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Est'd 1969

Steeleye Span: Est'd 1969 (Park PRK CD154)

Est'd 1969
Steeleye Span

Park Records PRK CD154 (CD, UK, 17 June 2019)

Recorded by Harvey Summers, Julian Littman, Spud Sinclair and Bob Prowse at Broadoak Studios, Hasting, Stones Barn, Cumbria, King Edward Studion, Cumbria, Draycott Studios, London, Hassage Manor, Somerset, and Park Media Studios, Oxford;
Mixed and mastered by Bob Prowse at Broadoak Studios, Hasting;
Album co-ordination by Julian Littman and John Dagnell;
Cover design by Mark-James S.
Layout by Gwen Morgan

Folk Radio UK review by Peter Shaw


Maddy Prior, vocals;
Liam Genockey, drums, percussion;
Julian Littman, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, vocals;
Jessica May Smart, violin, vocals;
Andrew ‘Spud’ Sinclair, guitar, vocals;
Benji Kirkpatrick, bouzouki, guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals;
Roger Carey, bass, vocals

with guests
Ian Anderson, flute [2];
Sophie Yates, harpsichord [4]


  1. Harvest (7.31)
  2. Old Matron (5.02)
  3. The January Man (4.49)
  4. The Boy and the Mantle (Three Tests of Chastity) (Roud 3961; Child 29) (6.31)
  5. Mackerel of the Sea (Roud 3968; Child 36) (6.42)
  6. Cruel Ship's Carpenter (Roud 15; Laws P36A; G/D 2:201, 2:202) (6.52)
  7. Domestic: John Hobbs (Roud 21966) / My Husband's Got No Courage in Him (Roud 870; G/D 7:1367) (6.32)
  8. Roadways (5.07)
  9. Reclaimed (3.12)

Tracks 1-2, 7-8 Steeleye Span;
Track 3 Dave Goulder;
Tracks 4-6 trad.;
Track 8 poem by John Masefield (1910);
Track 9 Rose Kemp