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As I Cycled Out on a May Morning

The Cecil Sharp Centenary Collective: As I Cycled Out on a May Morning (Talking Elephant TECD057)

As I Cycled Out on a May Morning
The Cecil Sharp Centenary Collective

Talking Elephant TECD057 (CD, UK, 2003)

Album recorded at Rooksmere Studios, Overstone, Northamptonshire, in July and August 2003;
Engineered by Mark Hutchinson;
Old photographs by Cecil Sharp;
New photographs by Ron Eamonson;
Booklet design by Malcolm Holmes

Compare this to An Hour With Cecil Sharp and Ashley Hutchings.


Simon Care: melodeon, Anglo concertina;
Ashley Hutchings: vocal, acoustic bass guitar;
Emily Slade: vocal, acoustic guitar, banjo;
Roger Wilson: vocal, fiddle, Appalachian dulcimer, acoustic guitar

Brendan Power: harmonica;
Guy Fletcher: drums;
Kellie While: harmony vocals;
Mark Hutchinson: harmony vocals


  1. 100 Years Ago (Roud 926) (2.11)
  2. William Taylor (Roud 158; Laws N11; G/D 1:169; Henry H213, H757) (2.58)
  3. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (Roud 165) (3.28)
  4. Country Dance Medley: Philibelua All the Way / Newcastle / Galopede (4.48)
  5. The Trees They Do Grow High (Roud 31; Laws O35; G/D 6:1222) (3.31)
  6. Among the New-Mown Hay (Roud 2941) (4.00)
  7. The Crabfish (Roud 149) (3.56)
  8. Rosebud in June (Roud 812) (2.26)
  9. Morris Dance Medley: Hunting the Squirrell / Constant Billy / Jockey to the Fair (from the Headington, Oxfordshire, tradition) (4.05)
  10. The Carter (Roud 2408) (3.25)

Off to America

  1. The Wife of Usher’s Well (Roud 196; Child 79) (3.13)
  2. Appalachian Front-Porch Game (2.58)
  3. Matty Groves (Roud 52; Child 81) (5.27)

Back to the British Isles

  1. The Pride of Kildare (Roud 962; Laws P6) (5.12)
  2. 100 Years Ago (Roud 926) (Reprise) (2.11)

All track trad. arr. Simon Care, Ashley Hutchings, Emily Slade, Roger Wilson except
Tracks 1, 15 trad., Ashley Hutchings;
Track 5 trad. arr. Emily Slade;
Track 8 trad. arr. Emily Slade, Roger Wilson;
Track 11 trad. arr. Roger Wilson;
Track 12 comp. Ashley Hutchings