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Steeleye Span Chronological Discography


Steeleye Span: Hark! The Village Wait (RCA SF 8113) Steeleye Span, Hark! The Village Wait, LP, RCA SF 8113, 1970


Steeleye Span, Please to See the King, LP, B&C CAS 1029, 1971

Steeleye Span, Ten Man Mop or Mr Reservoir Butler Rides Again, LP, Pegasus PEG 9, 1971


Steeleye Span, Below the Salt, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1008, 1972

Steeleye Span, Individually and Collectively, compilation LP, Charisma CS 5, 1972

Clogs (Peg PS1) Various Artists, Clogs, comp. LP, Peg Records PS1, 1972


Steeleye Span, Parcel of Rogues, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1046, 1973

Steeleye Span, Almanack, compilation LP, Charisma CS 12, 1973


Steeleye Span, Now We Are Six, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1053, 1974

Rave On (Edsel EDCD 685) Various Artists, Rave On, LP, B&C/Mooncrest CREST 17, 1974


Steeleye Span, Commoners Crown, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1071

Steeleye Span, All Around My Hat, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1091

Electric Muse (Island/Transatlantic 1001) Various Artists, The Electric Muse: The Story of Folk into Rock, 4 LP, Island/Transatlantic Folk 1001, 1975


Steeleye Span, Rocket Cottage, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1123


Steeleye Span, Storm Force Ten, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1151

Steeleye Span, Original Masters / The Steeleye Span Story, 2 LP, Chrysalis CJT 3

Steeleye Span, Time Span, compilation 2 LP, Mooncrest CRD 1


Steeleye Span: Live at Last! (BGOCD 342) Steeleye Span, Live at Last!, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1199

Steeleye Span, Volume One, compilation LP, Chrysalis CHG 1004


Steeleye Span, Adam Catched Eve, compilation LP, Boulevard BD 3004

Various Artists, Songs of London, compilation LP, Capitol Radio HALC 3


Steeleye Span, Sails of Silver, LP, Chrysalis CHR 1304

Steeleye Span, Steeleye Span, compilation LP, Pickwick SHM 3040


Steeleye Span, Recollections, LP, Chrysalis L 37753


Steeleye Span, Take 2, comp. cassette, ZCDP 110

Steeleye Span, That’s Steeleye Span, compilation LP, Marifon 296064-245


Steeleye Span, Dogs and Ferrets, compilation 2 LP, Pair CRPDL2-1021

Steeleye Span, On Tour, LP, Chrysalis L 37968


Steeleye Span, Steeleye Span, compilation 2 LP, Cambra CR 5154

Steeleye Span, The Best of Steeleye Span, compilation LP / CD, Chrysalis CHR 1467 / CCD 1467


Feed the Folk (Temple FTP01) Various Artists, Feed the Folk, LP, Temple FTP01, 1985


Steeleye Span, Back in Line, LP, Flutterby FLUT 2

Where Would You Rather Be Tonight? (Sunrise A40111M) Various Artists, Where Would You Rather Be Tonight?, LP, Sunrise A40111M, 1986


Various Artists, Through Bushes and Briar, LP, BBC TAIR 87043


Steeleye Span, Portfolio, 2 LP / CD, Chrysalis CNW 7 / MPCD 1647


Steeleye Span, A 20th Anniversary Celebration, video, Dover DHVS 5039

Steeleye Span, Tempted and Tried, LP / CD, Dover ADD 9 / CDD 9

Steeleye Span, The Early Years, compilation 2LP / CD, Connoisseur VSOP LP/CD 132


Steeleye Span, The Best of & the Rest of Steeleye Span, compilation CD, Action Replay CDAR 1012

Various Artists, The Best and the Rest of Folk Masters, compilation CD, Action Replay CDAR 1017


Steeleye Span, Tonight’s the Night ... Live, CD, Shanachie 79080

Steeleye Span, The Collection, compilation CD, Castle CCSCD 292

Various Artists, Walking on the Moon, compilation LP, CD, Mooncrest CREST 001


Various Artists, Buddy’s Buddys: The Buddy Holly Songbook, compilation CD, Connoisseur VSOP 175


Ashley Hutchings, The Guv’nor Vol 1, CD, HTD Records HTD CD 23

Steeleye Span, In Concert, CD, Park PRK CD27

Various Artists, Planète Celtique, compilation CD, Semaphore 302166


Steeleye Span, 25 Live, video, Wienerworld WNR 2052

Steeleye Span, Spanning the Years, compilation 2 CD, Chrysalis CDCHR 6093

Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 1 (Rhino R2 72160) Various Artists, Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 1, CD, Rhino R2 72160, 1995

Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 2 (Rhino R2 72161) Various Artists, Troubadours of British Folk Vol. 2, CD, Rhino R2 72161, 1995


Steeleye Span, Time, CD / video, Park PRK CD34 / PRK V34

Steeleye Span, A Stack of Steeleye Span, compilation CD, Emperio EMPRCD 668

Steeleye Span, The King - The Best of Steeleye Span, compilation CD, Mooncrest CRESTCD 022

The Best of British Folk Rock (Park PRK CD36) Various Artists, Best of British Folk Rock, CD, Park PRK CD36, 1996

New Electric Muse (Castle ESB CD 416) Various Artists, New Electric Muse: The Story of Folk into Rock, 3 CD, Castle Music ESB CD 416, 1996


New Electric Muse II (Castle ESB CD 517) Various Artists, New Electric Muse, Volume 2, 3 CD, Castle Music ESB CD 517, 1997

Park Taster (Park PRK CD37) Various Artists, Park Taster, CD, Park PRK CD37, 1997


