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Glasgow Lassie

[ Roud 7144 ; G/D 7:1320 ; Ballad Index GrD71320 ; Bodleian Roud 7144 ; trad.]

Sylvia Barnes sang Glasgow Lassie, “from Eck Harley, Fife”, on her 2007 Greentrax CD The Colour of Amber.


Sylvia Barnes sings Glasgow Lassie

First time I met my Glasgow Lassie
It was at the fair ca'ed sweet Stranraer.
Her rosy cheeks were sae enticin’,
She's the lass that stole my young heart awa’.

“Oh bonny lass, wad ye gang wi' me
Tae Edinburgh toon, some friends for tae meet?
I hae a room tae entertain ye,
Bonny lassie, wad ye no’ gang wi’ me?”

“Oh no kind sir, I can ne'er gang wi' ye
and this night I will tell you the reason why.
I'm late engaged all tae another
And the truth tae you I can ne'er deny.”

“But I hae barns love, and I hae byress
Five hundred sheep and a knowt or twa.
And I'd share them a’ wi' a Glasgow lassie
If ye’d but consent love and come awa.”

“My lad’s nae barns, my lad's nae byres,
As for sheep and kye he has nane ava'.
But he’s young and canty, he'll work for plenty,
He’s the lad that stole my young heart awa’.”

Doon in yon tavern, whaur we sat bousin’
I thocht on the bonniest lass of a’.
Her rosy cheeks were sae enticin',
She’s the lass that stole my young heart awa'.