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Waltzing’s for Dreamers

[Richard Thompson]

Richard Thompson sang his own song Waltzing’s for Dreamers in 1988 on his album Amnesia. This track was also included in 1993 on his anthology Watching the Dark.

Martin Simpson, David Hidalgo, Viji Krishnan, Puvalur Srinivasan recorded Waltzing’s for Dreamers in 1995 for their 1998 album Kãmbara Music in Native Tongues.

The Keith Hancock Band (Keith Hancock: vocals, melodeon; Martin Carthy: guitar, vocals; Dave Swarbrick: fiddle, vocals; Ruari McFarlane: bass guitar, vocals) recorded Waltzing’s for Dreamers in 1993 on the Hokey Pokey charity compilation The World Is a Wonderful Place: Songs of Richard Thompson.

June Tabor sang Waltzing’s for Dreamers in 1999 together with Pharaoh (also originally from Richard Thompson’s Amnesia) for her CD A Quiet Eye. This recording is introduced by Mark Emerson’s tune Out of Winter.

Hen Party sang Waltzing’s for Dreamers in 2002 on their WildGoose album The Heart Gallery.

Cambridge and Walker sang Waltzing’s for Dreamers on their 2021 CD Wheel and Dive. They noted:

A particularly poignant song for all dancers and dreamers.


Please find the lyrics for this song at Richard Thompson’s website.