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You Can’t Change Me Now

[Barry Dransfield]

Barry Dransfield sang his own song You Can’t Change Me Now in a few BBC sessions in 1975 and 1976. Three versions of this song were included in 2005 on the bonus CD of the reissue of The Fiddler’s Dream, and the 14 September 1976 version is also on the Dransfield’s Free Reed anthology Up to Now.

Barry Dransfield re-recorded You Can’t Change Me Now solo in 1994 for his Rhiannon CD Be Your Own Man. He commented in his album’s notes:

I originally did this with Robin, bass player Brian Harrison and drummer Bob Critchley in the mid seventies. However to play this solo an Irish influence has happily crept in. The excellent Mr [Chris] Fyfe is featured again here on bodhrán and mandolin.


Barry Dransfield sings You Can’t Change Me Now

Today I feel like I’ve done it all,
I’ve run my head against every wall.
I hate to say it but I think its true:
I’ve done all the growing that I’m gonna do.

Chorus (after each verse):
’Cause you can’t change me now
No you can’t change me now
Been held too long and now I’m gone
And you can’t change me now

Sometimes I feel like a fish in a bowl,
The circles tying up my soul.
Come on and stick me with a pin:
I bet you I won’t feel a thing.

Doctor, doctor please don’t frown,
I’m walking a foot above the ground.
I’m treading air, I’m looking for health.
Oh forget it, doctor, I’ll cure myself.

Can a man reach the end of the line
Where the mud’s all honey, the water’s wine?
Please don’t make me go and join
Those white faced children on the early train.