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Wood—Wilson—Carthy: You Must Unload

[ Roud 22511 ; trad. / Chris Wood]

Chris Wood sang You Must Unload in 1998 on the album Wood—Wilson—Carthy. Martin Carthy played guitar. Chris Wood commented in the record's sleeve notes:

You offshore trusting Christians you refuse to pay your due
There'll be no place in God's Tuscan holiday villa for you!


Chris Wood sings You Must Unload

You fashion loving Christians you'll surely be denied
You're robbing God of treasure when you feed yourselves with pride

Chorus (repeated after each verse):
The way is straight and narrow and few are in the road
My brother and my sister there's no other mode
If you want to get to heaven, your future uphold
You must, you must unload

You puffer of the cigarettes you've made your fate secure
There'll be no more tobacco in the land where all is pure.

You Christians with card parties there'll be no place for you
There'll be no playing poker in the land where all is true.


Lyrics from the record's sleeve notes. Garry Gillard thanks Wolfgang Hell.