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[Roger Wilson]

Payday is a song from Roger Wilson’s 1994 album Stark Naked. He also sings it in this video of unknown date and venue:

Jon Boden sang Payday as the 11 April 2011 entry of his project A Folk Song a Day. He reminisced in his blog:

A great song by Roger Wilson. Dan Plews has made this very much his own and it is something of an anthem in the Oxford session scene.


Roger Wilson sings Payday

My breast is heaving, my feet are light
I carry my whole life on my back tonight
This is the life I choose, I don’t do any harm
I’m just looking forward
To my sweetheart’s cuddles and charms, on payday

Chorus (after each verse):
I’m gonna dance all night
These people are meeting up
Between the trees beneath the moonlight
They’ll be trying to keep us apart,
Even after all the miles we’ve come
But there’s too many lonely hearts,
Gonna make sure mine isn’t one, on payday

I wasn’t stupid the day that I was born
Whatever happened to me, what were my schooldays for
I did what I was told, then I’ve always been a slow learner
Unlike an idiot toeing the line,
Looking out for a better earner, on payday

So I walk these lanes in the fading light
I feel no pain, I feel no fright
Heart you’ll go your way, whatever you decide
I guarantee today
That the head will sympathise, on payday