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Pūr: The Lassies' Reply

Pūr: The Lassies' Reply (MacDug DUG002)

The Lassies' Reply
Songs of Robert Burns in Scots and Gaelic

MacDug Music DUG002 (CD, UK, 2009)

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Produced and arranged by Irvin Duguid;
Recorded by Keith Bird at Park Lane Studio, Glasgow, and by Nick Turner, Watercolour Music, Ardgour;
Mixed and mastered by Calum Malcolm;
Design and artwork by Donald Mackenzie;
Cover design by Billy Devine;
Photography by Kristine Ristesund


Shona Donaldson: vocals [1-2, 4, 8, 10, 12];
Katie Mackenzie: vocals [1, 3, 5-9, 11-12];
Irvin Duguid: piano, hammond organ, keyboards;
John Goldie: guitar [2, 4, 7-8, 10];
Mr McFall's Chamber (Claire Sterling, Robert McFall: violins; Brian Schiele: viola; Su-a Lee: cello);
Gary Innes: accordion;
Mary Ann Kennedy: clarsach;
James Mackintosh: percussion [1-2, 6-7, 9-10];
Anna Massie: guitar [1, 3, 16, 12];
Ed McFarlane: double bass;
Guy Nicholson: percussion [3-5, 8];
Hamish Napier: whistles, flute;
Fraser Spiers: harmonica;
Simone Welsh: fiddle


  1. My Heart’s in the Highlands (Roud 5878) (4.10)
  2. John Anderson, My Jo (Roud 6050; G/D 3:600) (3.24)
  3. Aon Phòg Ghràidh (Ae Fond Kiss) (Roud V1011) (3.49)
  4. The Slave's Lament (Roud V29702) (4.18)
  5. Fhatast na mo Dhuisg (Ay Waukin, O) (Roud 6749, V16870; G/D 5:933) (3.49)
  6. I'm O'er Young to Marry Yet (Roud 6142) (2.42)
  7. Cagaran Gaolach (The Highland Balou) (Roud 3.12) (3.12)
  8. Chan eil ach cùram air gach làimh (Green Grow the Rashes, O) (Roud 2772; G/D 7:1297) (3.33)
  9. Truis na h-Òisgean (Ca' the Yowes) (Roud 857; G/D 5:1014; Henry H175) (3.12)
  10. A Highland Widow's Lament (Roud V13721) (3.35)
  11. My Luv Is Like a Red Red Rose (Roud 12946) (2.33)
  12. Air Sgàth nan lomadh Linn (Auld Lang Syne) (Roud 13892) (3.49)

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Shona Donaldson: Short Nichts and Lang Kisses

Shona Donaldson: Short Nichts and Lang Kisses (Deveron DEVCD004)

Short Nichts and Lang Kisses
Original material and songs from The Greig-Duncan Collection
Shona Donaldson

Deveron Projects DEVCD004 (CD, UK, 2010)

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Shona Donaldson researched the traditions of the Bothy Ballads and ballads in the North East of Scotland in a project funded by Deveron Arts, which resulted in this CD. The project report commented on it:

Shona recorded a CD titled, Short Nichts and Lang Kisses, based upon her research into and adaptation of bothy ballads. The total number of songs recorded for the CD is thirteen; nine of the tracks are either original or have original words or music. The four remaining songs are traditional but were edited by Shona, so she has altered them so that she can sing them in a unique and original way. She has also written around eight new tunes for the fiddle, three of which are included on the CD. One tune was written for the piano and this has been recorded and is also featured on the CD.


Shona Donaldson: vocals, fiddle, piano


  1. Bogie's Banks and Braes (Roud 6023; G/D 3:547)
  2. The Rovin' Ploughboy (Roud 2138; G/D 3:547)
  3. Adieu tae Bogieside (Roud 4593; G/D 8:1517)
  4. Cauld Blaws the Wind (Roud 51; Child 78)
  5. The Scranky Black Fermer (Roud 2872; G/D 3:357)
  6. Tune Set
  7. In Praise of Huntly (Roud 3943; G/D 3:349)
  8. Broadlands
  9. Drumdelgie (Roud 2180; G/D 3:384)
  10. Low Down in the Broom (Roud 1644)
  11. Noble Huntly (Roud 5797; G/D 1:74)
  12. The Nicht Is Short
  13. Lest We Forget


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