tune]
The Slip Jigs and Reels [Steve Tilston]
Sloth [Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick]
The Smuggler [trad.]
A Smuggler's Song [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Snowdrop Polka [trad. tune]
Snow Falls [John Tams]
The Snow Is on the Ground (Roud 1121)
The Snow It Melts the Soonest (Roud 3154)
Snug in the Blanket [trad. tune]
So Abroad As I Was Walking (Roud 23793)
Soho [Bert Jansch]
The Soldier and the Lady (Roud 140; Laws P14)
The Soldier and the Maid (Roud 277; Laws O17; G/D 4:791)
Soldier, Soldier [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Soldier, Soldier (Roud 489)
Soldiers Three (Roud 8340)
Solid Air [John Martyn]
Solo [Sandy Denny]
Some Old Salty [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Some Rival (Roud 587)
Somerset Carol (Roud 394)
Somerset Wassail (Roud 209)
Some Say the Devil's Dead [trad. tune]
Some Sweet Day [Felice & Boudleaux Bryant]
Something You Got [Chris Kenner]
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (Roud 10072)
Some Tyrant Has Stolen My True Love Away (Roud 587)
Somewhere Along the Road [Rick Kemp]
Somewhere in London [Peter Knight]
Song Composed in August (Roud 6936)
Song for Sandy [Dave Pegg]
Song for Thirza [Lal Waterson]
The Song of the Lower Classes [Ernest Jones]
Song of the Men's Side [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Song of the Red War-Boat [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Song of the Riddles (Roud 36; Child 46; G/D 4:842)
The Song of Upper Wharfedale (Roud 3183)
A Song to Mithras [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Song Will Remain [Peter Knight]
Soo Sewin' Silk (Roud 473; G/D 8:1703)
Sorrow [John Tams]
Sorry the Day I Was Married (Roud 1561)
So Selfish Runs the Hare (Roud 2455)
So Strange Is Man [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Souling Song (Roud 304)
Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy (Roud 8366)
South Australia (Roud 325)
South Seas [Oliver Knight]
Sovay (Roud 7; Laws N21)
The Sovereign Prince [Maddy Prior]
The Sower's Song (Roud 1264)
Space Girl [Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger]
Spanish Ladies (Roud 687)
The Spanish Lady (Roud 542; G/D 8:1588)
Spectre Review [Joseph Christian von Zedlitz]
Speed the Plough [trad. tune]
Spencer the Rover (Roud 1115)
The Spermwhale Fishery (Roud 484; G/D 6:1116)
The Spirit of Christmas [Steve Ashley]
Sportsmen Arouse! (Roud 1216)
The Spotted Cow (Roud 956)
Spout Cottage (Roud 17704)
Spread the Green Branches (Roud 948)
Sprig o' Thyme (Roud 3; G/D 6:1180)
Springfield Mountain (Roud 431; Laws G16)
Springhill Mine Disaster [Peggy Seeger, with Ewan MacColl]
The Spring Will Bring Us Together
The Squire of Tamworth (Roud 141; Laws N20; G/D 1:166)
The Squire's Daughter [trad. / Fay Hield]
The Staffordshire Maid (Roud 289; Laws L3; G/D 2:268)
Stagger Lee (Roud 4183; Laws I15)
Stagolee (Roud 4183; Laws I15)
Staines Morris [trad.]
Stamps for the Dog [trad. tune]
Stand By Your Guns (Roud V396)
Standing on the Promises of God [Russell Kelso Carter]
Standing on the Shore [trad.]
