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Kane’s Shady Glen

[ Roud 6882 ; Henry H538 ; Ballad Index HHH538 ; Francis Heaney (1845-1933)]

Len Graham sang Kane’s Shady Glen in 1984 on his Claddagh album with Fintan McManus, Ye Lovers All. He noted:

This is a relatively recent song, which was composed by Francis Heaney (1845-1933) of Magherabuoy, County Derry. His niece Sarah Heaney sang me this and others of his fine compositions. It appears as no. 538 in the Songs of the People.

The land of Ó Catháin mentioned in the first line of this song is a reference to an area of County Derry formerly ruled by the Ó Catháin sept. Kane is an Anglicisation of Ó Catháin.


Len Graham sings Kane’s Shady Glen

In the land of Ó Catháin as I rambled at will,
Where the songsters’ sweet chorus had musical skill,
Where the herds were assembled their flocks for to pen,
There I first met Eliza of Kane’s Shady Glen.

I fondly addressed her as she passed me by,
She modestly answered causing me for to sigh.
Some hours we tested and I clearly saw then
That my love was invalid in Kane’s Shady Glen.

In pure conversation we both tripped along
To the heights of Benbradagh where the sweet maidens throng.
In just competition could my heart wield a pen
I would first mark Eliza of Kane’s Shady Glen.

She will not consent for I have no gold in store.
For her sake I will sail where the wild billows roar.
In gentle demeanour all virtues do blend
With you my Eliza of Kane’s Shady Glen.

Farewell, chosen flower, may your bloom ne’er decay,
Farewell happy hours where my joy doth portray.
By the Roe’s clear river my life I could spend
With you my Eliza of Kane’s Shady Glen.