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Steeleye Span: Time

Steeleye Span: Time (Park PRK CD34)

Steeleye Span

Park Records PRK CD34 (CD, UK, March 1996)
Park Records PRK V34 (Video, UK, 1996)
Shanachie 79099 (CD, US)

The video is a studio recording too, not live, but it has additional interviews with the band members.

Produced by Steeleye Span and John Etchells;
Engineered by John Etchells


Maddy Prior: vocals;
Gay Woods: vocals, bodhrán;
Bob Johnson: vocals, electric guitar;
Peter Knight: vocals, violin;
Tim Harries: bass, keyboards, vocals;
Liam Genockey: drums, percussion


  1. The Prickly Bush (Roud 144; Child 95; G/D 2:248) (6.03)
  2. The Old Maid in the Garrett (Roud 802; G/D 7:1378; Henry H138) / Tam Lin (reel) (5.55)
  3. Harvest of the Moon (4.11)
  4. Underneath Her Apron (Roud 899; G/D 7:1493) (5.13)
  5. The Cutty Wren (Roud 236) (2.50)
  6. Go from My Window (Roud 966) (5.19)
  7. The Elf-Knight (Roud 21; Child 4; G/D 2:225; Henry H163) (8.39)
  8. The Water Is Wide (Roud 87; Child 204) (7.33)
  9. You Will Burn (4.53)
  10. Corbies (Roud 5; Child 26) (3.42)
  11. The Song Will Remain (4.16)

Session Out-Takes

  1. The Golden Vanity (Roud 122; Child 286; G/D 1:37) (5.44)

Sleeve Notes

The video Time features the much loved line-up of Maddy Prior, Bob Johnson, Peter Knight, Liam Genockey and Tim Harries, as well as original vocalist Gay Woods (ex-Auto De Fe) who returns to the fold for a magical set that combines Steeleye’s harmonic attack with their customary eye for a vivid song, including tales of Pagan goddesses and misunderstood witches - You Will Burn - mythological legends, noble folklore and the under-age pregnancy song, Underneath Her Apron.

Steeleye are an enduring legend now, boasting Prior and Woods incomparable vocal leadership, Johnson’s guitar virtuosity and Knight’s accomplished fiddle playing. Given that these are exciting times for folk music as a vibrant force, Time is bound to excite interest and delight long time followers and new fans alike. The video includes interviews with each member of the band talking about the making of the album and the story behind the song.

[Sleeve notes from the video Time]