Steeleye Span, Horkstow Grange, CD, Park PRK CD44

Steeleye Span, Collected, compilation CD, MusikClub MCCD 370

Steeleye Span, The Hills of Greenmore - An Anthology, compilation 2 CD, Recall SMDCD 209

The Best of the Cambridge Folk Festival (Strange Fruit CAFECD001) Various Artists, The Best of Cambridge Folk Festival, CD, Strange Fruit CAFECD 001, 1998


Steeleye Span, A Rare Collection 1972-1996, CD, Raven RVCD 90

Steeleye Span, The Journey, 2 CD, Park PRK CD52

A Stroll Through the Park (Park PRK CD48) Various Artists, A Stroll Through the Park, CD, Park PRK CD48, 1999


Steeleye Span, Bedlam Born, CD, Park PRK CD55


Martin Carthy: The Carthy Chronicles (Free Reed FRQCD 60) Martin Carthy, The Carthy Chronicles, 4+1 CD, Free Reed FRQCD 60, 2001

Steeleye Span, Gone to Australia (On Tour 1975-1984), CD, Raven RVCD 123

Steeleye Span, First Steps, compilation CD, Talking Elephant TECD036

Steeleye Span, Heritage, compilation CD, EMI Plus 724357630122


Steeleye Span, Present - The Very Best of Steeleye Span, 2 CD, Park PRK CD64

Steeleye Span, Steeleye Span / Live in Nottingham, CD / DVD, Classic Rock Legends CRL 0814 / CRP 1051 (reissue of A 20th Anniversary Celebration)

Steeleye Span, Marrowbones, compilation 2 CD, Eagle EDMCD123

Steeleye Span, The Best of Steeleye Span - EMI Gold Issue, compilation 2 CD, EMI Gold 72435 41355 2 1


Steeleye Span, Gaudete, compilation CD, Disky SI 905073

Steeleye Span, The Lark in the Morning: The Early Years, compilation 2 CD, Castle CMDDD781

Various Artists, The Harvest of Gold, 2 CD, Dejavu R2CD 42-47


Steeleye Span, 35th Anniversary World Tour 2004, DVD, Park PRK DVD76

Steeleye Span, They Called Her Babylon, CD, Park PRK CD70

Steeleye Span, Winter, CD, Park PRK CD74

Steeleye Span, The Official Bootleg, CD, Park PRK CD75

Various Artists, The Legend of Sweeney’s Men, compilation 2 CD, Castle CMDDD932


The Fairport Companion (Castle CMDDD1337) Various, The Fairport Companion: Loose Chippings from the Fairport Family Tree, 2 CD, Castle Music CMDDD1337, 2006

Folk Awards 2011 (Proper PROPERFOLK11) Various Artists, BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2005, 2 CD, Proper PROPERFOLK01, 2005


Steeleye Span, Folk Rock Pioneers in Concert, 2 CD, Park PRK CD89

Steeleye Span, Bloody Men, 2 CD, Park PRK CD91

Steeleye Span, Please to See the King, 2 CD w/ bonus tracks, Castle CMQDD1253

Steeleye Span, Ten Man Mop or Mr Reservoir Butler Rides Again, 2 CD w/ bonus tracks, Castle CMQDD1252


Steeleye Span, Live at a Distance, 2 CD + DVD, Park PRK CD104

Steeleye Span, A Parcel of Steeleye Span (Their Firsr Five Chrysalis Albums 1972-1975), 3 CD, EMI 50099 6 85436 2 4

Steeleye Span, Cogs, Wheels and Lovers, CD, Park PRK CD106


Steeleye Span, Another Parcel of Steeleye Span (Their Second Five Chrysalis Albums 1976-1989), 3 CD, EMI 50099 6 46964 2 3


Steeleye Span, Now We Are Six Again, 2 CD, Park PRK CD113


Steeleye Span, Wintersmith, CD, Park PRK CD132


Steeleye Span, Wintersmith Deluxe Edition, 2 CD, Park PRK CD138


Steeleye Span, Catch Up—The Essential Steeleye Span, 2 CD, Park PRK CD142


Steeleye Span, Dodgy Bastards, CD, Park PRK CD148, 2016


Destination: Fellside Recordings 1976-2018 (Fellside FECD282) Various Artists, Destination: The End of an Era for a Leading Folk Music Label, 3 CD, Fellside FECD282, 2018


Steeleye Span: Est’d 1969 (Park PRK CD154) Steeleye Span, Est’d 1969, CD, Park PRK CD154, 17 June 2019

Steeleye Span: 50th Anniversary Tour (Park PRK CD156) Steeleye Span, 50th Anniversary Tour, 2 CD + 2 DVD, Park PRK CD156, 2019

Steeleye Span: Live at De Montfort Hall (The Store for Music SJPCD601) Steeleye Span, Live at De Montfort Hall, CD (bootleg?), The Store for Music SJPCD601, 2019, recorded 1978


Julian Littman: Goblin Market Music Julian Littman (w/ Steeleye Span), Goblin Market Music, CD, Julian Littman, 10 October 2021

Steeleye Span: Hark! The Village Wait Live (Park PRK CD157) Steeleye Span, Hark! The Village Wait Live, CD, Park PRK CD157, 10 October 2021

The Electric Muse Revisited (Good Deeds GDM060) Various Artists, The Electric Muse Revisited: The Story of Folk into Rock and Beyond, 4 CD, Good Deeds Music GDM060, 2021


Steeleye Span: Good Times of Old England (Chrysalis CRB1491) Steeleye Span, Good Times of Old England, 12 CD, Chrysalis CRB1491, 27 May 2022


Non-essential albums, e.g. various artists compilations with Steeleye Span tracks easily available elsewhere, are listed in grey instead of black.