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Vote for Us

Leon Rosselson: Vote for Us (Transatlantic TRA 120)

Vote for Us
Leon Rosselson

Transatlantic Records TRA 120 (LP, UK, 1964)

“This record is about British Politics particularly in the period before an election. Like British Politics it is at times cheap, nasty and sordid, scurrilous, lunatic, unbelievable and wildly funny.”

Produced by Nathan Joseph;
Recorded at Olympic Studios, London, W1, supervised by Nat Joseph, Bill Leader, Keith Grant;
Cover drawing by Niky


Sydney Carter, Alan Twelftree, Liane Aukin, Ralph Trainer, Sam Hutt, Leon Rosselson, Stephen Sedley, Chris Hilton, James E. Butchart


Side 1

  1. Tories All Out
  2. Flagging
  3. Battle Hymn of the Liberal Revival
  4. Listen With Granny
  5. Foot in Mouth Disease
  6. Ballad of the Crutty Men

Side 2

  1. It’s All Relative
  2. Ever Been Ad?
  3. To Deter or Not to Deter
  4. Stand Firm
  5. Party Pops
  6. A Few Home Truths

All songs by Leon Rosselson except
Track 1 Stephen Sedley;
Track 4 Stephen Sedley, Liane Aukin, Sydney Carter, Nathan Joseph;
Track 5 Maudling, Macleod;
Track 7 MacMillan et al;
Track 8 Rosselson, Nathan Joseph, Alan Twelftree;
Track 11 Nathan Joseph;
Track 12 Stephen Sedley, Nathan Joseph, Leon Rosselson


Terry Wilson commented in the Leon Rosselson Song Catalogue:

There is some uncertainty over this LP, the author of this site not having secured a copy as yet. Leon himself recalled the record: “an assortment of musicians and writers lampooned all the parties in the coming elections”. The album was produced by Nathan Joseph, who apparently appears, as does Stephen Sedley. Nevertheless, some sources indicate that this album is all Leon’s work.

There is confusion over the tracks which Leon did contribute. For example, in a review in Tribune (27 March 1964), some lines are quoted from the song, Battle Hymn of the New Socialist Party, which is not listed on the LP at all, unless it goes here by a different name. The song, Battle Hymn of the Liberal Revival is a candidate, but this might equally be Leon’s Liberal Party Revival Song under an alternative title, since the latter was certainly written some time before 1968, and begins with the words “Vote for us! vote for us!”—the title of this LP.


Thnaks to Alistair Banfield for record details.