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Leon Rosselson Chronological Discography


Zimra Ornatt, Israeli Songs, 10" LP, Topic 10T21, 1958

Stan Kelly, Liverpool Packet, 7" EP, Topic TOP27, 1958


Dominic Behan, Down by the Liffeyside: Irish Street Ballads, LP, Topic 12T35, 1959


The Galliards, The Galliards, 7" EP, Decca / Beltona SEP 90, 1960

The Galliards, Black and White / Bahnuah, single, Topic STOP101, 1960

Robin Hall, Last Leaves of Traditional Ballads, LP, Collector JFS 4002, 1960

Songs Against the Bomb (Topic 12001) Various Artists, Songs Against the Bomb, LP, Topic 12001, 1960


Robin Hall and Jimmie Macgregor with The Galliards, Scottish Choice, LP, Decca Ace of Clubs ACL 1065, 1961

Stan Kelly, Leon Rosselson, Songs for Swinging Landlords To, 7" EP, Topic TOP60, 1961


Robin Hall and Jimmie Macgregor with The Galliards, A Rovin', LP, Decca Ace of Clubs ACL 1100, 1962

Robin Hall and Jimmie Macgregor, Two Heids Are Better Than Yin!, LP, Monitor MFS 365 / Tonight and Every Night, LP, His Master's Voice CLP 1646, 1962

Leon Rosselson, Songs for City Squares, 7" EP, Topic TOP77, 1962


The Galliards, England's Great Folk Group, LP, Monitor MF 407 / The Next Tonight Will Be With …, LP, His Master's Voice CLP 1715, 1963

Judith Silver, The Summertime Is Over, 7" EP, Topic TOP97, 1963


Leon Rosselson, Vote for Us, LP, Transatlantic TRA 120, 1964


The Three City Four, The Three City Four, LP, Decca LK 4705, 1965

Folk Now (Decca LK 4683) Various Artists, Folk Now, LP, Decca LK 4683, 1965


Owen Hand, I Loved a Lass, LP, Transatlantic TRA 138, 1966

Leon Rosselson, Songs for Sceptical Circles, LP, Bounty BY 6029, 1966

The Best of British Folk Music (Transatlantic XTRA 1031) Various Artists, The Best of British Folk Music, LP, Transatlantic XTRA 1031, 1966


Alasdair Clayre, Alasdair Clayre, LP, Elektra EUK 255, 1967

The Three City Four, Smoke and Dust, LP, CBS 63039, 1967


Roy & Val Bailey with Leon Rosselson, Oats & Beans & Kangaroos, LP, Fontana SFL 13061, 1968

Adrian Mitchell, Leon Rosselson, A Laugh, a Song, and a Hand-Grenade, LP, Transatlantic TRA 171, 1968


Roy & Val Bailey with Leon Rosselson, Cobweb of Dreams, EP, Acorn CF305, 1969

Stan Kelly, O Liverpool We Love You, LP, Transatlantic XTRA 1064, 1969


Roy Bailey, Roy Bailey, LP, Trailer LER 3021, 1971

Leon Rosselson, The Word is Hugga Mugga Chugga Lugga Humbugga Boom Chit, LP, Trailer LER 3015, 1971


Various Artists, 3. Folkfestival auf der Lenzburg, 2 LP, Oversea FL 67741/2, 1974


Leon Rosselson, Palaces of Gold, LP, Acorn CF 249, 1975

Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, That's Not the Way It's Got to Be, LP, Acorn CF 251, 1975


Roy Bailey, New Bell Wake, LP, Acorn CF 262, 1976


Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, Love, Loneliness, Laundry, LP, Acorn CF 271, 1977


Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, If I Knew Who the Enemy Was …, LP, Fuse CF 284, 1979


The 1980 Vancouver Folk Music Festival Album (Aural Tradition ATR 102) Various Artists, The 1980 Vancouver Folk Music Festival Album, LP, Aural Tradition ATR 102, 1980


Leon Rosselson, For the Good of the Nation, LP, Fuse CF 381, 1981

Nuclear Power No Thanks!!? (Plane IMP 2) Various Artists, Nuclear Power: No Thanks, LP, Plane IMP 2, 1981


Leon Rosselson, Temporary Loss of Vision, LP, Fuse CF 384, 1983

Bullets and Guitars (Vancouver Folk Music Festival CAR 101) Various Artists, Bullets and Guitars: Songs for Central America, LP, Vancouver Folk Music Festival CAR 101, 1983

Songs for Peace (FolkFreak FF 4010) Various Artists, Songs for Peace, LP, FolkFreak FF 4010, 1983


