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Hey Donal, Ho Donal

[ Roud 6258 ; G/D 4:910 ; Ballad Index GrD4910 ; trad.]

Elizabeth Stewart sang Hey Donal, Ho Donal on her 1992 cassette ’Atween You an’ Me and on her 2004 Elphinstone Institute CD Binnorie. Thomas A. McKean noted in the latter album’s booklet:

This music hall song is usually considered to be the model for the much later, better-known, Donald Whaur’s Yer Troosers, made popular by Andy Stewart. In fact the two songs share little more than a tune and, in the latter, Donal has become a cliche, a parody of the Highlander. Greig-Duncan contains one melody and one set of words, including a closing verse (910B, verse 3), also sung by Stanley Robertson:

When I popped the question tae miss Mackay, she looked shy an so did I,
And then I said, I said, says I, fit’s aboot yer mither?
For ma mither done it too, the verra same thing I’ll dae tae you,
She’s taen ma faither so I’ll tak you, an we’ll tak een anither.

Elizabeth thinks this may also belong to Robin Tamson’s Smiddy (Roud 939; Laws O12; G/D 5:1009), another comedy of courting life.


Elizabeth Stewart sings Hey Donal, Ho Donal

It wis in the merry month o May
When a nice wee lass she cam my way,
And aa the words that she could say wis,
Donal dinna miss me.
Hug me tug me if you please,
ind noo Donal dinna squeeze,
And if ye think that naebody sees
O Donald come and get me.

Chorus (after each verse):
Hey Donal, ho Donal
Think upon your vows Donal
Donal man ye’re big and braw
Kiss me quick an rin awa.

I popped the question tae Miss McKay,
She is a beauty sae am I
But let me tell ye on the sly
She is a great provoker.
She’ll often say tae me, Donal dear
Hurry up man and disappear,
For if ma mither kens you’re here
O Donal you’re a croaker.

We stood that nicht upon the stair
Bletherin there like ony pair.
I kissed her till her gums were sair
Till she says, Ye’re misbehaving.
I tickled her till she said, That’s rash,
Then she hit me sic a bash
She says, Yere whiskers need a wash
Or else they’re needin shavin.