Stannington (Roud 17707)
Stars in My Crown (Roud 22423)
The Stately Southerner (Roud 625; Laws A3)
Stay Awhile With Me [Dave Cousins]
St Celia's Rocks (Roud 388; Laws K8)
Stephen [Tim Harries]
Stephen's Leaving
St Helena (A St Helena Lullaby) [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Still and Silent Ocean [Peter Bellamy]
Still I Love Him (Roud 654)
Still Waters Run Deep [Sandy Denny]
A Stitch in Time [Mike Waterson]
St. James's Hospital (Roud 2; Laws Q26/B1; G/D 7:1404)
The Stonecutter Boy (Roud 971)
Stones in My Passway [Robert Johnson]
Stone Steps [trad. tune]
Stookie [Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp]
Stormy Weather Boys (Roud 1851)
Stormy Winds (Roud 284)
The Storyteller [trad. tune]
The Storyteller [Nancy Kerr]
Stow Brow (Roud 185; Laws K18; G/D 1:20)
Strange Affair [Richard Thompson]
Strange Meeting [Wilfred Owen]
Stranger to Himself [Sandy Denny]
Strawberry Fair (Roud 173)
The Streams of Lovely Nancy (Roud 688)
The Streets of Derry (Roud 896; Laws L11)
Streets of Forbes (Roud 20764)
Strip Polka [Johnny Mercer]
A Stór Mo Chroí (Roud 3076)
St Swithin's Day [Billy Bragg]
Studying Economy (Roud 5377)
Stumbling On [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Such a War Has Never Been [Les Barker, Martin Carthy]
The Suffolk Miracle (Roud 246; Child 272)
Sugar Wassail (Roud 209)
Sullivan's John (Roud 16718)
Summer Lighting [Oliver Knight]
Summer's In [Anne Briggs]
Sum Waves [trad. tunes]
The Sun Never Shines on the Poor [Richard Thompson]
The Sussex Carol (Roud 597)
Suzanne [Leonard Cohen]
Swaggering Boney [trad. tune]
Swallowtail [trad. tune]
Swansea Barracks (Roud 1416)
Swansea Town (Roud 1416)
The Swapping Song (Roud 469; G/D 8:1696)
Swarthfell Rocks (Roud 1578)
Swedish Wedding March [trad. tune]
Sweep, Chimney Sweep (Roud 1217)
Sweet Chiming Bells (Roud 936)
Sweet England (Roud 272; G/D 4:831)
Sweet Hope of Glory [trad.]
Sweet if You Like [Francis Davidson, Jools Holland]
Sweet Jenny of the Moor (Roud 581; Laws N34; G/D 5:1050)
Sweet Lemeney (Roud 193, 2445)
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller [Chuck Berry]
Sweet Loving Friendship [Peter Bellamy]
Sweet Nightingale (Roud 371)
The Sweet Primeroses (Roud 586; G/D 8:1841)
Sweet Rosemary [Sandy Denny]
Sweet Swansea (Roud 1612)
Sweet Thames Flow Softly [Ewan MacColl]
Sweet William (Roud 273; Laws K12; G/D 6:1245)
Sweet William's Ghost (Roud 50; Child 77)
Swinton May Song (Roud 305)


The Tailor and the Mouse (Roud 16577)
Take Away the Load [Sandy Denny]
Take Me Away [Sandy Denny]
Take My Heart [Maddy Prior, Rick Kemp]
Take This Hammer (Roud 4299)
Tak' the Buckles Frae Your Sheen (Roud 4845; G/D 7:1486)
Talcahuano Girls (Roud 687)
Tale in Hard Time [Richard Thompson]
Tally Ho (Roud 217; G/D 4:727)
Tam Lin (Roud 35; Child 39; G/D 2:330)
Tansey's Fancy [trad. tune]
Taoist Tale [Tucker Zimmerman]
Tarporley Hunt—1833 [R.E. Egerton-Warburton]
Tarry Trousers (Roud 427)
Tarves Parish (Roud 5592; G/D 3:389)
Tavistock Goosey Fair (Roud 10683)
Teach Me, My God and King [trad.]