Sandra Kerr, Supermum, LP, Pukka YOP 05, 1984


Frankie Armstrong, I Heard a Woman Singing, LP, Flying Fish FLY 332, 1985


Leon Rosselson, Bringing the News from Nowhere, LP, Fuse CF 390, 1986


Sandra Kerr, We Were There, LP, Pukka YOP 08, 1987

Leon Rosselson: Ballad of a Spycatcher (Upside Down UPDO 007) Leon Rosselson, Ballad of a Spycatcher, single, Upside Down UPDO 007, 1987


Leon Rosselson: I Didn't Mean It (Fuse CF392) Roy Bailey, Leon Rosselson, I Didn't Mean It, LP, Fuse CF 392, 1988


Frankie Armstrong, Dave Von Ronk, Let No One Deceive You: Songs of Bertolt Brecht, CD, Flying Fish CDFLY 557, 1989


Leon Rosselson, RosselSonGs, CD, Fuse CFCD001, 1990

Various Artists, The Sporting Life? An Artists for Animals Compilation, LP, Agit-Pro PROP 6, 1990


Sandra Kerr, Leon Rosselson, Playsongs, cassette with book, Playsongs PP01, 1991


Roy Bailey, What You Do With What You've Got, CD, Fuse CFCD399, 1992

Leon Rosselson, Wo sind die Elefanten?, CD, Fuse CFCD002, 1992

Leon Rosselson, Guess What They're Selling at the Happiness Counter, CD, Fuse CFCD003, 1992


Various Artists, Undefeated, 2 cassettes, Fuse M100, 1993


Leon Rosselson, Questions: Songs and Stories for Children, cassette, Fuse CFC004, 1994, CD Fuse CCFCD004, 2006


Leon Rosselson, Intruders, CD, Fuse CFCD005, 1995

Sandra Kerr, Janet Russell, Leon Rosselson, Sleepy Time Playsongs, cassette, Playsongs PP02, 1995

Sandra Kerr, Janet Russell, Leon Rosselson, Lively Time Playsongs, cassette, Playsongs PP03, 1995


Leon Rosselson, Perspectives, CD, Fuse CFCD006, 1997


Roy Bailey, Past Masters, CD, Fuse CFCD403, 1998

Various Artists, Ne Me Quitte Pas: Brel Sung by …, CD, Irregular IRR033, 1998


Leon Rosselson, Harry's Gone Fishing, CD, Fuse CFCD007, 1999


Frankie Armstrong, The Garden of Love, CD, Fellside FECD144, 2000

Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr, Leon Rosselson, Kevin Graal, Five Little Frogs: Lively Counting Playsongs, CD, Playsongs PP06, 2000

Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr, Leon Rosselson, Kevin Graal, Five Little Owls: Sleepy Counting Playsongs, CD, Playsongs PP08, 2000


Martin Carthy, The Carthy Chronicles, 4 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 60, 2001

Various Artists, Article 14, CD, Irregular IRR044, 2001


Leon Rosselson, The Last Chance, CD, Fuse CFCD008, 2002

Various Artists, The Acoustic Folk Box, 4 CDs, Topic TSFCD 4001, 2002

Various Artists, 9x2: English Contemporary Chanson, CD, Irregular IRR046, 2002


Various Artists, War on War, CD, Music & Words CUP 8023, 2003


Leon Rosselson, The Greatest Drummer in the World, CD, Ensemble ENSEMCD02, 2004

Leon Rosselson, Turning Silence into Song, CD, Fuse CFCD009, 2004


Various Artists, And They All Sang RosselSonGs, CD, Fuse CFCD012, 2005


Anthems in Eden (Castle CMXBX1030) Various Artists, Anthems in Eden: An Anthology of British & Irish Folk 1955-1978, 4 CD, Castle Music CMXBX1030, 2006


Leon Rosselson, A Proper State, CD, Fuse CFCD024, 2008


Three Score and Ten (Topic TOPIC70) Various Artists, Three Score and Ten: 70 Years of Topic Records, 7 CD, Topic TOPIC70, 2009


Leon Rosselson, The Last Chance, CD, Fuse CFCD008, 2010

Leon Rosselson & Robb Johnson, The Liberty Tree, 2 CD, PM Press PMA 013-2, 2010

The Three City Four, Smoke and Dust, CD, Fuse CFCD068, 2010


Leon Rosselson, The World Turned Upside Down, 4 CD, PM Press PMA 014-2 / Fuse CFCD077, 2011


Leon Rosselson & Robb Johnson, No Gods No Masters, 2 DVD, PM Press PMV 031, 2014


Leon Rosselson, Where Are the Barricades?, CD, PM Press PMA 021-2 / Fuse CFCD999, 2016


Nancy Kerr: The Poor Shall Wear the Crown (Little Dish LIDICD004) Nancy Kerr, The Poor Shall Wear the Crown: Songs of Leon Rosselson, CD, Little Dish LIDICD004, 26 December 2021