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Mary Anne

[Fred W. Leigh, George Henry Bastow]

The Muckram Wakes sang the music hall song Mary Anne in 1980 on their Highway LP Warbles, Jangles and Reeds. They commented in their liner notes:

Learned by us from George Fradley of S.W. Derbyshire. Written by Fred W. Leigh and sung on the Music Halls by George Bastow, a combination better known for The Galloping Major.

Lady Maisery sang Mary Anne in 2011 on their CD Weave & Spin. They commented in their liner notes:

This is an old music hall number taken from a Muckram Wakes recording, and originally collected from a Derbyshire singer George Fradley.


Lady Maisery sing Mary Anne

Well I never thought much about females
Till a couple of months ago
Till I thought I saw one of them noticing me,
My mother told me so.
That damsel's name is Mary Anne
And she looked at me one day.
I told mother and mother told me
In a motherly kind of way, that …

Chorus (after each verse):
Mary Anne she's after me,
Full of love she seems to be.
My mother says it is plain to see
That she wants me for her young man.
Father says, “If that be true,
John, my lad, be thankful too
That there's one bigger fool in the world than you
And that's Mary Anne.

Well I often sees her looking at me
And I don't know what to do,
And I can't help looking at her looking at me,
My mother told me so.
Last Sunday morning coming from church
She says I'll walk your way.
Well we strted walking, I never says nowt,
I'd a narrow escape that day, 'cause …

Well there's many a jolly young chap like me
Who might be pleased to know
What dangerous animals some girls is,
My mother told me so.
We roam around like innocent lambs
And we cause no harm I'm sure,
Till along comes sommat in frocks and in curls
And there's never no peace no more, ……


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