Tears [Trevor Lucas]
Tell Me What You See In Me [Dave Cousins]
Tell Me Why [Steeleye Span]
Tell Old Bill (Roud 7876)
Ten Long Years [Steeleye Span]
Ten Thousand Miles (Roud 422)
Ten Thousand Miles Away (Roud 1778; G/D 6:1102)
The Term Time (Roud 2181; G/D 3:391)
Testimonial [Peter Bellamy]
Texas Girl at the Funeral of her Father [Randy Newman]
Tha' Lowks a Proper Swell Lass [Lal Wood, Richard Scollins]
Thanksgiving [Rick Lee]
That Day [Rudyard Kipling, trad. arr. Peter Bellamy]
That'll Be the Day [Jerry Alison, Buddy Holly, Norman Petty]
Theme from Catlow [Roy Budd]
There Ain't No Sweet Man That's Worth the Salt of My Tears [Fred Fisher]
There Are No Lights on Our Christmas Tree [Cyril Tawney]
There Is a Fountain of Christ's Blood (Roud 663)
There Is a Tavern (Roud 60; Laws P25; G/D 6:1170)
There Was a Lady Lived in the West (Roud 64; Child 100; G/D 5:999)
There Was a Lord in Edinburgh (Roud 93; Child 221; G/D 5:1024)
There Was an Old Woman Tossed Up in a Basket (Roud 1297)
There Was a Wealthy Merchant (Roud 548; Laws M19)
They Called Her Babylon [Steeleye Span]
They Don't Seem To Know You [Sandy Denny]
They Won't Let Us Go to Sea Anymore [Barry Dransfield]
Things You Gave Me [Glen D. Hardin]
The Thirty-Foot Trailer [Ewan MacColl]
This Train (Roud 6702)
Thomas the Rhymer (Roud 219; Child 37)
Thorkild's Song [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Thornaby Woods (Roud 222)
Thorneymoor Woods (Roud 222)
Thou Hast Left Me Ever, Jamie (Roud V456)
A Thousand Miles Away (Roud 8393)
Thousands or More (Roud 1220)
The Thrashing Machiners (Roud 294)
The Three Bells (Roud 19877)
Three Butchers (Roud 17; Laws L4; G/D 2:186)
Three Cripples (Roud 2422)
The Three Danish Galleys [probably Ruth Tongue]
Three Day Millionaire [Mike Waterson]
Three Drunken Huntsmen (Roud 283; G/D 2:283)
Three Drunken Maidens (Roud 252)
Three Jolly Rogues of Lynn (Roud 130; G/D 3:704)
Three Jolly Sheepskins [trad. tune]
Three Jolly Sneaksmen (Roud 1652)
Three Jolly Sportsmen (Roud 17; Laws L4; G/D 2:186)
The Three Knights (Roud 26; Child 11)
Three Maids A-Milking (Roud 290)
Three Men Went A-Hunting (Roud 283; G/D 2:283)
A Three-Part Song [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Three Ravens (Roud 5; Child 26)
Three Score and Ten (Roud 16873)
Three Ships [Mike Waterson]
The Three Sisters (Roud 161; Child 1)
Three Sons of Rogues (Roud 130; G/D 3:704)
3:10 to Yuma [George Dunning, Ned Washington]
3/2 Hornpipes [trad.]
Three Waltzes [trad. tune]
The Threshing Machine (Roud 294)
Through Lonesome Woods (Roud 3461)
Throwaway Street Puzzle [Ashley Hutchings, Richard Thompson]
Tidewave [Anne Briggs]
Tigery Orum (Roud 183; Laws Q2; G/D 2:318)
The Time Has Come [Anne Briggs]
Time in the Son [Eliza Carthy]
Time to Remember the Poor (Roud 1121)
Time to Ring Some Changes [Richard Thompson]
Tinker's Song (Roud 863)
Tinwood (Roud 17725)
Tip-Top Hornpipe [trad. tune]
To Althea from Prison [Richard Lovelace, Dave Swarbrick]
Today in Bethlehem [trad.]
Together [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
To Have and to Hold [Maddy Prior]
To Hear the Nightingale Sing (Roud 140; Laws P14)
To Know Him Is to Love Him [Phil Spector]
To Make You Stay [Lal Waterson]
Tom Brown (Roud 884; G/D 3:571)
Tommy [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Tomorrow Is a Long Time [Bob Dylan]
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day (Roud 21931)
Tom Padget (Roud 3080)
Tom Paine's Bones [Graham Moore]
Tom Pearce (Roud 137)
Tom's Gone to Hilo (Roud 481)
Tom the Barber (Roud 64; Child 100; G/D 5:999)
Tonight's the Night [Steeleye Span]
Too Much of Nothing [Bob Dylan]
To Reap and Mow the Hay (Roud 12937)
Tortoise from Hell [Les Barker]
The Tour of the Dales (Roud 3183)
T'owd Yowe Wi' One Horn (Roud 1762)
The Town I Loved So Well [Phil Coulter]
Train to Bay [Oliver Knight]
Travellin' Down the Castlereagh (Roud 8399)
Treadmill Song (Roud 1077)
The Tree in the Valley (Roud 129; G/D 8:1668)
The Tree in the Wood (Roud 129; G/D 8:1668)
The Trees Are All Bare (Roud 1170)
A Tree Song [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Trees They Do Grow High (Roud 31; Laws O35; G/D 6:1222)
The Trees They Grow So High (Roud 31; Laws O35; G/D 6:1222)
The Tricks of London [trad.]
