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Thou Cauld Gloomy Feberwar

[ Roud V45234 ; verse 1 Robert Tannahill, verses 2-3 Patrick Buchan]

Fiona Hunter sang Thou Cauld Gloomy Feberwar on the 2012 Brechin All anthology The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill Volume III, and on her 2024 album Atween the Salt Sea and the Sand.


Fiona Hunter sings Thou Cauld Gloomy Feberwar

Thou cauld gloomy Feberwar,
Oh gin thou wert awa
I’m wae tae hear thy sughin winds,
I’m wae tae see thy snaw:
For my bonnie brave young Hielander,
The lad I loe sae dear,
Has vow’d tae come an see me
In the spring o the year.

Aft, aft as gloamin dims the sky,
I wander oot alane
Whar buds the bonnie yella whins
Aroon the trystin stane:
Twas there he pressed me tae his hert,
And kissed awa the tear,
As he vowed tae come and see me
In the spring o the year

Ye gentle breezes saftly blaw,
And deed anew the wuds
Ye lavrocks lilt your cheery sangs
Amang the fleecy cluds:
Till Feberwar and aa his train
Affrichted disappear.
I’ll hail wi you the blythsome change,
The spring time o the year.