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My Favourite Martin

My Favourite Martin (Solid Air SACD2083)

My Favourite Martin
Legendary Guitarists Playing Legendary Guitars
Various Guitarists

Solid Air Music SACD2083 (CD, USA, 2008)

Executive producer for Solid Air Records: James Jensen;
Album co-produced by Dick Boak and James Jensen;
Individual tracks produced by the artists


  1. Lawrence Juber: Layla (5.34)
  2. Jim Earp: Moondance (2.57)
  3. Kenny Sultan: West Coast Blues (2.41)
  4. Martin Carthy: The Vandals of Hammerwich / John Peterson’s Mare (4.34)
  5. Steve Howe: Ram (2.26)
  6. Peter Rowan: After the Rain (4.01)
  7. Pat Donahue: Mountain Air (2.58)
  8. Norman and Nancy Blake: The Old Grey Mare Came Tearing out of the Wilderness (2.03)
  9. Steve Miller: Steve’s Boogie for Lightnin’ (1.39)
  10. Elliot Easton: You Showed Me (3.28)
  11. Greg Hawkes: Eleanor Rigby (2.07)
  12. Roger McGuinn: Singing in the Country (2.49)
  13. Nancy Wilson: Decatur Road (3.46)
  14. Tony Rice: Danny Boy (2.06)
  15. Don McLean: Lovers Love the Spring (2.42)
  16. Steve Miller & Lady: Slinky (bonus track) (3.14)

Sleeve Notes

Aside from precision craftsmanship or external beauty, a guitar is little more than a curve wooden box with a neck and some metal wire attached. That is, of course, until it is placed in the hands of an artist that can release the music locked inside. It then becomes a tool—an extension of the artist’s hands and heart.

The musicians participating in this CD collaboration represent a tremendous diversity of talent and style—from folk to bluegrass, from rock to jazz, from blues to country—strummed, picked or plucked delicately with the fingers. The songs offered are primarily instrumental to highlight the tonality of the guitars, though the occasional voice is a perfect complement to the timbre of the wood.

It is fitting that this project coincides with the 175th Anniversary of C.F. Martin&Co. All of us at Martin are deeply honoured by the music and extremely thankful to the musicians that volunteered their time and creativity. We also applaud James Jensen and his Solid Air Records team for their faith in and their commitment to this exciting project. It is our hope that this CD is the first of many future volumes!

Dick Boak
Artist Relations
C.F. Martin & Co.
Nazareth, PA