Tried So Hard [Gene Clark]
Trimdon Grange (Roud 3189)
The Trim-Rigged Doxy (Roud 518; G/D 7:1477)
Trip to Cartmel [trad. tune]
Trip to Fowey [trad. tune]
The Trip We Took Over the Mountain [Martin Carthy, Dave Swarbrick, Savourna Stevenson]
Trivial Hymn [Rick Kemp, Maddy Prior]
The Trooper and the Maid (Roud 162; Child 299; G/D 7:1470)
Troopin' [Rudyard Kipling, trad. arr. Peter Bellamy]
Trowie Burn [trad. tune]
True Lover John (Roud 179; Child 248)
True Lovers (Roud 1445)
True Thomas (Roud 219; Child 37)
The Truth Sent from Above (Roud 2109)
T Stands for Thomas (Roud 419)
Tuesday Morning (Roud 579)
Tumble and Cut Me Bum (Roud 1212)
Tune [John Aaron]
The Turfman from Ardee (Roud 5187)
Turkey Rhubarb (Roud 1073)
The Turkish Lady (Roud 8124; Laws O26)
The Turn of the Road [Les Barker / trad.]
Turpin Hero (Roud 621; Laws L10)
The Turtle Dove (Roud 422)
Twa Corbies (Roud 5; Child 26)
Twanky-Dillo (Roud 2409)
Twa Recruiting Sergeants (Roud 3356; G/D 1:77)
'Twas on One April Morning (Roud 1546)
The Twelve Days of Christmas (Roud 68; G/D 3:637)
The Twelve Witches [trad.]
Twenty, Eighteen (Roud 146)
Twenty Flight Rock [Eddie Cochran, Ned Fairchild]
Twenty-One Years on Dartmoor (Roud 2248; Laws E16)
The Twenty-Third of March (Roud 3291)
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Roud 7666)
Twisted [Richard Thompson]
The Two Brothers (Roud 38; Child 49)
The Two Brothers (Roud 202)
The Two Brothers (Roud 6360)
Two Butchers (Roud 17; Laws L4; G/D 2:186)
Two Little Girls in Blue [Charles Graham]
The Two Magicians (Roud 1350; Child 44; G/D 2:334)
Two Pretty Boys (Roud 38; Child 49)
Two Ravens (Roud 5; Child 26)
The Two Sisters (Roud 8; Child 10; G/D 2:213)
Two Weeks Last Summer [Dave Cousins]
Two Young Brethren (Roud 202)
Tyne of Harrow (Roud 2403)


Ultrasound [Roger Wilson]
Uncle George's [trad. tune]
Unconquered Sun [Ken Nicol]
Underneath Her Apron (Roud 899; G/D 7:1493)
The Unfortunate Lass (Roud 2; Laws Q26/B1; G/D 7:1404)
The Unfortunate Rake (Roud 2; Laws Q26/B1; G/D 7:1404)
Unfortunate Tailor (Roud 1614)
The Unquiet Grave (Roud 51; Child 78)
Until the Real Thing Comes Along [Cahn, Chaplin, Freeman, Holiner, Nichols]
Up Among the Heather (Roud 1506)
Up in the North (Roud 582; Laws P3; G/D 4:895)
Up Jumped the Herring (Roud 472)
Upon the Bough [A.P.H., Heather Wood]
The Ups and Downs (Roud 364)
Upton Stick Dance
Up to the Rigs (Roud 868; G/D 2:299)
Us Poor Fellows [Peter Bellamy]


Valentine O'Hara (Roud 2403)
The Valiant Sailor (Roud 811)
Van Diemen's Land (Roud 519; Laws L18; G/D 2:252)
Van Diemen's Land (Roud 221)
The Verdant Braes of Skreen (Roud 419)
The Very Thought of You [Ray Noble]
The Victory (Roud 2278)
A Virgin Most Pure (Roud 1378)
Virginny (Roud 1488)
The Voyager [Gary Shearston]


A Wager, a Wager (Roud 34; Child 43; G/D 2:322)
Waiting for Angels [Martin Carthy]
Wake Up England [Maddy Prior]
Waking Dreams (Roud 22620, 22621; Laws M4)
Walk Away [Ben Harper]
Walker Pits (Roud 3488)
Walking on a Wire [Richard Thompson]
Walking the Floor Over You [Ernest Tubb]
Wallaby Stew (Roud 8242)
Walter Bulwer's No. 2 & No. 1 [trad. tune]
Walter Bulwer's Polka [trad. tune]
Waltz Clog [trad. tune]
Waltzing Matilda (Roud 9536)
Waltzing's for Dreamers [Richard Thompson]
Waly Waly (Roud 87; Child 204)
The Wanton Seed (Roud 17230)
The Wanton Wife of Castlegate [trad.]
