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Fol the Day-O

[ Roud - ; Nancy Kerr]

Nancy Kerr sang her song Fol the Day-O on the Full English’s eponymous 2013 Topic CD, The Full English.

This video shows her and James Fagan at Bath Folk Festival 2013:


Nancy Kerr sings Fol the Day-O

Some do sing as though the summer’s coming
Though the sun is gone beyond the hill
And though blossoms blow and bees are humming
We’ll remember cold November’s chill

Chorus (after each verse):
Fol the day-o, love is sweet-o
Seeds are blooming underneath our feet-o
Blow the fields through city streets-o
Like a Joseph Taylor melody

Some do leave their gardens wild a-growing
Others rule with bed and boundary
For the walls and fences frame our knowing
And the meadows grow our liberty

Though the end of time is long before us
We are hunted like the Oldham hare
Let us sing like it’s the 5th of August
And our lovers wait beyond the fair

There’s a marble stone above me sleeping
There’s a turtle dove upon the wing
There’s my garden grown and willow weeping
When I hear bold Joseph Taylor sing

(repeat first verse)