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Now We Are Six


Steeleye Span recorded these riddles for their sixth album, Now We Are Six. According to their sleeve notes they were performed by “The St. Eleye Primary School Junior Choir with pianoforte accompaniment by Miss Knight.”


Riddle 1:
In marble halls as white as milk
Lined with skin as soft as silk
Within a fountain crystal clear
A golden apple doth appear
No doors there are to this stronghold
Yet thieves break in and steal the gold

Riddle 2:
Thirty white horses on a red hill
Now they tramp
Now they champ
Now they stand still

Riddle 3:
White bird featherless
Flew from paradise
Lit on the castle wall
Along came Lord Landless
Took it up handless
Rode away horseless
To the King’s white hall

[The solutions are obviously “egg”, “teeth” and “snow”]