Ward the Pirate (Roud 224; Child 287; G/D 1:39)
The Warlike Lads of Russia [trad.]
Warlike Seamen (Roud 690; G/D 1:41)
The Wars of Germany (Roud 5608)
The Wars of Germany (Roud 268; Laws N7; G/D 1:171, 1:172)
Wassail Song (Roud 209)
The Watchet Sailor (Roud 917)
The Watercress Girl (Roud 1541, 1653)
Watercress-O [Roger Watson]
The Water Is Wide (Roud 87; Child 204)
Waterloo Fair (The Henryco) [trad. tune]
Waterman's Hornpipe [trad. tune]
The Waters of Tyne (Roud 1364)
Way Down Town (Roud 7691)
Wayfaring Stranger (Roud 3339)
The Way I Feel [Gordon Lightfoot]
The Way Through the Woods [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Wealthy Squire (Roud 262; Laws P1; G/D 5:1059)
Weary Cutters (Roud 8772)
The Weary Traveller (Roud 17725)
The Weary Whaling Grounds (Roud 2011)
The Weaver and the Factory Maid (Roud 3085, 17771)
The Weaver's Daughter (Roud 1277)
The Wedding Song (Roud 381; G/D 5:980)
Wee Dark Engine Room [Harry Robertson]
The Week Before Easter (Roud 154; G/D 6:1198)
A Wee One (Roud 357)
The Wee Toun Clerk (Roud 120; Child 281; G/D 2:317)
Weevily Wheat (Roud 729; G/D 1:135)
Wee Weaver (Roud 3378)
The Wee Wee Man (Roud 2865; Child 38)
We Gets Up in the Morn (Roud 2471)
We Have Fed Our Sea [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Welcome Sailor (Roud 604; Laws N29)
We'll All Go A-Hunting Today (Roud 1172)
The Well Below the Valley (Roud 2335; Child 21)
Well Done Liar! (Roud 473; G/D 8:1703)
Wellington Hornpipe [trad. tune]
Well Sold the Cow (Roud 2637; Laws L1)
The Wensleydale Lad (Roud 21176)
We Poor Labouring Men (Roud 1394)
We're All Jolly Fellows That Follow the Plough (Roud 346; G/D 3:418)
The Werewolf [Michael Hurley]
We Shepherds Are the Best of Men (Roud 284)
Western Movies [Rick Kemp]
Westron Wynde [trad.]
The Wet Litany [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Roud 230, 9681)
Wexford Carol (Roud 22086)
Wexford Town (Roud 263; Laws P35; G/D 2:200)
The Wexport Girl (Roud 263; Laws P35; G/D 2:200)
Weyhill Fair (Roud 10536)
The Whale Catchers (Roud 3291)
The Whaleman's Lament (Roud 2000)
Wha's Fu' (Roud 473; G/D 8:1703)
What a Beau Your Granny Is [trad. tune]
What a Voice (Roud 495; G/D 6:1189)
What Had You for Supper (Roud 10; Child 12; G/D 2:209)
What if a Day, Or a Month, Or a Yeare? [Thomas Campion]
What Is True? [Sandy Denny]
What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor? (Roud 322; G/D 1:4)
What's the Life of a Man? (Roud 848)
What Will Become of England? (Roud 1779)
What Will We Do? (Roud 16879)
When a Man's in Love (Roud 990; Laws O20)
When First I Came to Caledonia [trad.]
