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Look Up, Look Up

[John Tams]

John Tams wrote Look Up, Look Up for the crucifixion scene in The Mysteries. Home Service also recorded it for their 1986 LP Alright Jack. A live recording from the same year was released in 2011 on their Fledg’ling CD Live 1986. A re-united Home Service also sang Look Up, Look Up at the Cambridge Folk Festival 2011.

A 1988 recording of Maggie Holland singing Look Up, Look Up was released in 2007 on her retrospective CD Bones.


Home Service sing Look Up, Look Up

Look up, look up, the lamb shall lead the way,
Look up, look up, the dogs behowl the day.
And they shall bite full bellied in their spite
What care have they to take the lamb away?

Look up, look up, the hand divides the gloom,
Look up, look up, the prophet or the doom.
And should he die on whose word can we rely?
The truth to see death or eternity.

Look up, look up, the shepherd takes his place,
Look up, look up, a mother hides her face.
And when we die will there be friends to cry?
What hope have they to turn their heads away?