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It's Lonely in the Bothy

[ Roud 23396 ; Charlie Allan]

Charlie Allan sang his own composition It's Lonely in the Bothy as the title track of his 1980 album It's Lonely in the Bothy. This track was also included in 2009 on the Sleepytown anthology The Bothy Songs and Ballads of North East Scotland Vol. 4.

The Sair Heidies sang It's Lonely in the Bothy in 1984 on the Springthyme album Bothy Greats.


Charlie Allan sings It's Lonely in the Bothy

Oh fin I gaed hame tae Ardo
Well the boss had nae a clue
He couldna back a tractor cairt
There wis naewye he could ploo
Therefor I got aa the wirk tae dee
That suited me jist fine
And I bade in a little timmer bothy.

Chorus (after each verse):
Oh the cauld wins they blaw in aneth
Ma timmer bothy door
An the moosies they jook in an oot
The knot holes in the floor
Bit that's nae the warst o bein here
Discomforts I can thole
It's lonely at nicht in the bothy.

Oh I sort the mannie's funcy bulls
An pit them oot for Perth
An I ken that I'm the best showman
That iver walked the earth
Bit fin aa the judgin's ower
An fin aa the silver's won
It's back tae my little timmer bothy.

Well now I've nae wife tae tie me doon
Sae I'm aye on the loose
An nearly ivery nicht I'm doon
At Waldie's public hoose
Bit ye canna blame a man
For takkin comforts far he can
For it's lonely at nicht in the bothy.