When Fortune Turns the Wheel (Roud 3798; G/D 3:667)
When I Die (Roud 7697)
When I First Came to This Land (Roud 16813)
When I Was a Little Boy (Roud 1706; G/D 8:1701)
When I Was Noo But Sweet Sixteen (Roud 5138)
When I Was on Horseback (Roud 2; Laws Q26/B1; G/D 7:1404)
When I Was Young (Roud 2593)
When Johnson's Ale Was New (Roud 139; G/D 3:561)
When Jones's Ale Was New (Roud 139; G/D 3:561)
When Spring Comes In (Roud 439)
When Spring Comes On (Roud 439)
When the Old Dun Cow Caught Fire (Roud 5323)
When Will I Be Loved? [Phil and Don Everly]
Where Are They Now [Steeleye Span]
Where Did My Life Go? [Bert Jansch]
Where Ravens Feed [Graeme Miles]
While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping (Roud 363)
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (Roud 936)
The Whirly Whorl (Roud 12573)
Whiskey Is the Life of Man (Roud 651)
Whiskey Johnny (Roud 651)
Whispering Grass [Fred & Doris Fisher]
Whistle, Daughter, Whistle (Roud 1570; G/D 7:1334)
The Whitby Lad (Roud 261; Laws L16; G/D 2:260)
White (Roud 5732)
The White Cliffs of Dover [Burton, Kent]
The White Cockade (Roud 191)
White Dress [Dave Swarbrick]
The White Hare (Roud 1110)
White Man [Peter Knight]
Whitsun Dance [Austin John Marshall]
The Whitsuntide Carol (Roud 3186)
Whittingham Fair (Roud 12; Child 2; G/D 2:329)
Who Killed Cock Robin? (Roud 494)
Who Knows Where the Time Goes? [Sandy Denny]
Who Owns the Game? (Roud 3209)
The Whore's Lament (Roud 8153)
Who Shall Judge the Lord (A Carol) [Rudyard Kipling, trad.]
Who's Sorry Now? [Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby, Ted Snyder]
Who's the Fool Now? (Roud 473; G/D 8:1703)
Who Told the Butcher? [Peter Knight]
The Wicked Serpent (Roud 431; Laws G16)
Widdicombe Fair (Roud 137)
Widdliecombe Fair (Roud 666)
The Widow at Windsor [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
The Widow of Westmorland's Daughter (Roud 228; G/D 7:1439)
Widow's Curse (RoudBS B55871)
The Widow's Party [Rudyard Kipling, trad.arr. Peter Bellamy]
The Widow's Promise [Mick Ryan]
The Wife of the Soldier [Bertolt Brecht]
The Wife of Usher's Well (Roud 196; Child 79)
Wild and Wicked Youth (Roud 221)
The Wild Colonial Boy (Roud 677; Laws L20)
The Wild Geese [Violet Jacob, Jim Reid]
Wild Goose Shanty (Roud 328)
Wild Mountain Thyme (Roud 541; G/D 4:862)
The Wild Rover (Roud 1173; G/D 7:1480)
Wild Strawberries [Dave Cousins, Tony Hooper]
The Wild, Wild Berry (Roud 10; Child 12; G/D 2:209)
William and Nancy [trad. tune]
William and Nancy's Parting (Roud 551; Laws N8; G/D 1:63)
William Glenn (Roud 478; Laws K22; G/D 2:191)
William Taylor (Roud 158; Laws N11; G/D 1:169)
William Taylor the Poacher (Roud 851)
Willie and Earl Richard's Daughter (Roud 3910; Child 102)
Willie and the Hand Jive [Johnny Otis]
Willie Clancy's Fancy [trad. tune]
Willie Macintosh (Roud 4010; Child 183)
Willie-O (Roud 22567)
Willie o' Winsbury (Roud 64; Child 100; G/D 5:999)
Willie's Lady (Roud 220; Child 6; G/D 2:346)
Willie Taylor (Roud 158; Laws N11; G/D 1:169)
Willie the Bold Sailor Boy (Roud 273; Laws K12; G/D 6:1245)
Willie the Waterboy (Roud 22567)
The Willow Tree (Roud 18831)
