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“You can’t truſt folk ſongs. They always ſneak up on you.”
Granny Weatherwax in Terry Pratchett: Witches Abroad

The Witches of Elswick: Out of Bed

The Witches of Elswick: Out of Bed (Fellside FECD180)

Out of Bed
The Witches of Elswick

Fellside Recordings FECD180 (CD, UK, 1 September 2003)

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Produced by Paul Adams and The Witches of Elswick;
Recorded by Paul Adams and Bob Hallard;
Artwork by Will Hampson;
Photography by Rik Walton


Becky Stockwell, Gillian Tolfrey, Bryony Griffith, Fay Hield: vocals


  1. Daddy Fox (Roud 131; G/D 3:499; Henry H38) (3.08)
  2. Sovai (Roud 7; Laws N21; Henry H35) (1.44)
  3. Lord Randal (Roud 10; Child 12; G/D 2:209; Henry H814) (3.48)
  4. Two Sisters (Roud 8; Child 10; G/D 2:213) (3.20)
  5. The Blue Cockade (Roud 191; TYG 2) (5.03)
  6. I Once Lived in Service (4.44)
  7. The Scarecrow (6.28)
  8. Bring Us a Barrel (2.58)
  9. Bonny at Morn (Roud 3064) (3.12)
  10. Maids at 18 (Roud 802; G/D 7:1378; Henry H138) (2.46)
  11. The Tree in the Wood (Roud 129; G/D 8:1668) (4.33)
  12. Soldier, Soldier (7.17)
  13. Honey for the Bee (The False Love Won Back) (Roud 201; Child 218; G/D 5:974) (4.01)

All tracks trad. arr. The Witches of Elswick except
Track 6 Peter Bellamy;
Track 7 Lal & Mike Waterson;
Track 8 Keith Marsden;
Track 12 Rudyard Kipling, Peter Bellamy

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The Witches of Elswick: Hell’s Belles

The Witches of Elswick: Hell’s Belles (Selwyn SYNMCD0006)

Hell’s Belles
The Witches of Elswick

Selwyn Music SYNMCD0006 (CD, UK, 2005)

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Recorded at Panda Sound, Robin Hood’s Bay in December 2004;
Engineered by Oliver Knight;
Produced by The Witches of Elswick and Oliver Knight;
Mixed by Oliver Knight, Bryony Griffith and Gillian Tolfrey;
Photography by James Donovan;
Make-up by Becky “Fluff” Stewart;
Artwork by Will Hampson


Bryony Griffith, Fay Hield, Gillian Tolfrey, Becky Stockwell: vocals


  1. Jan Knuckey (3.10)
  2. Soldiers Three (Roud 8340) (2.26)
  3. Our Captain Calls (Roud 602) (3.55)
  4. The Saucy Sailor (Roud 531; Laws K38; G/D 1:49) (3.25)
  5. Old Molly Metcalfe (2.14)
  6. Must I Be Bound? (Roud 18829; Henry H218ab) (5.27)
  7. The Ballad of the Butcher and the Bookbinder’s Wife (3.25)
  8. John of Hazelgreen (Roud 250; Child 293; G/D 5:1029) (3.25)
  9. A Shepherd of the Downs (Roud 1215) (4.29)
  10. The Squire’s Daughter (2.27)
  11. Billy Boy (Roud 326) (4.26)
  12. Lullay, Lullay (The Coventry Carol) (Roud 19028) (6.10)
  13. The Parting Glass (Roud 3004; G/D 8:1531; Henry H769) (4.10)

All tracks trad. arr. The Witches of Elswick except
Track 5 Jake Thackray;
Track 7 Gillian Tolfrey;
Track 10 trad., Fay Hield

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