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Airs of the Dog

The Mrs Ackroyd Band: Airs of the Dog (Mrs Ackroyd DOG 016)

Airs of the Dog
The Mrs Ackroyd Band

Mrs Ackroyd Records DOG 016 (CD, UK, 2001)

Mostly mixed and mastered at Cock Robin Studios by Chris Harvey
with interference from Les Barker and chocolate divestives from downstairs


see the individual tracks


  1. Hebrides (5.20)
    Alison Younger, vocals; Chris Harvey, keyboards
  2. Queen Cruelty (3.48)
    Anette Batty, vocals; Steve Tilston, guitar; John Nielson, keyboards, accordion
  3. Another Life (3.55)
    Cindy Mangsen, vocals, guitar, accordion; Steve Gillette, vocals, guitar; Scott Petito, bass
  4. The Place of the Wolf (3.13)
    Eileen McGann, vocals; Les Barker, keyboards
  5. Foolish Dreams (4.37)
    Lester Simpson, vocals; Chris Harvey, keyboards
  6. Turn of the Road (3.46)
    Artisan, vocals
  7. Waltz for Nobody (2.23)
    David Knutson, vocals, guitar; Chris Harvey, keyboards
  8. The Flowers of the Field (4.03)
    Alison Younger, vocals; Chris Harvey, keyboards, guitar
  9. In the Dark of Night (2.43)
    Fiona Simpson, vocals
  10. Heart of the Heartland (2.58)
    Eileen McGann, vocals; David Knutson, bass, bouzouki, guitar, harmony vocals
  11. If Rivers Turned and Flowed Upstream (3.54)
    Chris Leslie, guitar, violin
  12. Blackbird (4.45)
    Hilary Spencer, vocals; Chris Harvey, keyboards
  13. I Will Love You in the Setting of the Sun (4.01)
    Fiona Simpson, vocals; Mike Silver, vocals, guitar
  14. The Special Light of Lonely Islands (4.23)
    June Tabor, vocals; Mark Emerson, piano

Track 1 Les Barker / trad. arr. Alison Younger / Pollington;
Track 2 Les Barker / trad. arr. Steve Tilston, Annette Batty / John Nielson;
Track 3 Les Barker / Sarah Allen / arr. Cindy Mangsen / Steve Gillette;
Track 4 Les Barker / trad. arr. Eileen McGann;
Track 5 Les Barker / trad. arr. Lester Simpson / Pollington;
Track 6 Les Barker / trad. arr. Artisan;
Track 7 Les Barker / Cam Wilson / arr. David Knutson;
Track 8 Les Barker / Pollington;
Track 9 Les Barker / trad. arr. Fiona Simpson;
Track 10 Les Barker / Peter Ostroushko / arr. David Knutson;
Track 11 Les Barker / trad. arr. Chris Leslie;
Track 12 Les Barker / trad. arr. Hilary Spencer / Pollington;
Track 13 Les Barker / Savourna Stevenson / arr. Mike Silver;
Track 14 Les Barker / Anderson / arr. June Tabor / Mark Emerson