Will Ye Go to Flanders? (Roud 8544)
Will You Go Lassie, Go? (Roud 541; G/D 4:862)
Willy Went to Westerdale (Roud 7193; G/D 7:1290)
Wilson's Arms [Lal Waterson, Oliver Knight]
Wimoweh [Paul Campbell, Solomon Linda]
Wi' My Rovin' Eye (Roud 866)
Wind Across the Moor (Roud 155; Laws P21; G/D 6:1175)
The Wind and Rain (Roud 8; Child 10; G/D 2:213)
Windham (Roud 15045)
The Wind That Shakes the Barley (Roud 2994)
Windy Old Weather (Roud 472)
Wings [Ashley Hutchings, Ken Nicol]
The Wings of a Goney (Roud 2011)
Winifer Odd [Lal Waterson]
Winter [Peter Knight]
Winter Winds [Sandy Denny]
The Witch of the Westmorlands [Archie Fisher]
With Kitty I'll Go (Roud 3052)
With Me Pit Boots On (Roud 516)
With Napoleon in Russia [Maddy Prior]
Wobbly Cat
Wolfe [Ashley Hutchings]
Woman in the Wings [Maddy Prior]
Wondrous Love (Roud 5089)
Won't You Go My Way? (Roud 8289)
Wop She 'ad It-io (Roud 1212)
Worcester City (Roud 218; Laws P30; G/D 2:210)
The Worcestershire Wedding (Roud 1694)
The Workhouse Boy [trad.]
The Working Chap (Roud 5591; G/D 3:579)
Working Chap (What a Crime) [Mike Waterson]
Work Life Out to Keep Life In (Roud 5591; G/D 3:579)
The Wounded Hussar [trad. tune]
The Wreck of the ‘Northfleet’ (Roud 1174)
The Wren (Roud 19109)
Wretched Wilbur [Sandy Denny]
The Wrong Favour [Eliza Carthy]


Yaller Girls (Roud 3221)
Yarmouth Town [trad.]
The Yarmouth Tragedy (Roud 187; Laws M38; G/D 2:222)
Year—The Season's Cycle [Maddy Prior]
The Yellow Handkerchief (Roud 954)
Yellow Meal (Roud 15778)
Ye Mariners All (Roud 1191)
Ye Noble Spectators (Roud 610)
Yonder Comes the Devil
The Yorkshire Bite (Roud 2637; Laws L1)
Yorkshire Couple [Jim Mackie]
The Yorkshire Tup (Roud 126; G/D 3:645)
You Can't Change Me Now [Barry Dransfield]
You Gentlemen of England (Roud 1803; Laws K2)
You Gotta Pay Me If You Lay Me [trad.]
You Lads of Learning (Roud 3027)
You Must Unload (Roud 22511)
You Never Know [Peter Gabriel]
You Never Wanted Me [Jackson C. Frank]
The Young and Single Sailor (Roud 264; Laws N42; G/D 5:1038, 6:1201)
Young Banker (Roud 3321)
Young Billy Brown (Roud 945; G/D 1:52)
Young Bob Ridley (Roud 753)
The Young British Soldier [Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy]
Young Collins [trad. Morris tune]
Young Donald (Roud 3379)
Young Edwin in the Lowlands Low (Roud 182; Laws M34; G/D 2:189)
Young Emma (Roud 182; Laws M34; G/D 2:189)
Young Girl Cut Down in Her Prime (Roud 2; Laws Q26/B1; G/D 7:1404)
Young Hunting (Roud 47; Child 68)
Young John (Roud 201; Child 218; G/D 5:974)
Young Johnnie (Roud 1437; Laws O9; G/D 5:966)
Young Johnson (Roud 518; G/D 7:1477)
Young Johnstone (Roud 56; Child 88; G/D 8:1929)
Young Maria (Roud 1478)
Young Men Are False (Roud 1546)
Young Morgan (Roud 5369; G/D 4:896)
Young Orphy (Roud 136; Child 19)
Young Roger Esquire (Roud 680; Laws P8; G/D 4:761)
Young Sailor Cut Down in His Prime (Roud 2; Laws Q26/B1; G/D 7:1404)
Young Simon John [Tom Daniel]
Young Waters (Roud 2860; Child 94)
You Noble Diggers All [Gerrard Winstanley]
Your Baby 'as Gorn Dahn the Plug'ole [Jack Spade]
You're Gonna Need My Help [McKinley Morganfield]
You Will Burn [Peter Knight]