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Ballina Whalers

[Harry Robertson (1923-1995)]

Scottish born, Australian Folk singer Harry Robertson sang his own song Ballina Whalers on his 1971 album of songs of whaling in ice and sun, Whale Chasing Men.

Nic Jones recorded this song in 1980 as The Humpback Whale for his Topic album Penguin Eggs. On the same album, he recorded another one of Robertson's songs, Wee Pot Stove, as The Little Pot Stove. His original LP did not credit Robertson as the author of both songs; this was rectified on the album's CD release.

John Wesley Harding also sang this song on his Nic Jones tribute album, Trad Arr Jones.

Danny Spooner sang Ballina Whalers on his 2006 CD of songs of the whaling industry, The Great Leviathan. He noted:

Another of Harry Robertson's songs sings the praise of the adaptable Aussie worker. The men who manned the old ex-naval Fairmile to hunt humpback whales out of Byron Bay were trawler men used to fishing and prawning with nets. Now with a tractor mounted on the deck for a whale winch and a harpoon gut mounted forward, they went whale hunting Aussie Style.

Faustus (Paul Sartin, Saul Rose, and Benji Kirkpatrick) sang Ballina Whalers in 2008 on their eponymous Navigator CD Faustus.

Jon Boden sang Ballina Whalers as the January 19, 2011 entry of his project A Folk Song a Day.

The Ballina Whalers sang this song as The Humpback Whale on their 2012 EP Lowlands.


Please find the lyrics for this song at Harry Robertson's website.

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